1961 Hardback Front Cover
(Book Club Edition)

Jacket Design by Ben Feder, Inc.

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Printing History
G.P. Putnam's Sons.  Copyright 1961.  Book Club Edition.  There is no other printing history, but since the dust jacket cites that Stranger In a Strange Land was awarded a Hugo, it must have been printed after 1961.

This is my favorite of all the covers.  Part of the reason is because this was the first edition that I ever read.  My brother left his copy at my parents' house when he left for college and got married.  (I was too young to read anything at the time.)  I saw it on my parents' bookshelves for years and finally took it down and read it, not knowing what I was getting into.  It was only the second Heinlein book I'd ever read.  I almost didn't read it because my first Heinlein experience was The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag and that almost swore me off Heinlein.  (Although "All You Zombies" has since become one of my favorite short stories.)

Another reason that this is my favorite is the rendition of  The Caryatid Fallen Under Her Stone.  I think that the theme is carried throughout the book.  At one time or another, almost all the major characters shoulder, or attempt to shoulder, a burden that potentially could drive them to their knees.

My brother later reclaimed his copy of the book, but I found  another copy in a second-hand bookstore ($4.00).  I have seen several "1961" hardbacks for sale on eBay at various prices, and most, if not all, of them were Book Club Editions.