1970's Paperback Back Cover Text

Stranger in a Strange Land

The story of Valentine Michael Smith, born and educated on Mars, who arrives on our planet super-human in abilities and ignorant of sex as we know it.  He shocks the mores of Western culture by attempting to set up a strange and fascinating discipline on Earth:  the first step is learning to Grok...

"Uses satire, humor, fantasy, remarkable characters... evidently Heinlein intended his book to be disturbing, shocking and entertaining.  It is.  It sparkles and crackles and produces goose bumps of apprehension and dissatisfaction with the human race... The best of his many books..."
"...A glimpse of love, of worship, of honor and devotion more basic and more pure than anything earth has seen since the days of apostolic Christianity... unsettling, swift-paced, excellent and infuriating... bears out the premise that good science fiction is - good fiction." - THEODORE STURGEON