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Printing History
An Ace Book.  Copyright 1961.  Published by arrangement with G.P. Putnam's Sons.  Ace Edition, April, 1987.  The price of the book was $5.99.   (This particular copy was probably printed in the mid 90's.)

This is my least favorite of all the covers.  I really didn't care for any of the "signature" covers of Heinlein's books.  I didn't even own a copy of this edition until I decided to do this web page, so I went to a used bookstore and bought one.  The text on the front and back covers is essentially the same as on the 1984 Berkley edition.

The current mass market paperback edition of the 1961 version of the book still uses this cover.  The latest cover price is $7.99.  ($6.39 at Amazon.com.)

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