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How Smart Are You ?

1. Who has the "Top Military" website on the internet?

Fiedel Castro
Al Varelas - USMC
Hillary Clinton
The Three Stooges

2. Who is the meanest HTML master this side of the Mason - Dixon line?

Al Varelas - USMC
Chris Funk
Joe Kislo
Uncle Jesse

3. What valley is UMass located in?

Death Valley
Pioneer Valley
Silicon Valley
Napa Valley

4. What site has the "Best Web Ring Members"?

Juan Perone
Waldo Does New York
Al Varelas - USMC
Jennifer Flowers

5. This website ...

Is Aces.
Commands & Conquers.
Is a pittyful waste of memory.
Has fun games to play

6. One time while Bill Clinton was bored and he ...

Calculated pi to more than a thousand decimal places
Wrote up these questions.
Remembered that he forgot to remember something.
Sang 1,000 Bottles of Beer on the wall

7. Who is Gertrude Ballymier III?

A master jazz bass player.
The Madam of Jennifer Flowers
A lone mercenary fighting a forgotten battle in a distant country.
One of the brains behind this operation.

8. What is a computer?

An instrument of torture.
A friend, someone to talk to.
A way to get things done faster, easier!.
A good investment idea.

9. What site has the best Military Web Ring?

The Hillary and Billary Site
Al Varelas - USMC
Clintons Last Term
Charlie Wong's Wang

10. If at first you don't succeed ...

Call it version 1.
Try again.
You drink yourself silly.
You smile and greet the challenge.

This Is A Quiz For Dummy's

To start, press 'Start'
To restart, press 'reStart' then 'Start'
To answer, write answer and press 'Answer'
To get score, press 'Done!'

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