We never except anything for our awards. The only adertisers we allow are web pages that we don't offer awards in their field, such as retail business pages. We also allow all award winners to advertise if they wish. These advertisers are are always on the bottom of the page, in the black table so that they aren't mistaken for the awards. Below is an example:
trafficX trafficX
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LE FastCounter
Above are the banners, Cyber Saver Banners has won an award, as has the TrafficX Banner exchange, whose buttons we use. LE Fastcounter also won an award. When you see someone getting advertised, odds are they have won our award. And more importantly, if we are advertising them of all of our award winners, you can be sure of the quality.

We never demand that a web page put a link back to us, nor do we ask for money from the page's that do pay. For example, all the pages on our "Money On Web" page do pay for links. We do not however get that money.

All awards are chosen by WebMaster, and the board of judges. All desisions are final. Winning of award is not dependent on having our award or our link on there page. If you are a winner of any award and chose to have our banner, you will be supplied with banners of varying sizes.

Below is our first Judge, on our board of judges. For more information, please go to our WebMasters Submisson page.

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