Sarah Harmer (vocals/guitar/songwriter):

Harmer grew up in Burlington, where she sang back-ups with roots rock band, The Saddletramps, before heading to Kingston to attend Queens. Weeping Tile first came to be in 1993 as a trio playing around the Kingston-Toronto-Ottawa area. This early version of Weeping Tile had already recorded a full-length cassette (abbreviated and re-released on CD as Eepee in early '95). Harmer is the only original member of Weeping Tile.

Luther Wright (guitar/vocals):

Luther Wright, a Kingston native, joined the band a year after its inception. Wright phoned Harmer up one night and offered an opening slot for his band The Mugworts. Wright soon began injecting Weeping Tile with his punk ethic and stream of consciouseness noise ambience. Wright also has his own project, Luther Wright & the Wrongs, whose 1997 debut CD was produced by Harmer.

Camille Giroux (drumss/vocals):

Giroux who made his presents on Cold Snap playing brushes on "POKED", toured for two years with the band before putting his indelible stamp (stomp) all over Valentino. Camille is currently a member of Luther Wright and the Wrongs

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Sticky (bassist on Valentino, 1996-98)

Sister Mary (Harmer)
(bassist on Cold Snap, 1995-96)

Gord Tough (guitarist on Eepee, 1993-1994)

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