There are still some great Weeping Tile sites out there, along with new Sarah Harmer and Luther Wright and the Wrong sites. I've decided to incorporate all three Bands on this page. Check them out!

Weeping Tile

Weeping Tile
This is a tribute site from Jillian in Newfoundland (who loves her WT). Keep up the good work Jillian.

Weeping Tile...A Basement Apartment
Now scooting to the other end of Canada! Kim from BC, also has a great tribute site on Weeping Tile.

Weeping Tile Bulletin Board
I'm hoping to get this site rockin again. It's popularity kind of died out, but I'm hoping you will all use it and enjoy it.

Sarah Harmer

Official Sarah Harmer Site
This is Sarah's Official Web Site

The Darkness Rings
All I can say is absolute Brilliance!! Melanie does a great job, please check it out!

Anything But Uniform Grey
Kim has continued her tributs. Great section on Behind the Songs.

Around this Corner
This site has some cool features, including how Sarah is doing on the Charts.

The Hideout
Frequently-updated fan site. Pictures, news, reviews and more.

Sarah Harmer Message Board
This is a Sarah Harmer message board that is run through The Darkness Rings web site.

Luther Wright and the Wrongs

Official Luther Wright and the Wrongs Site
The Official Luther Wright and the Wrongs Web Site

Old Luther Wright and the Wrongs Site
The Old Luther Wright and the Wrongs Web Site

Mail Order
This is where you go to order LW&W Stuff!!

If you have or know of other Weeping Tile sites, let me

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