Chapter 10

Oh, Baby!!! Soon it had been two weeks. Mrs. Allen was overdue by about a week. It was about 8:00 at night, Rachel and Josh were watching T.V. and Meghan, Kally and Katie were playing a game. While Travis and Terry ran wild with Mr. Allen running after them trying to get them to bed. Mrs. Allen went into the kitchen to make the little kids a bedtime snack. All of a sudden Rachel heard her mother drop some plates, she ran into the kitchen to find her mother clutching her stomach in shock. "Get your father and after we leave call the neighbors and relatives to get the young ones and then come to the hospital", she said panting loudly. "Dad", Rachel yelled running to the other end of the house to find him, "Mom's gonna have the baby, go!" With that their parents left. Meghan, Kally, and Rachel called some aunts and uncles. Katie and Josh went to their Aunt Marjory and Uncle Jack's house. Travis and Terry went to their grandparents house. "That's the last of 'em, those little rugrats ", Kally said while closing the door. "Hey, I like that show", Meghan complained sitting down. "Shut up", Kally answered spitefully. "C'mon you guys, stop fighting and let's go, the baby's comming", Rachel yelled at them. Their grandfather honked his car horn signaling for them to get out to the car. With that they ran outside and jumped in. Soon they were at the hospital. "Can you tell us where Mrs. Allen might be, she's having a baby", Meghan said walking up to the nurses station. "She's still in the delivery room, you'll have to wait outside", the nurse answered her. At about 1:30 a.m. their father came out. "I'm going to call Walker and Diana", he said, "just to let them know". In an hour or so they came to the hospital. "How are you girls doing?" Mrs Hanson asked walking over to them. "We're ok, but we're really tired", Kally answered her noticing that coming from behind Mrs. Hanson's back were Isaac, Taylor and Zac. Her mouth dropped open, "Uh, , where's the rest of the clan", Kally asked her. "We split them among neighbors when your father called so we could come here", she replied, "we thought you girls would get lonely". Mr. Allen came back out, "would you like to come in?", he asked Mr.& Mrs. Hanson. "Okay", she said quickly, "how's she doing?" "She's good", he replied looking at his daughters, "you'll be alright here right? I mean the six of you will be okay alone". There came no answer from anyone, they just looked at each other and tried not to smile. "Good", he said and led the neighbors to Mrs. Allen's room. "Bye", Rachel said shoving them though the door and shutting it behind them. "I thought they'd never leave", Kally said as she walked over to Isaac and gave him a hug and kiss. They sat down next to each other. Meghan and Zac sat down next to them and Rachel went across the room to Taylorand they put their arms around each other's waists and walked over to the others. "How'd you come up with the note idea?", Meghan asked. "Oh, just a thought, I saw it on a T.V. show once", Isaac said to her. "That was a great idea", Rachel said. "Thanks", he replied like it was no big deal. "I really missed you", Meghan said kissing Zac on the cheek. "I missed you too", he agreed looking at her. "I'm surre we all missed each other", Taylor said. At 3:00 in the morning Mr. Allen came out to the waiting room, girls, come meet your new baby sister", he said. The words couldn't seem to have come from his mouth any slower. The girls got up and walked into their mother's room too exited for words. "She's beutiful", Mrs. Hanson said to the girls on their way in. When they were in the room their mother motioned for them to come closer. "Who wants to hold her first?", she asked. "I think since Kally's the oldest, she should hold her first", Mr. Allen replied, "I'm gonna call dad." "What'd you name her?", Kally asked smiling at her new baby sister. "Elizabeth Marie", her mother answered happily as Kally gave the baby to Rachel. "She's so cute", Rachel said as she held her finger out and she grabbed it. Meghan took the baby next, "Hi", she said trying not to cry, "I'm your sister Meghan, and I, and I will always have gum." Everyone began to laugh. "You girls look tired", Mrs. Hanson said, "We'll give you a ride home".