Chapter 11

At Long Last "Okay then, let's go", Meghan said exited, but still exhausted. "No, No, you don't have to do that. I'll take them home, if thats alright with you dear?", Mr. Allen said looking over at his wife. "Actually, why don't you stay here and let them take the girls home", Mrs. Allen said, "I think they've been apart long enough". The girls walked out to the waiting room with Mr. and Mrs. Hanson. "Hey sleepy head, get up. You're such a lazy bum", Meghan said to Zac while starting to laugh. "What? It wasn't me, I didn't do it", Zac said sitting up quickly. "Yeah you did", Meghan said laughing at his remark. "Yeah, we all know it was you Zac", Rachel said to him while walking over to them. "I'm so sorry", he cried looking at Meghan. "Get a hold of yourself Zac", Meghan said lightly slapping him upside the head. "Oh, are we leaving now?", he asked snapping out of his daze. "Yes Zac we're leaving", Meghan said helping him up to catch up with the others. "I had the weirdest dream Meghan, I dreamt that I was trapped inside a twinkie and I couldn't eat my way out cause I thought I didn't like them." Zac said while walking down the hall. "It's o.....kay Zac", Meghan replied, "we can get you some help, it's no big deal, it was just a bad dream". "But you don't understand, I, me, I hated twinkies, I may be scarred for life", he complained. "That's all fine and dandy but, will you get in the van, I'm tired of standing", she said pushing her into the van and getting in herself.