Chapter Two

The soap Opera Begins It all started just before Elizabeth was born. All of us were getting pretty jealous because Elizabeth was getting all the attention even before she was born. She was due in two weeks. We knew after she was born the fuss would defenitly lighten up a bit. Being about the same age as our neighbors oldest sons really had an advantage for us. Since we were the only kids on the block we all became best friends with the person around our age. Even our parents were best friends. Then finally the three of us got sick of all the baby talk and went to visit Ike, Tay and Zac. They walked up the steps and Kally rang the doorbell. Zac answered the door, "Hiddy Ho neighbors, come on in were playing videogames." "Cool", Meghan exclaimed as they walked though the house up to their room "Can I challenge the winner?", she said looking at Taylor. "Yeah sure", he said as I saac missed one of the hidden things in the game. "Ah crap, this is total B.S.", he yelled. "I know you wanted to use other words there didn't you?", Kally said laughing at him. "No", Ike said embaressed. "Uh huh you sure did, you were swearing up a storm a minute ago , before they got here", Zac said like the smart alec he seemed to be. "So what, it's not like I said anythimg bad. I'll just think it", Isaac sat rubbing his head,"uh-huh,okay,yeah,okay I'm done now". "Sure your not, you big liar , you big dumb bag of duh, you...", Zac said but was then interupted by Isaac picking him up and tossing him into the hall locking him out of the room. "Hey let me in, I'll behave, I promise really, I love you, I'm gonna cry. don't make me get my chainsaw". "Shit Isaac, we don't care if you swear while we're here", Kally said.