Chapter Three

And So On And So On Little did anyone know that Isaac and Kally were going out. Exept Rachel although noone knew she knew. Every night that he could Isaac would sneak out and up to her room through her window....and one day Rachel walked in on them while making out but left before anyone saw her. On another day Kally walked downstairs and noticed Taylor and Rachel fighting over the remote control and lost it which ended up in a kiss. Kally then walked upstairs and called Isaac to tell him what she had seen. One night Isaac and Kally were doing what they normally do, for what you call normal, making out in Kally room when Isaac pulled back suddenly, "We've been going out for the last eight months and we've been doing this for the past six I think it's time we take the next step. "You mean go all the way?", Kally asked surprised. "Yeah thats exacally what I mean", Isaac said. "Shit Isaac, do you really think were ready?", Kally asked quizzically. "Well, I'm ready if you're ready?", Ike said. "Well do you have protection?", said Kally hoping she wouldn't have to ask another question. "I can run home and get some from Taylor", he said. "You mean Taylor knows about us?", Kally said trying to change the subject. "Yeah Taylors known for a long time," Ike said "I thought we were going to keep it a secret" kally said "Yeah i know I promise not to tell anyone else it's not like anyone else knows anyway he said. Little did he know he was wrong. "Ok I wont tell anyone either." Kally agreed. "Alright back to topic, do you want me to run home and get one from Taylor?" Isaac remembered. "Yeah sure I guess so", Kally said. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------- Meanwhile Rachel and Taylor were having a similar conversation in Taylor's room. Then they laid down and started kissing a few seconds later Isaac came into the room. "I thought you were at the movies with Zac", Taylor said surprised. "No I gave Zac 20 bucks to get out of the house, I never said I was going with him", Isaac said acting stupid. "Taylor come into the hall I have to ask you a question", he added. Isaac then took him into the hall, "Tay I need a condom", Isaac whispered. "So you finally got up the nerve to ask her huh?" Tay said slyly. "Yeah and I think she's all up for it", he said reliving the conversation in his mind. "Oh way to go I know you've wanted to ask her for a long time", Tay said. "I know you've wanted to ask Rachel too, have you yet?"said Isaaccuriously. "Yes idiot you kinda walked in on us in the beginnings", Taylor saidangerly. "Oh sorry I had no idea I'll go back over to Kally's", said Isaac embaressed again. And a few moments later he was there. When he got there he found Kally sitting on her bed reading. She didn't notice that he came in so he watched her read for about 10 minutes. He was curious because she hadn't turned the page the whole time. He knew she must be thinking about what was about to happpen . When she finally saw Isaac in the corner of her eye, she looked surprised, he didn't say anything while entering the room. Kally asked how long he had been standing there. When he didn't answer, she figured he must have been standing there watching her read. Her herself not even realizing she wasn't reall reading the book. 3 He sat on her bed next to her and put the book on her dresser. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------- Meanwhile back in Taylor's room Rachel and Taylor were rolling on the bed moaning and groaning. Rachel suddenly sat up feeling very uncomfortable. "Taylor" she said uncomfortably, "are you using protection?" "I knew I forgot something", Taylor teasingly responded, "Of couse I am" he said a moment later seriously. Then she lay back down next to Taylor. And he started kissing her again. Then suddenly sat up again. "Are you sure everyone is out of the house, are you positive?" she asked worridly. Moments later Meghan and Zac walked in on them. Zac then turned on the lights "Taylor!" Zac exclaimed covering Meghans eyes. "Zac if you tell anyone about this I WILL KILL YOU" Taylor said interupting him. While Meghan managed to pry lose by throwing Zac into the wall. She looked over at her sister and one of her best friends. "Taylor I can't believe that you would do that your such a sicko", Zac exclaimed. "It's not just me Isaac's doing the same thing next door with Kally" Taylor said without thinking. Before Taylor had a chance to explain himself Zac ran out the door and was heading next door to catch his brother in the act to use for future blackmail. Quickly Taylor grabbed the phone on the floor next to him and proceeded to dial Kally's number. But Isaac and Kally were far to busy to worry about things like the phone. "Pick up the phone you idiot", Taylor yelled as though they could hear him. But Isaac and Kally were moaning and groaning to loud to hear the phone. Just then Taylor gave up and hung up the phone. "Hey it's there funeral" he said to Rachel. Meghan and Zac quietly opened the door and tiptoed up the stairs when they reached Kally's door they barged in unexpectedly. Kally and Isaac both dived under the covers and gave both Zac and Meghan an evil look. Kally glaring at her younger sister yelled "Don't you know how to knock you stupid bitch?" "Of course I know how to knock, but if I did then I wouldn't have come in and caught you fuckin your boyfriend now would I?" Meghan said. Just then Zac started sisnging "Go Meghan, Go Meghan". Then Kally started yelling again "Will you please leave my room?" "I'd rather stay and watch" Meghan said "Yeah me too", Zac added. Isaac and Kally both said together " Your not watching us do this". "Hey if you don't want to get told on you'll let us watch", Meghan said with a smile. With that Zac added "Isaac you've got nothing on me so if you don't let me watch I'm gonna tell mom." "They really are sickos", Ike whispered to Kally. Kally and Isaac had a short 2 minute conversation and agreed to let them watch for 10 minutes if they didn't tell. They promised to keep quiet. After that Meghan and Zac walked out of the room in shock and Kally and Isaac just laid there with smiles on there faces.