Chapter Four

The Next Morning The next morning they awoke to their tutor coming in their rooms at 7:00 to begin school. They quickly got up took their showers and got dressed. They all had their favorite breakfast a pop tart and butter. After a long agonizing school day Kally got on the phone with Isaac. "Hi", he said remembering the wonderful events of last night "Do you three want to come over tonight we're having a BBQ?" "Yeah, ok, what time?" , she asked curiously. "About 7:00," Isaac said with a smile on his face. knowing in his mind no one would be home until 8:00. "Ok, we'll be there", she said. "But wait a minute", Isaac said suddenly. What?" Kally asked curiously. "Don't tell Meghan and Rachel yet, we'll call them from here later, just tell them not to make plans," he said. "Ok see ya", Kally said. "See ya", Ike repeated . I wonder what he's planning she thought to herself as she hung up the phone. When Kally told her sisters not to make plans they asked why. When she told them they asked why she couldn't go at 7:00 with her. "I don't know", she said "he just told me we'd call you when you should come." Meghan gave her a funny look. "I think I might know why", Meghan saidslyly. "Then why?", Rachel said with a confused look on her face, looking at Meghan then back at Kally. "I can't tell you", Meghan said "Kally told me not to." "Why?" Rachel said getting angry. "Think about it", Kally said it's the same thing you and Taylor did last night." "How'd you know about that?," she said looking at Meghan. "Isaac told me", Kally said. "Ike tells me everything." "Well, I'm not positive that's why he wants me there early", Kally said. "Oh I bet it is", Rachel said laughing. "What other fuckin reason do you think he wants you there for", Meghan said.