Chapter Five

Do You Wanna Try Something New Soon it was 7:00 and Kally walked up the steps and rang the door bell. Isaac answered the door, "Hey, come on in". Kally walked in and noticed that no one was home. "Where is everybody?" she asked. "Mom and dad took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese", he replied "and Tay and Zac went to Lazor Quest". "Oh, so we're alone", Kally said in a sly tone. "Yeah", he said, "but I've got other stuff planned for today, I'll be right back." "Ok", Kally answered not knowing what to expect. Meanwhile back at Rachel's house, Rachel and Meghan were planning to burst in on Kally Isaac doing the deed. Isaac came back from the kitchen with two beers. He handed one to Kally and sat down next to her. "Isaac", Kally said confused "where did you get these?" "Um", he said softly "from a friend with a fake ID." Kally looked at him with a worried expression on her face. When did he start drinking?, she thought to herself. "This is my first time drinking", Isaac said to her. "Me too", Kally replied, as she thought about hoe it would taste. Well that question, Kally said to herself. After about two beers each they stopped so no one suspected them. Then Isaac ran upstairs and grabbed a pack of cigarettes. When he came back down Kally looked at him in astonishment. "So you smoke too?" Kally asked. "It's my first time for this too", he said "I wanted to share the moment with you". Just as they lit their cigarettes, Meghan and Rachel ran though the door. "Holy shit", Isaac said, "what are you doing here?" "Well, we thought we'd catch you guys doing the deed", Meghan said. "Although, we caught you doing some else, didn't we?"Rachel said amazed to see her sister doing what she was seeing. "Yeah you sure did" Isaac said "ya wanna give it a try". "Sure", Meghan and Rachel said together Isaac handed them both a cigarette and Kally tossed them a lighter. They lit them and immediatly started coughing. After that their luck changed and they began to like it very much. "Mmm", Meghan said, "This is good." A few moments later Taylor and Zac came through the door. "What are you guys doing?", Taylor asked not believing his eyes. "Smoking" Isaac said, "duh." "Ya wanna give it a try?", Rachel asked. "Sure" Taylor said a bit uneasily. "Me to", Zac said. They were smoking for about 20 minutes when thay realized that it was quarter to eight so they stopped and tried to air out the room. "This isn't working"Zac yelled. "Just keep spraying the lysol", Isaac said firmly. "I am but it's not working." Zac said. "Quick Tay run upstairs and get our fan from our room" Isaac said. "I'll run home and get our fan", Meghan said. As she walked out the door she noticed their parents were home with the little kids. "You guys!" She yelled "They're home they're home!" "Quick, Zac get rid of the ashes, Meghan take care of the lysol, Taylor take the fan back upstairs and Isaac put those back in your pocket." Kally yelled, As everyone scrambled to do there jobs Mr. and Mrs. Hanson walked in the door. "Whats with all the running around" Mrs. Hanson asked. "And whats that awful smell?, Mr. Hanson asked. "What smell?", Zac said acting stupid. "Have you guys been smoking?", Mrs. Hanson asked. "NO NO, Of course not", Isaac said. " I don't like being lied to Isaac, you best be telling me the truth", Mrs. Hanson said. "No we weren't" Isaac replied. "Then let me smell your breath", she said. "Well", Isaac started, "I just ate on onion sandwich, I don't think I don't think you wanna smell my breath right now." "I'll take my chances", she said walking over to Isaac, "Now breathe." "Not only have you been smoking you've been drinking too, you're grounded, all of you are", she yelled. "Um, you can't ground us we don't live here," Meghan said "Well as soon as I tell your parents they will" she said, Then the girls walked home and prayed Mrs. Hanson wouldn't call their house.