Chapter Six

The Middle Of The Night Diana eventually got a hold of our parents and so yes, we were grounded. Athough we decided to have Ike, Tay and Zac over anyway. They came up through Kally's window and into her bedroom. "Kally", Isaac said "I missed you so much", and he walked over and kissed her on the cheek. Kally then walked across the hall to tell her younger sisters they were there. So they came back to her room with her. Kally sat on her bed and Isaac sat next to her. Taylor and Rachel leaned against the door in case their mother came up to Kally's room. Zac and Meghan leaned against the bookshelf. "So", Taylor said, "What do you guys wanna do?" "I don't know", Meghan said, "But how did you guys manage to sneak out of the house?" "Well", Zac began, "it was simple, everyone was asleep so we snuck out the front door." "Oh", Rachel said wondering why everyone fell asleep so early. "What do you guys wanna do", Taylor asked. "Well what ever we do we'll have to keep it quiet." Meghan said. "How about truth or dare", Isaac said. "Sure" everyone agreed. "Ok Taylor you start" Isaac said. "Ok", Taylor said thinking very hard, "I pick Rachel", he said pointing at her. "Um truth", she siad after thinking awhile. "Did you like having sex with me the other night?", he said. "Of course", she said smilind at him. "Now" she said "I pick Kally" "Truth" Kally said not knowing what to expect for a dare. "How many times have you and Isaac had sex?" she asked. "Just the once I swear", Kally said convincingly "I'll pick Zac",she said as she looked around the room to find him. "Uh......." He said wondering, "Truth" "Have you ever considered going out with Meghan, I mean do you have feelings for her that way", Kally asked trying not to laugh. "And I have to tell the truth?", he asked. "Yeah, duh!", Isaac said. "Ok, yeah, I have been thinking of asking her out", he said a bit uneasily. "Alright, I pick Taylor", Zac said. "Dare", Taylor said with no fear. "Strip down to your boxers and play the rest of the game like that", Zacsaid. "Ok", Taylor said starting to take off his shirt. "Now I pick Meghan. "Double dare"said Meghan "Alright" Taylor said "You can either give Zac a blowjob in front of everyone or play the rest of the game naked". "I think I'll give Zac a blowjob" Meghan said, So Zac stood up took down his pants and underwear and held out his dick for Meghan to take. Meghan slowly put it in her mouth and started sucking it. Then Zac started making funny noises. In about 30 seconds Meghan pulled back and started to cough. "Zac, you basterd, you cummed in my mouth", Meghan said trying not to yell. "Sorry, that was my manly instict", Zac said laughing. "Ok, she said after getting a drink of water from the bathroom, "I pick Isaac". "Double Dare", he said. "Play the rest of the game naked or do a dance starring your dick" she said laughing. "I think I'll play the rest of the game naked" he said giving her an evil look. "Wow!" Meghan exclaimed "thats huge". "Thanks, I think ", Isaac said looking at her funny now. "I pick Zac" Isaac said. "Ok, dare",he said smiling. "Play the rest of the game naked", Isaac said. "Oh, ok", he said "I pick Rachel. "Double dare" she replied. "Fuck Taylor in front of everybody or give him a blowjob in front of everybody",he said. "Ok" she said, "I'll fuck Taylor, but for how long? "For 5 minutes", he answered with a smile on his face. "Ok", she said starting to take off her shirt while Taylor took off his boxers. After they were undressed Taylor laid on top of her and slipped his dick into her. "Oh Taylor harder deeper your so good at this" Rachel said. They started rolling around on the floor making noises. Then Zac said, "Ok 5 minutes is over you can stop now". "Hey" Taylor argued, "We just got started". "Yeah, 5 minutes ago", Zac said, "times up. "Fine", Taylor said pulling out of Rachel. "Ok", Rachel said, "I pick Kally" "Dare" she said. "I think you should fuck Isaac", she replied. "Ok", she said meekly. Isaac laid on top of her and put his huge dick inside her. He started kissing her passionately. "Oh Isaac, this is even better than last time", she said. He brought his lips down and started kissing her neck. "Ok times up", Meghan said starting to get annoyed. "Fine!" Isaac said a bit upset. "I choose dare", Meghan said. "I dare you to fuck Zac", Kally replied. "Alright", Meghan said. "Cool!", Zac exclaimed with exitement. Zac then climed on top of her and said, "See this, it's going to go inside of you." So he shoved it inside ofher. "Ow!", Meghan whined, "you didn't have to do it that hard". "Well I thought you'd like it", he said "Well I guess it felt kinda nice", Meghan said. Then Zac started squeezing her breasts. "I have a way with women", Zac said laughing, "Although you're the first one I've really pleased" "I'm glad to be the first", Meghan said. Then they started to roll around on the floor moaning and groaning. After their time was up, Zac looked at Taylor and Isaac and said, "Now I see the pleasure you get from that". "Yeah I know isn't it great?" Taylor said slyly. "So, Meghan we'll have to do that more often", Zac said. "Sure," Meghan replied with a smile on her face. "So are you guys officially going out now?", Taylor asked. "Sure we are", Zac answered him. "Oh, goody", Meghan exclaimed with happiness. "I know", Isaac said, "how about we all just fuck each other right now." "Ok" everyone agreed as Meghan stood up and turned out the light. After about 10 minutes our mom walked in. "Whats going on in here?", she asked with a look of shock on her face. "Oh, nothing's going on", Taylor said inocently. "What do you mean nothing's going on, you're having sex on Kally's floor!", she exclaimed. "Well, we can explain", Meghan said. "I'm calling your mom right now", she said. So she walked out of the room and called their house".