Chapter Seven

Trouble "I can't believe you boys would do this" Mrs. Hanson yelled when she got there. "Were sorry mom" Isaac said "we just love them so much" "Thats no excuse," she yelled. "Your to young to be doing this sort of thing. "Besides that, you've already been grounded for a week" Mrs. Allen began. "I think you all need some time apart" Mrs. Hanson said. "No mom, you can't take us away from our girlfriends" Zac whined. "I can and I will you can't see each other for three weeks" she said. "MOM, NO!" Taylor yelled back. "I think some time away from each other will do you some good" she said. "No it won't it will just make it worse" Taylor answered. "Thats right, you won't see each other for three weeks you need some time to think" Mrs. Allen agreed. "Can we still talk on the phone? Zac asked. NO!, no contact what so ever" she yelled. With that they kissed them goodbye and walked out the door.