Chapter Eight

Loneliness Kally, Meghan and Rachel were sent to their rooms to think about what they had done. Little did their mother know that they were each divising a plan to kill both her and their father. Gun, no to loud. Kally thought to herself. knife, no to messy Rachel thought to herself. Poisen, ferfect Meghan thought to herself. "You guys I got it she yelled froom her bed room. "What is it" Kally and Rachel asked as they ran into her room. At the same time the guys were sitting in their room thinking up plans of there own. Gun no to loud Isaac thought to himself. Knife no to messy Taylor thought to himself. Poisen perfect Zac thought to himself....Guys I got it he yelled. ______________________________________________________________________ "They did what? I can't believe this." Mr. Allen said over the phone. Mrs. Allen had called hm from the kitchen downstairs. "I know it's hard to believe but it's true Mrs. Allen replied. ______________________________________________________________________ By this time Kally and Rachel were in Meghan's room. She was sitting on her bed with a look of exited shock on her face. It seemed like she had been in a mental institution from the expression she was wearing. "Well spit it out you idiot", Rachel exclaimed, "we didn't run in here to see you look like a mental patient". She was shaking her in excitment to find out what she was thinking. "Poison", Meghan said with a blank expression now on her face, in a stare. "Poison!?", Kally and Rachel repeated looking at each other confused. "Yeah", Meghan answered, "we get some poison and put it in their coffee in the morning or something". "Hey, that could work", Kally said "theres one small, ity-bity, teeny, tiny problem though". "What?", Rachel and Meghan asked thinking there was no flaw with what they had thought of. "Well", Kally began, "If we kill them we'll be left with four little kids and practically no money then we can't pay bills, we don't pay bills, there's no house, no house, no neighbors, no neighbors no boyfriends". she finished. "Good point", Meghan said, "let's just despise them for the rest of our lives". "Okay", Kally and Rachel agreed, still unsatisfied with the decision. They went to their rooms sulking. _________________________________________________________________________ "Good thinking Zac", Isaac said "but you know we'll never go though with it". "So a guy can dream can't he?" Zac said pretending to be upset. He picked up his game boy and started to play a game. "We'll never see them again, this is so unfair", Taylor said pacing the room. He took th game boy out of Zac's hand's and through it across the room. It hit the back wall of the closet and fell into a pile of dirty clothes. The batteries spilled all over the closet floor. "Hey, I got all the way to level 9, what did you do that for?", Zac cried. "Taylor", I saac said, it'll be okay we'll see them in another three weeks, it's no different than going away to play a few concerts somewhere". "No, it's not okay, okay", Taylor exclaimed. 'will you boys keep it down up there, your brother's trying to take a nap", their mother yelled. "Sorry mom", Isaac yelled down to her. He turned to Taylor and whispered softly, "Tay keep it down, if she hears you she might not let us see her for another three weeks". "Whatever", he answered putting his hand up to Isaac's face to shut him up and ran out of the room. "What were you boys doing up there?" , Mrs. Hanson asked. "Nothing", Taylor snapped, not looking at her. He grabbed Zac's skateboard and ran out the front door. _________________________________________________________________________ Kally sat in front of her computer in her room. "No I don't like goat cheese", she yelled at her computer while typing it in. Rachel sat on her bed and stared out the window. Someone was skateboarding down the road, it was Taylor, he looked really upset. Rachel ran downstairs. "I'm going to get the mail", Rachel said to her mother. She ran out the door and down the driveway to the mailbox. He went up to her. "It's only been about a day, but I miss you already", she said to him. "Yeah me too." he said "I mean I missed you". "I knew what you meant", she said, "You looked worried, what's wrong?" "Just about ev-", he began, but before he could finish Rachel pushed him. "Go!", she exclaimed, her mother was opening the door. Taylor stared wide- eyed. "Oh, shit", he whispered quickly kissing her good-bye, he pushed the curb and rolled away on his brothers skateboard. Rachel opened the mialbox and her mother came up behind her. "What did he want?", she asked. "Nothing", Rachel said shaking her head and looking down the road at him. "Well, I'm glad to see you're obeying my rules", she answered and walked back toward the house. Rachel shut the mailbox and followed her. _________________________________________________________________________ "C'mon Isaac get on your computer", Kally said a little frustrated. Just then she saw his screen name. "Kally", her mother yelled, "time for dinner, get Travis and Terry, and come down here". "Rrrr......, NO", she complained to herself, "I'm comming". _________________________________________________________________________