Chapter Nine

After Things Blew Over Kally awoke the next morning ho her younger brother Travis running into her room and yelling, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" Kally looked at her brother running around the room in his Spider Man pajamas and waving around an American flag. "What are you talking about it's no ones birthday today." "I know, I'm just practicing,"he answered and ran out of the room and across the hall to Rachel's room. "Travis, you little fart, get out of here!!!", Kally heard her sister yell from across the hall. "Girls, school, your tutor will be here any minute", their mother yelled from the bottom of the stairs. They walked out of their rooms at the same time and accidently ran into each other. ________________________________________________________________________ "C'mon guys, get up", Zac exclaimed. "Zac, just because you went to bed at 8 doesn't mean we have to get up early with you", Isaac said sleepily. "So", Zac said opening the bedroom door to see if anyone was up yet. "Zac I see you up there. Now you boys wake up and get down here", their mother yelled to them. Zac shut the door and turned around. "See I told ya". ________________________________________________________________________ Soon it was 1:00 and the terrible school day was over. Kally lied down on the couch and turned on the T.V. All of a sudden Terry ran into the room. "Hey Terry, ya wanna watch some cartoons?", she asked lifting him onto the coach. "No", he said shyly, "but Ike, he said to, to give this to you". "Oh, thanks Terry", she said in curousity. She looked at a folded piece of paper in her hand. Carefully she opened it, and began to read. Hey Kally, How are you? I really miss you. You mean everything to me, I wish I could see you right now. It has only been two days but I miss you so much that life doen't seem worth living. Three weeks is so long it seems like forever. I have to go now, I hear someone comming. write back soon please. Just then Rachel walked in the room, "hey, what's that?" Kally quickly folded the piece of paper and shoved it in her pocket looking a little flustered. "Oh, it's nothing", she answered starting to flip the channels on the T.V. "It sure looked like something, especially judging by the look on your face", Rachel said walking closer to the coach where her sister was sitting. "Well, it wasn't anything", Kally said to her sister starting to get annoyed, "will you go, can't you see I'm trying to watch T.V." "Fine", Rachel said firmly and ran upstairs to Meghan's room where she was picking up a board game that Katie and her had played last night. "Ya wanna do something, I'm really bored", was all Meghan could say to her. "Yeah, sure, but I'm warning you now, don't go near Kally, she's really upset all of a sudden", Rachel said. "Why?", Meghan asked," she seemed okay this morning and all through our classes today". "I'm not sure, she had something in her hand and when I asked her what it was she yelled at me to get out of the room", Rachel said. "That's strange. Although, thanks for the warning", Meghan said with a weird look on her face,"so where is everyone?" "As far as I know dad is at the office, mom took Katie and Josh shopping, and Travis and Terry are at the neighbors' house or something", she said sitting down on the bed. "I wish I was at the neighbors' house", Meghan said dreamily while brushing through her thick dark blonde hair. "Yeah me too", Rachel said slightly laughing at her sister,"why don't we go for a little walk down the road?" "Sounds lovely", Meghan said laughing and put down her brush. Rachel followed her out of the room and down the stairs. Kally was still sitting on the coach curled up in a blanket and pretending to watch T.V. while actually staring at a piece of paper in her hands. When she heard them come down the stairs she quickly folded it and put it in the coach. "Where are you guys going?", she asked curiously. "We're going for a walk", Rachel said smuggly at her and opening the door for Meghan. "Yeah, and you can't come with us 'cause you're a loser, you loser", Meghan said while sticking her tongue out at her and laughing. "FINE", Kally remarked arguing,"I'LL JUST STAY HERE THEN". "Good for you", Rachel and Meghan yelled back at her, knowing it would irritate her if they went out and she wouldn't know where they are. "After you my dear", Rachel said in a snotty, stuck up way and made a sweeping hand motion like they do in the movies. "Why thank-you my darling", Meghan replied and stepped outside waiting for her sister to join her. "Good day miss", Rachel said stepping out and closing the door behind her. "You're the losers", Kally mumbled and searched the coach for the secret note she had received from Isaac earlier that day. Rachel and Meghan started laughing as they walked down the driveway into the street. _________________________________________________________________________ "Zac, give me my other shoe", Taylor yelled chasing him down the stairs and into the living room. "Not 'til you fix my gameboy", Zac said waving the shoe in the air. "Just put the batteries back in and it'll be fixed Zac", he said frustrated,"now give me..." His voice trailed off when he saw someone come down the road. In fact there wasn't one there were two."Zac, look". "Oh, no, I'm not falling for that one, I'm not that stupid", Zac replied slightly laughing. "No, I'm serious", he grabbed his brother's head and turned it to look out the main window of the living room. "Oh", Zac said amazed,"so you weren't lying, come on let's go talk to 'em". He walked toward the door. "Uh, Zac, the shoe", Taylor said in a questioning voice. "Oh, I guess that would be a good idea", Zac agreed and handed it back to him. But you still have to fix my gameboy". "Let's just go", Taylor said pushing Zac to the door. "Where are you guys going?" Mrs. Hanson asked. "I'm helping Zac get the mail, he's afraird he'll get lost", Taylor told his mother. "Didn't you already get the mail today?" their mother asked. "No, but we got the paper earlier this morning mom", Zac corrected her and opened the door to walk out. "Ah......, freedom, he said to his brother when the door was securly shut behind them. "Yeah, yeah just go okay", Taylor said shoving him along still. They rushed outside and Taylor grabbed Zac's arm. "Wait, I have an idea. They haven't seen us yet so let's hide on the other side of the house and when they go by we'll surprise them, but we gotta hurry" Tay said. "Good idea, let's go", Zac said to his brother. They hid on the side of their house. Meghan and Rachel got closer. "Meghan, walk slower we don't want to possibly miss them", Rachel slightly whispered to her younger sister. "I'm sorry, I just can't wait to see them. That is, if we get to see them", Meghan whispered back to her. "Uh...., why are we whispering?", Rachel asked. "I don't know, mabey we're afraid their parents will hear us and run out and kill us", Meghan replied. Just then they were grabbed from behind. Meghan elbowed the person in the stomach and stepped on its foot. She then twisted the person's arm. "Ow!, Stop stop stop!", the persons voice said. Meghan thought it sounded very familiar. "Geez woman, you're to defensive, ow", the person continued. "Oh, I'm sorry", Meghan said putting her hand on Zac's shoulder and the other over her mouth in shock. Rachel bit her attackers hand and pushed him away. "Ow!, why'd you do that? It's just me, ow", he exclaimed. Rachel turned around to reveal that her attacker was no other than Taylor. "Oh, that must have hurt, I'm sorry" "No harm done you just bit me thats all", Taylor replied sucking on his bite, "you didn't break the skin". "I didn't know it was you, I'm so sorry", Rachel said again. "It's okay, really", Zac said, "We shouldn't have scared you so bad. Tay we should have just stuck with that old expression BOO!" "Yeah, I guess so", Taylor said shocked while checing out his bite. Rachel and Meghan all of a sudden started to run away. When Zac and Taylor started to follow they noticed their mother mother walking toward the door and ran toward the mailbox. "Since when does it take ten minutes to get the mail?", she asked them from the door. "Um..., since today!", Zac exclaimed from across the yard to his mother. She started to laugh as she closed the door. "Good, I don't think she saw us", Meghan said turning to face her sister next to her. "I'm just glad this tree was here or we'd be in some serious trouble", Rachel said catching her breath. "Yeah, me too", Meghan agreed breathing deeply. She turned to look down the road, "they went inside, oh no, mom's home we'll have to go around the corner here and down the other road. That way it'll look like we just went to the store or something". "Good idea, but we better hurry, or we'll get get yelled at", Rachel agreed as she stood up. "Yeah, let's get out of here before old lady simmons comes out and yells at us for sitting on her grass", Meghan joked. "Ha, ha, just go okay", Rachel said pushing her sister along.