Eli M. White
When: October 22,2005
Where: Waccamaw
Community Building
Time: 11AM to 4PM

We want to encourage everyone to come and bring
your part of family pictures,stories,and geneology.
Doug's wife Carol has been so gracious in compiling
this information for us. Maybe one day we can have our
own White Family History book of how we all connect,
with pictures,stories and tall tales.
As always,the meal is whatever you bring
that is what we will eat.
Paper products,cups,utensils,etc.will be provided.
I would like to see a memory table this year
of al the relatives that have passed on since
our last reunion in 2003. If anyone would like to
take on this endeavor please let me know.
Call Carla White at 910-754-6054
Thanks you and I look forward to seeing
you all October 22,2005 Note: Sorry everyone but some how Tripod must have messedup and my first page of the white family history got erase! I will be working on redoing it at a later date.