Whorehouse Of Representatives - It's A Corporate World After All 7" Lyrics-


BRAINWASHED - This song was written about being 18 years old and giving up your life and rights to fight for a governments popularity contest with the world.

American government fighting wars, die for us you little whores.
Turn 18 sign up for draft. Brainwashed to fight get stabbed in the back.
You lose your rights, you can't even drink. When they're done with you, you forget how to think.
Kill for your country that's what they say, sign over your souls-here's our judgement day. Make it look good, say "we're feeding the hungry!" We'll do our part as long as we get all their money!


CREME OF HUMAN SOUP - If you can kill and eat animal, why not humans??? Just some food for thought.

 I am looking for a new meal, it's something fleshy, something real.
Mixed whith milk, some blood for taste. Chop it up, cut off its face.
You can find it in the store, but not under meat. 2 legs, 2 arms, 1 head, 2 feet.
See that woman with a few pounds to lose?
Come on guys, let's have a barbeque!
Don't go to the store to buy your meat. Find someone walking down the street.
Let those chickens out of the coop and have some creme of human soup. 

BODY ACHES - Any one who has ever been strung out on speed for a long period of time and then quit cold turkey should understand this song.

 I have a huge aching need. I want a big line of
My body aches, I start to pant.
I want to stop but I just can't.
I start to tremble, the sweat just flows. I have no one to talk to, no where to go.
Paranoia and fear run through my brains. I have feelings of death that I can not explain.
All by myself I swill my beer, I quiver, I quake, I hurt, I fear.
I'm living in a mutant hell. Scared to touch, to feel to smell.
Until I get that line of speed, something inside my body needs.
My heart pounds faster and faster, hoping to feel the works of my master.
Until it's done paranoia stays, or I might just feel my dying days.
My body aches, I start to pant. I want to stop but I just can't.


PROBLEM HASN'T GONE AWAY - From personal experience, rape is not a fun thing to have to deal with. It's a problem that won't go away until people quit avoiding the subject, get off their asses, and do something about all the rapists still roaming the streets. Do you see the cops doing anything?

 Walking down the street one night, her life became a visious fight.
A man walked up, put a gun to her head. He said, "Come with me or you'll be dead!"
He dragged her down the streets 15 blocks. Many cars passed but didn't stop.
I won't hurt you, I will not rape, but I know that you have money that I can take.
Scared to death, gun at her brow. She tried to scream, but could not find how.
He stole her money, took her into an alley. Ripped off her clothes and raped her roughly and fouly.
Grasped by her hair he brought her up to her knees. Being forced to give
him head, she gagged, "Please don'tkill me!!"
"Walk to the end of the alley, turn around and I'll be gone." Right then she
knew her life was finished and done.
She walked down the alley, another statistic in wait. No one would know of her horrible fate.
Her life flashed before her, there were memories of home. Went to the end of the alley, turned around and he was gone.