Whorehouse of Representatives lyrics:


(released on the "We Are All Guilty" comp on Outcast Records.)

You let them rape your souls

You let them rape your minds

I'll just laugh right in your face

because you are fucking blind

You can't see that this world

is run by money and greed

You forget that on your taxes

is how this government feeds

Your so called reality

Work nine to five every day

And tour fucked-up tunnel vision

Work, work, work you need your pay

Then there's mass on sunday

Praise the lord, Jesus Christ,

Do you think he cares abour your

fucked-up life?

Ignorance, just slam that door

Fuck you punk, Praise my lord

Get a job, straighten out your life

Pay your taxes, give up your fight

It's just a phase you're going through

Believe my beliefs, do as I do

Do you think you know what your up against?

It's not just God, it's the government!

Fuck the government, they brainwashed me

Fuck your God, your society called us loosers,

took away our rights, you molded us so