I n t e r v i e w

This interview with Rick from Whorhouse of Representatives took place in the summer of '97 through mail and appeared in the central Oregon zine Passive Lobotamy Press, by Max Bliven.

Passive Lobotomy Press: How long have you been together and what's the present lineup?

Rick: Jim on Bass, Brenden on Drums, Rick on Guitar, Dave on Guitar, and Madame Michele on vocals.

PLP: What is your discography?

R: We have a 6 song demo cassette called "Who's Screwing Who", a 7" called "It's a Corporate World After All", a split 7" with Toxic Narcotic, and a 7" called "Your Alcohol Taxes at Work." We have also been on various comps.

PLP: What other bands have you played with?

R: There are too many to name! We have done a West Coast tour and 3 U.S. tours.

PLP: What motivates you to play music?

R: What motivates me to do W.O.R. is being able to entertain and spread messages which I feel are important. I got into Punk Rock because of messages behind music like Dead Kennedys, Crass, and Conflict, etc. Along with the angry muscic. Our lyrics aren't any ground-breaking revelations, but you have to keep in mind that everyday someone else gets involved in the scene who hasn't heard the 80's bands. It's all new to them and it will always be relevant! I feel that if we entertain and get one person to open their mind as to what's new around them, I've done what I set out to do. I hope our messages aren't taken as "law", but make people think and question everything, especially themselves! People should keep in mind when they are resisting society, that they resist their own temptations to be part ofit. Do it yourself as much as possible!

PLP: Any parting words?

R: We urge people to write us and share ideas, opinions, and thoughts: P.O. Box 80131 Seattle, WA 98108-0131. Also, people should start their own record labels, zines, distro, collectives, homebrew, etc. D.I.Y.!!