First Season (1983--1984)

1  The First Time                  
Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner      
Rod Holcomb 
10/03/83 07/23/84 

Bruce Boxleitner plays a Government secret agent named Scarecrow who, in the opener, enlists the aid of unsuspecting divorc'ee Amanda King (Kate Jackson) in a mission to plug a leak in his organization. Filmed in Washington, DC.

Mrs. Welch

2 There Goes the Neighborhood Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming Rod Holcomb 10/10/83 12/26/83 06/18/84

Lee and Amanda pose as a suburban Washington couple in a community where one housewife has been linked to an assassinated Central American gunrunner and another is found murdered.

Bobby Bushard 
Harriet Rosemond 
Frank Bodee 

3 If Thoughts Could Kill Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner James Frawley 10/17/83 04/09/84 06/25/84

Billy orders Lee to take an overdue physical---unaware that the case physician is a brain-control researcher determined to program Lee to kill Billy.

Based on the Tom Sawyer story.

Alec Belmont 
Dr. Glaser 
Dr. Chrysler 
Nurse Chapman 

4 Magic Bus Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner Mike Vejar 10/24/83 04/02/84

Lee and Amanda infiltrate a survivalist organization that stole a top-secret assault weapon and plans to demonstrate its power on an unnamed target.

Gordon Standish 
Emma Standish 

5 The A.C.M. Kid Gregory S. Dinallo John Llewellyn Moxey 10/31/83 07/02/84

Amanda and Lee assume baby-sitting chores for the son of kidnaped Russian emigres, unaware that the boy is a computer genius being forced to supply secret codes to spies who are holding his parents hostage.


6 Service Above and Beyond Peter Lefcourt James Frawley 11/07/83 01/02/84

Amanda poses as a wealthy sophisticate to get close to a jet-set businessman who wants to sell military secrets.

James Delano 
Curt Hollander 
Harry Singer 

7 Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth Peter Lefcourt Corey Allen 11/14/83 06/04/84

Lee and Amanda protect the prince of an oil-rich country and his American wife from would-be assassins.

Adapted by Peter Lefcourt from the Geoffrey Fisher story.

Bo Johnson 
Prince Rheza 
Earl Dowd 

8 Saved by the Bells Joel Steiger and Stu Krisman Winrich Kolbe 11/28/83 03/12/84 07/30/84

Hoping to arrange a trade for a captured spy, enemy agents kidnap Amanda, but the Agency refuses the trade, and Scarecrow must risk treason charges to save her.


9 Sudden Death Nicholas Sgarro 12/05/83 07/16/84

Lee and Amanda pose as a football player and sportswriter to foil a team owner's plot to assassinate the prime minister of a European tax haven who plans to confiscate the owner's sheltered millions.

Bela Pravik 
Phil Brunasky 
Coach Leopold 

10 The Long Christmas Eve Peter Lefcourt James Frawley 12/19/83 12/24/84

An agent is threatening to go public and name names if he's not brought in from the cold and reunited with the daughter he hasn't seen for 30 years. Amanda and Lee's Christmas Eve assignment is to reach the man before the KGB does.

Ted Rudolph 

12 Remembrance of Things Past Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming Sigmund Neufeld Jr. 01/09/84

Spies are being murdered by someone who first delivers a warning note---just like the one a pencil vendor slips to Lee.

Russell Sinclair 
Alex Belmont 
Patsy Peters 

13 Lost and Found Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming James Frawley 01/16/84 04/30/84

Amanda and Lee must establish a new identity for a defector (George Chakiris), a man who married the woman Lee once loved.

Eva Spinelli 
Sgt. Margovich 
Corporal Zuchov 
Corporal Danilov 

14 I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been... a Spy Peter Lefcourt Nicholas Sgarro 01/30/84

Amanda is kidnaped by would-be political assassins and left with partial amnesia, and now she can't remember Lee, the Agency, or the secret message that could save the life of the assassin's target.

El Lagarto 
Evelyn McGuire 
De Gregorio 

15 Dead Ringer Juanita Bartlett William Wiard 02/06/84

The Agency wants to use Amanda's home for the defection of a top-level Hungarian official who bears a striking resemblance to Francine.

(Martha Smith in a dual role).


16 The Mole Cliff Gould Russ Mayberry 02/13/84 05/28/84

Lee and Amanda get the ticklish job of ferreting out a mole---an Agency colleague who's been funneling secrets to Moscow.

David Benson 
Walter Davis Reilly 
Blue Leader 

17 Savoir Marshall Goldberg William Wiard 02/27/84 09/10/84

Amanda hears that Lee has quit the agency to work for an unscrupulous former agent who peddles deadly weapons.

Edson Ballon 
Major Sprague 
Fred Fielder 

18 The Artful Dodger Pamela Chase Christian I. Nyby II 03/05/84 09/03/84

Amanda's relationship with a persistent new acquaintance could jeopardize the agency's investigation into the theft of military secrets.

Alan Squires 
J. C. Granger 
Gen. Titus Morgan 

19 Filming Raul Rudolph Borchert Oz Scott 03/19/84 07/09/84

A parking-lot jockey---and aspiring filmmaker---may be able to fill in the picture in the disappearance of an agency courier.


20 Fearless Dotty Timothy Burns Christian I. Nyby II 03/26/84 06/11/84

Spies stalk Amanda's mother after a bookstore mixup puts her in possession of a book containing a vital piece of information.


21 Weekend Rudolph Borchert Cliff Bole 04/23/84 08/27/84

Amanda and Lee pose as newlyweds at a resort to prevent the kidnaping of a guest and to keep tabs on the resort owner, thought to be behind the kidnapings.

Jay Armin 
Tuck Tucker 

22 Waiting for Godorsky Rudolph Borchert William Wiard 05/07/84 08/06/84

Amanda befriends a woman at an estate sale who turns out to be a princess targeted for assassination by an Eastern Bloc hit squad.

Princess Valosky 

Interesting Trivia

Kate Jackson injured her right foot on the set early in the season, so for many of the episodes, she is always sitting at a desk or standing still (never walking or running). Her foot is also never seen on camera.