Second Season (1984--1985)

To Catch a Mongoose                                                       
10/01/84 07/08/85 

The series takes a grand tour of Europe for its second season, beginning with London, where Amanda is sent to identify a high-school chum (Stephen Davies) suspected of being a ruthless killer.


Times They Are a Changing 10/08/84 08/05/85

Amanda goes to Munich where the Agency wants her to contact an American expatriate involved with a German terrorist organization.

Haddy Kemp 
Baron Von Eiger 

Double Agent 10/15/84 03/04/85 07/28/86

Amanda's life is in jeopardy when a bitter ex-spy threatens to name names in an expose on security agencies' use of amateur spies. Arlene Francis appears as a TV talk-show hostess.

Douglas Harriman 
Barney Sleece 
Roland Brooks 
Augie Swann 

The Legend of Das Geisterschloss 10/22/84

Jean Stapleton plays a British agent captured in Austria, whose drawings of nearby landmarks are Lee and Amanda's only clues to here whereabouts.

Dr. Edwin Hanover 
Dr. Ian McCarran 
Col. Metzger 

Charity Begins at Home 10/29/84 07/01/85

Amanda is the Agency's only ticket to a very private fundraiser where an auto collector and high-powered money men are having a secret meeting.

Jerry Perrine Masterson Mrs. Coleman Carling London Harriman
Brunettes Are In 11/12/84 04/22/85

Amanda is kidnaped by a white-slavery ring, while Lee tries to locate a valuable microdot chip that could save some agents' lives.

Gail Taylor 

Our Man in Tegernsee 11/19/84

Lee believes an Agency operative in the Bavarian Alps may be able to help clear Amanda after she's arrested in Munich for passing counterfeit money. Filmed on location in Tegernsee, West Germany.

Originally scheduled for 11/05/84.

Harry Hollinger 
Karl Portillo 
Lt. Volkenauer 

Affair in Bromfield Hall 11/26/84 07/15/85

Thanks to a seedy photographer, Amanda gets involved in a sex scandal while she and Lee are investigating a security leak in London.

Lord Bromfield 
Gwyneth Bromfield 
Errol Pridemore 

A Class Act 12/03/84

Amanda finally gets an Agency training course, where she's pegged as a ringer by Eastern Bloc assassins who have infiltrated the class.

Peggy Marlowe 
Dr. Floyd 


Somewhere in Amanda's memory lie clues needed to pinpoint a nuclear device renegade Soviets planted in Washington, DC.

Not in syndication package.

Ilya Kreschenko 
Vassily Barkhov 

The Three Faces of Emily 12/31/84 08/12/85

British agent Emily Farnsworth joins Lee to thwart an industrialist who's using Amanda in his scheme to steal plans for a U.S. fighter plane.

Emily Farnsworth 
Sydney Whitsett 

Ship of Spies 01/07/85 03/25/85

Amanda and Lee board a honeymoon cruise ship to learn who's behind the disappearance of an informant who one saved Lee's life. Eriliano is an undercover policeman who suspects that revolutionaries in his country are using the cruise ship to transport huge sums of money to finance their cause.

Orlando Gravas 
Miles Beckwith 
Jillian Davis 

Spiderweb 01/14/85 04/29/85

Lee is incredulous when he's assigned to investigate the prime suspect in a major security breach at the Agency---Amanda.

Mitch Larner 
Margaret Brock 
Julian Zaken 

A Little Sex, A Little Scandal 02/04/85 05/27/85

Amanda is the only witness to the murder of a Congressional aide who was about to implicate a senator in a sex scandal.

Rita Holden 
Wayne Foreman 
Senator Hoffmeier 
Mrs. Woodrow 
Leon Sacks 
Detective Tuggey 

A Relative Situation 02/11/85 06/17/85

Lee fears for the safety of his uncle, a stalwart Air Force colonel facing a court-martial for the deaths of five pilots during air maneuvers he commanded.

Colonel Clayton 
General Patterson 
Sergeant Ballard 
Lieutenant Mauntel 
Henchman #1 
Henchman #2 

Life of the Party 02/18/85 06/03/85

Amanda and Francine act as maids for a private-party service owned by two brothers with mob connections.

Frankie Colombus 
Malcolm Burling 
Vic Burling 
Mrs. Flannigan 

Odds on a Dead Pigeon 02/25/85 08/26/85 02/03/86

A vindictive parolee hires a lookalike to impersonate Amanda and kill off agents---and Lee is next on the list.

Gordon Redding 
Larry Credle 
Dr. Medlow 

Car Wars 03/11/85 07/22/85

Amanda borrows a classic car from a Government lot and becomes the target of drug smugglers.

Mario Nick Falcone Gino LaRue Benedict
DOA: Delirious On Arrival 03/18/85 09/02/85

A ruthless weapons dealer holds the antidote to the drug he added for mind-bending zest to a sandwich Amanda eats. Lee must provide important blueprints in exchange.

Hans Retzig 
Augie Swann 
Dr. Fronan 

You Only Die Twice 04/01/85 08/19/85

Amanda reads her own obituary in the newspaper after a Houston agent mistakenly used Amanda's bio as an operational cover, then dies in the line of duty.

Sylvia Samson 
Crag Eiger 
Stephen Macey 
Paul Cavanaugh 

Burn Out 09/09/85 08/11/86

An apparent victim of job burnout, Lee is taken off field duty and assigned to a desk job. And soon after, a former agent offers to cut him in on some good fortune.

Jack Harris 
Peter Brackin 
Travis Wayne 
Ned Nedlinger 

Mured Between Friends 05/06/85

To make more money, Amanda quits her job and joins a security agency, unaware it's a front for mercenaries planning to abduct an African president.

Byron Jordan 
Glen Tucker 
Augie Swann 

Vigilante Mothers 05/13/85

After a canister of nerve gas is stolen from a Government lab, Lee keeps tabs on a chemist, which gets him involved in Amanda's environmental group.

Robert Castille 
Dr. Ann Mallory 
Jean Kearsley 
Leonard Fletcher