Season 3 (1985--1986)

A Lovely Little Affair                                                    
09/23/85 12/23/85 

Amanda is swept off her feet in the third season opener by a charming art restorer (Ben Murphy) she's assigned to tail---a man Lee suspects may be involved with international terrorists.

Sophia Vessi 
Franco Vessi 
Inez Faber

We're Off to See the Wizard 09/30/85 01/20/86

The links in the murders of six female agents seems to be Lee, but he suspects they may be tied to his former trainer, a burned-out agent he once idolized.

Paul Barnes 
Leslie O'Connor 

Over the Limit 10/07/85 12/30/85

A Save the Bay spokeswoman is implicated in the murder of the guest speaker at a rally for fishermen whose livelihood is threatened by crooked corporations. Elyssa Davalos joins the cast as UN translator Leslie O'Connor.

Elizabeth Sullivan 
Hamilton Rawlings 
Eric Sullivan 
Russel Towne 

Tail of the Dancing Weasel 10/14/85 03/24/86

The Agency's founder needs Amanda's help to retrieve a purloined letter---proof he's not a turncoat. Frank Bonner joins the cast as Amanda's neighbor Henry ``Buck'' O'Connell.

Mrs. Marston 
Captain Harry V. Thornton 
Larry Crawford 

Welcome to America, Mr. Brand 10/21/85 05/05/86

Amanda rolls out the red carpet for a visiting British accountant who fancies himself a spy, and who has evidence identifying a Soviet agent out to create economic chaos in the U.S.

James Brand 
Kenneth Clayton-Dobbs 
Eddie Munson 
Stanley Chow 
"T.P." Percival Aquinas 
Karla Krulnikov 

Sour Grapes 10/28/85 04/28/86

The Agency gets involved in a lethal case of sour grapes after a congressman who's a wine connoisseur returns to the U.S. with a case of vintage French wine laced with heroin.

Penny McNiel 
Darrel Robinson 
Cecilia Kemper 
James McNiel 

Utopia Now 11/04/85 05/26/86

In the backwoods of Virginia, Amanda draws on her scouting expertise to help her and Lee find a utopian community run by an outspoken tax reformer who may have more than political change on his agenda. Frank Bonner appears as Buck.

Curt Hollis 
Peter Sacker 
General Mailor 

Reach for the Sky 11/11/85 06/02/86

Billy strikes out on his own, jeopardizing his career and his life to prove a banker friend was murdered in a plot involving international electronic cash transfers.

Allan Aghaney 
Chester Canaan 
Robert Zorbel 
Dr. Smith 

J. Edgar's Ghost 11/18/85 04/21/86

An Agency librarian, unaware that she may have stumbled onto J. Edgar Hoover's secret files, learns she's been betrayed by her lover, a former agent who preys on lonely women to obtain Government documents.

Agnes Snow 
Nick Cross 
Captain Ted Ronson 

Flight to Freedom 11/25/85

A foreign correspondent believes her fianc'e may still be alive after an ambush in a Latin American country---and may be in Washington ready to testify against a diplomat at a Senate subcommittee hearing.

Colleen Donnelly 
Bart Stoler 
Ambassador Harcourt 

Fast Food for Thought 12/17/85 06/16/86

Lee and Amanda pose as prospective buyers of a fast-food franchise to catch those responsible for cooking up a batch of poisoned hamburger sauce.

Marvin Metz 
Carla Quite 
Barry Metz 

One Bear Dances, One Bear Doesn't 01/06/86 06/23/86

The Agency moves a Russian scientist into Amanda's neighborhood for cover and it's Dotty who befriends him first, which involves her in a romance and a kidnaping plot.

Andrei Zernov 
Jake Lawrence 
Sandersen North 
Jerry Dunlop 

Playing for Keeps 01/13/86 06/30/86

Lee and Francine protect a tennis player, who's the daughter of an international bugwig threatened by Communists. Tracy Austin appears as herself.

Tina Thomerson 
Donna Clayton 
Tony Maskell 
Mary Dexter 

Pharoah's Engineer 01/20/86

Mercenaries are planning to break into a Government office, but which one? The answer may be with retirees who once worked on the same top-secret project.

Rubert Simpson 
Frank Duran 
Glynnis Mendelson 
Lois Mendelson 
Lee Atkins 

The Triumvirate 02/10/86 08/25/86

A glaring overpayment on her paycheck leads Amanda to a computer whiz, a secret computer file once used by the agency, and a trio of vigilante agents responsible for the murder of foreign spies.

Lance Dorn 
Ren Jepard 
Karl Eagles 
Gerald Falken 

The Eyes Have It 02/17/86 09/01/86

A fight with two goons lands Lee in the hospital, but he refuses to stay put when he can't find his contact lenses, which contain his secret spy network.

Dr. Goldberg 
Nathaniel Brody 
Kurt Neumann 
Dr. Scardelli 
Dr. Gastner 

Wrong Number 03/03/86 07/14/86

In Afghanistan, the Soviets kidnap Francine to exchange for a U.S. mathematician who Amanda believes has been set up by the KGB.

Dr. Will Towne/Popovich 
Jango Hart 

The Boy Who Could Be King 03/10/86 07/07/86

Billy dusts off his "ax" and goes undercover with a jazz combo to learn the connection between a small nation's music king and a boy whose name was found in a dead man's pocket.

King Edmund Spencer 
Terry Wall 3 
Sandra Wall 
Ambassador Crowley 

Dead Men Leave No Trails 03/31/86 08/04/86

A violinist's diary enables Amanda to piece together the whereabouts of a terrorist she first ran into accidentally, with her car.

Steven Sallee 
Millicent McDonald 

Three Little Spies 04/07/86 07/21/86

Lee, Amanda, and Sovet and Chinese agents join forces to track down an arms dealer responsible for smuggling nuclear detonators from the U.S. into the mideast through a rock star's hunger-relief organization.

Isaac Petrovich 
Chien Chang 
Randall Skylar 
Pam Jentry 

The Wrong Way Home ??/??/?? 09/08/86

Mrs. King gets a call from Mr. King, but when she tries to locate him, she learns the Agency's also looking for him: he's the prime suspect in the murder of an African prime minister. Joe King is played by Sam Melville, who played Kate Jackson's husband in ``The Rookies''.

The pun on ``Joe King'' is probably unintentional.

Joe King 
Asam Ali Shamba 
Darrell Prescott 
Bryan Foster 
Mrs. McDragon 

All the World's a Stage 05/12/86 08/18/86

Amanda takes a role in a neoabsurdist play by an American playwright to find out why the Soviets are interested in backing the production.

Tony Marchand 
Serge Krutiov 
Maria Von Klausen 
Carl Valentine