Fourth Season (1986--1987)

Stemwinder Part 1                                                        
09/19/86 06/04/87

In the fourth season opener, a vindictive KGB agent (Vladimir Skomarovsky) traps Lee and Amanda in an elaborate sting operation, which leads the Agency to suspect the two may have sold out. (Part 1 of 2.)

Alexi Makarov 
Sonja Chenko 
Dr. Quidd 
Dr. Smith 
Phillip Dart 

Stemwinder Part 2 09/26/86 06/11/87

Suspected of "playing footsie" with the Soviets, Lee and Amanda go into hiding after learning that Lee is the target of an Agency manhunt with order to "shoot to kill".

Alexi Makarov 
Dr. Smyth 
Sonja Chenko 
Joe King 
"T.P." Percival Aquinas 

No Thanks for the Memory 10/10/86 12/26/86

A frightened Soviet is found hiding in Amanda's backyard, claiming that he wants to defect, and that KGB agents smuggled him into the U.S. to knock out an American strategic-command system.

Zhmed Doorlof 
Pat Danley 

It's in the Water 10/17/86

A chemist who once worked with Amanda on ecology issues is sought by the Agency and a terrorist after he inadvertently taps into the capital's water-purification system.

Carmine Davis 
Sally Boyer 
Franklin Miller 
Mr. Davis 

Night Crawler 10/31/86 08/27/87

Lee's attempts to make long-range plans are halted by a more immediate concern: Amanda is taken hostage by an Arab terrorist, who wants to trade her to the Libyans.

Addi Birol 
Mara Petrak 
Yusef El-Kebir 
Enda D'Angelo 

Billy's Lost Weekend 11/07/86 07/02/87

Lee and Amanda help a disoriented Billy retrace his steps to remember details of a lost weekend during which he may have compromised agents operating in a small African nation.

Lanni Jeans 
Dr. Claudia Joyce 

Photo Finish 11/14/86 08/13/87

A spy starts a smear campaign against Amanda, who's suspended after a background check reveals that she was once involved in anti-American demonstrations.

"One-eyed" Jake Williamson 
Effrom Beaman 

The Man Who Died Twice 11/21/86 07/23/87

Lee's top Vietnamese contact fakes his own death to protect his family and prevent a terrorist bloodbath during the Chinese Trade Fair. Meanwhile, Lee and Amanda have second thoughts about how their marriage would affect her family.

Viet Diem 
Dr. Smyth 
Tranh Sen 

Need to Know 12/05/86 06/25/87

Lee's reporter friend engages him in an investigation of corruption at his newspaper, whose publisher has apparent ties to a Romanian agent and apparent interest in U.S. strategic metals.

Tranh Sen 
Charlie Benton 

Santa's Got a Brand New Bag 12/19/86 07/16/87

Just before Christmas, a disgruntled ex-toy designer gives Lee a tip on a toy factory that's a front for sophisticated weapons development.

Bernie Jakes 
Maxwell Falcon 
Joe King 

Any Number Can Play 01/02/87 08/20/87

With Amanda's help, Dotty learns her new sweetheart is not the man he claims, and the Agency gets involved when evidence turns up that he's posing as a CIA agent caught in a blackmail scheme.

Harry Beaumont 
Miles Trent 

Promises to Keep 01/09/87 07/30/87

Lee and Amanda help T.P. Aquinas bring to justice the drug dealer who killed his wife and sons years ago.

Thank Miriam King ( for this one.

Dr. Smyth 

Rumors of My Death 01/23/87 08/06/87

Construction workers uncover a skeleton holding a folder bearing Lee's name; Lee is grounded when a copy of his high-security passport goes on the black market as a result.

Again, thanks to Miriam.

Unfinished Business                                                       
10/03/86 01/30/87 

CIA files reveal rumors that Lee's parents were double agents, and link the past with a current plot to assassinate a foreign dignitary.

Thomas Blackthorne 
Rene Sinclair 
Major Stetson 
Jennie Stetson 

Bad Timing 02/06/87

Lee discovers he has three days to live, after being injected with a deadly virus during a mugging.

Do You Take This Spy                                                      
02/13/87 09/10/87 

Before departing for their long-awaited secret wedding ceremony, Lee and Amanda have to wrap up an art-theft case involving a nemesis who could jeopardize their marriage.

Nick Grant 
Felicia McMasters 
McMasters Sr. 
Big Tony 

Mission of Gold 02/20/87

While honeymooning in California, Lee and Amanda agree to help a retired marine archaeologist prove that doubloons salvaged from an 18th-century Spanish ship are counterfeit.

Norton Scott 

One Flew East 02/27/87

Lee and Amanda trail a retired right-wing agent in connection with the kidnaping of an outspoken poet and antinuclear activist.

Archibald Mayfield 
Laura Mayfield 
Sidney Rollins 
Brad Donaldson 
Rodney Hobart 

All that Glitters 05/07/87 09/03/87

The Agency feels that a security breach may be tied to a jewel collection, and assigns Lee to "get next to" the jewels' current owner---an old flame.

Elisa Danton 
General Garrett 
Dr. Smyth 

Suited for Framing 05/14/87

Lee and Francine are stripped of their Agency credentials after passing top secret documents detailing Agency operations in Eastern Europe to a Georgetown youth, who turns out to be a Soviet recruited to discredit the US.

Dr. Smyth 

A Matter of Choice 05/21/87

Lee is consumed with capturing an old nemesis who killed two of Lee's top contacts and now plots to sell Stealth radar plans to Teheran using an outside contractor with romantic ties to Francine.

Joanathan Stone 
Dr. Dunleavy 

The Khrushchev List 05/28/87

Retired Agency founder Harry Thornton resurfaces in Washington with former Soviet Embassy courier Christina Golitsyn, and Lee suspects they are on an impossible mission: obtain Khruschev's spy list implicating American Government officials.

Harry Thornton 
Christina Golitsyn 
Walter Singer 
Meatball Bonfelli 

Towards the end of the season, Kate Jackson was taken ill with breast cancer and radiation therapy and made only cameo appearances.