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Everything Image Magick For WebTV Users
Included in this are the tutorials from various people along with basic instruction pages for the pages at Image Magick.After I complete the basics for each page,I will go back and get in to the more detailed operations and the advanced features.This will take some time,so bear with me.I would like to give special thanks to Paul Fuller for providing me with the excellent video captures.He also provided the tutorials on Resize Help and Vidcap Animation.Don't forget to bookmark this page.For anyone wishing to give a little back,I would appreciate if you would make an example page of something you make like I have done with this vase.I would like to set up a link page with these examples to demonstate what we can do with WebTV.If you want to just send me the info with the URL of the image,I will make the page and give you full credit.Thanks in advance to any who wish to contribute.You can also post your creations at a.d.artistic.graphic_creators and a.d.arts.audio-video.

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Please e-mail me if you have or know of any tutorials that you think should be here.I am thinking of making a page of non-Image Magic related graphic tutorials.Those would be appreciated also.

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