the Wolfmans gateway to the rest of The Virtuality

As some famous philosopher once said:  'no man is an island' - and of course The Wolfman doesn't want to spend his whole Virtual Life on his own little island. In The Harbour he has a small boat with which he sails the Seas of Virtuality, (and's not a vessel made of sorrow). Every now and then The Wolfman goes for a swift trip -  to spend some time in places he like, to visit his friends, to buy som of what he needs from the traders of the ports around the sea of Virtuality - or just to see if anything interesting is going on.

Whenever the cruise ship "M/S Jubii" comes near Wolfmans Island, The Wolfman hurries out to have a real good time chatting with his nice, nutty, wacky, loving friends and playmates there.  


You too can visit some of The Wolfmans favourite traders and try out some of The Wolfmans vital musical stimulants at:

Shimmy Disc

Let your mind drift away in his favorite streams of music floating through the Virtual Ocean:

The unequaled WFMU - freeform radio for the curious minds - strange music and twisted views
The many different 'stations' at Wired Planet   (highly recommended are Radio TMBG and The Fringe)

Go free shopping for "Audio Delikatessen" in the hypermarkets at:

Radio Internationale Stadt ORANG, Open Radio Archive Network Group
Hearing Voices, A mini museum af radio artistry

Some of his favorite places to spend some time:

Getting Residential at the RzWeb
Lounging with the other Eyeball Buddies in the home of the Smelly Tongues
Reading (about) some great books by Terry Pratchett in the L-space Web.
Or maybe checking out Kurt Vonnegut, another favorite author
Watching some witty and shrewd animations at Hot Wired Animation Expres
Marvel at the astonishing scope of thoughts and ideas some people are capable of, at The Kooks Museum
Getting a perspective on life at The Death Clock
Reading poetry at Digte.DK (in scandinavian languages only)

The Wolfman would like you to meet some of his friends too:

first a few of his his brethren and sistren in the great brotherhood of Smelly Tongues:
Jan Juul  -the first danish ST'er - stuff about difficult listening music - specially The Residents.
Saurio  - its in spanish, I don't understand it, but it has some nice drawings and cartoons
Poxodd, a talented and witty cartonist and webgraphic artist.
- more links to Smelly Tongues Buddies at the Smelly Tongue homepage, of course.

then two of his his cousins:
Sune Johannesson
Lasse Løndahl.

some of the wolfmans chat-friends

And at last
- meet the rest of the chatters on M/S Jubii (sorry for you,if you don't speak danish)