The Dark Forest of Wolfmans Island

Be Welcome in the Dark Forest

This is where The Wolfman spends a (too) large part of his time - the gloomy part - restlessly stalking the wilderness, thinking and pondering about the meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything - well, actually it's mainly life he is concerned about - he never cared that much for The Universe and Everything.

His endless trains of thought - all his tedious homespun philosophies, the fruits of his brain, sown in the soil of the disappointed and disillusioned side of his mind, and nursed with all the care of the maniacally selfobsessed - is what he, while wandering here, tries to condense into small, compact statements of distilled wisdom - or is it just distilled delusions?

The Wolfman himself is the first to admit, that this is, in some sense, a pityful and sorry state of things. In a perfect world noone would have to shield himself against the world with irony and cynicism and no one would have to encapsulate the core of his soul in carefully crafted words before revealing it to the rest of the world. But unfortunately there is no such thing as a perfect world.

So just read on and learn what you want from this selection of aforisms and bonmots, destilled from the dark side of The Wolfmans philosophy.

  • Life ain't that bad after all - if you got the right morbid sense of humour.

  • It is an ironic paradox, that even when your life evolves in slow motion, you still age in real time.

  • You know you are getting old, when things that used to blow your mind now merely tickles your imagination.

  • Life isn't a fuck - it's a wank!

  • Experience is like carsickness - you have to be moving to get it.

  • Life is a party ... at your neighbour's place, and you're not invited.

  • Only he who knows better gives up hope.

  • I don't mind if my life gets all screwed up, if it just gets screwed up in a nice interesting way.

  • What good is it being a loser, if you can't write a hitsong about it?

  • In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is not a king but an unwanted monster. (but if he keeps quiet they might not catch him)

  • Life is magic to those who can believe - to the rest of us it's just a clever hoax.

  • Look forward to 'tomorrow', at least it will bring an end to 'today'.

  • The difference between an interesting life and a dull life is merely a matter of details - having success in life means being able to provide these details.

  • Sometimes it takes a lot of insight and determination to stay naive.

  • Life sucks most of the time - but you better not think too much about that, because after all you're stuck with it until you die.

  • Unfortunately, life tends to contain too much sense and not enough sins.

  • Rather twisted and upset, than plainly bored to death.

  • Once I believed that the slogan 'No Future!' was as a promise - and I still feel let down.

  • Balance is superior to stability.

  • Nothing needs to stay as simple as it is.

  • Life is easier when you don't have choices - but who really wants life to be easy?

  • Dreams cling on when hope has long lost its handhold.

  • It doesn't matter that you take two steps backwards for each step forward, when you're walking in circles.

  • Reality isn't Hell - it's just another negation of Paradise

  • There's nothing wrong with living a simple, straight and happy life - the only minor flaw being that it's impossible.

  • The dreams most likely to come true, are the ones so boring that you can't even remember them.

  • Life is a comedy to those who can act, but a tragedy to those who can only think and feel.

  • Growing old is a terrible waste of time.

  • Disillusion prevents disappointment.

  • Paradise is on the other side of the möbius strip of reality.