The manifesto about The wolfman and his Island


This island is a sanctuary.
This island is a place where the rules, roles and restriction of the Real World don't apply.
This island is the place from where The Wolfman starts his journey into The Virtuality.

Man and Wolf - Dream and Reality

In The Reality a person always have to play his part in the ever ongoing play called Real Life. The roles available there might very well be acceptable, they even might be sufficient, but they are never completely satisfying. At least they are not satisfying to anyone who walk around, with a wild wolf (or any other undomesticated animal) in their souls - and a lot a normal humans do! These wolves are the symbolic projection of all the wild and untamed longings and impulses, all the troublesome emotional parts on the animal called 'man', that the civiliziced world don't want to know of or give room to. The Reality holds room for The Human - if he is able to play the game - but there is rarely enough room for The Wolf to run free. This is why we tame our inner wolves an make them our inner dogs.

Breaking out of roles in Real Life means trouble. Staying within a role that doesn't fit your wears your soul down. The fine art of living is finding the equilibrium between these two counterpoints. Either you let The Wolf survive only inside your dreams, making it more and more a dog and less and less a wolf, or you find a way to let your human part learn as much as possible from The Wolf, and in this way becomes able keep it strong and healthy.

Art and The Inner wolf

One of the few ways accepted in Real Life, to openly and freely express yourself - to let your Inner Wolf free - is through Art. Art is an approved exeption to the general rules of The Reality. But it is a hard way, demanding talent and skill, and even for the lucky ones who have been blessed with these gifts - until you have been accepted as An Artist, you are nothing but another freak. And even then - to all those who doesn't care about art - you're still just a freak. For a very long time the only place outside my dreams my inner wolf lived was in my art. That was before I discovered The Virtuality.

In The Virtuality the opportunities are never that limited. There you can play with masks and roles in a environment in which such behavior is accepted, making it the perfect laboratory to explore the 'other' sides of yourself. This is why The Wolfman was created in the Virtuality, as a new entity through which I could experiment with the wolfsides of my self and learn things that I hopefulle could use in The Reality.

This does not mean that I have given up art as a mean to explore my soul and to express myself in The Real World. Art fits nicely into the Virtuality! in fact the Virtuality - maybe because it is an artificial thing - is an exellent space for making and presenting art, making it not an alternative but an extension to that path.

This island is an outlet for the creativity that made The Wolfman.
This island is a attempt of the Normal Human Self behind The Wolfman, to project his inner world, through the interface of The Virtuality, into The Reality.
Good luck finding a meaning in this...

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