The Poets Point

poetwolf.gif (5261 bytes)Welcome at The Poets Point

The Poets Point is the place where The Wolfman comes to write his poems.

This is a very special place, high on the western crest of the island, with an excellent view over the Virtual Ocean and the place where the largest and oldest tree on the whole island have been stubbornly standing up to the storms through ages. This is the ideal place to sit and think while watching the day die; maybe dramatically in an magnificent explosion of colors, maybe just slowly and melancholic fading away and letting the dark of night take over. This eternal duality of beauty and gloom, is a soothing match to the more sombre sides of The Wolfman's mind, the sides that are the most present in his poetry.

The poems might have been conceived while he was strolling around in the Dark Forest, laying sleepless in his Cave late at night, while painting on the Beach or anywhere else; but The Poets Point is always the place where The Wolfman comes to finish and refine his work. Here, sitting beneath the ancient tree, with only the mysterious Lighthouse Island between his eyes and the horizon - eternity is more present than anywhere else on the island.

Wolfman poetry logoFor your convenience the poems are presented on two different pages. The first of  these present some POEMS IN ENGLISH, the other contains a selection of  the Wolfman's POEMS IN DANISH. The intention and hope is that these pages will be updated whenever new poems good enough to be presented here are written.