Editors' Pick

Stormy Grrl

        did you know that i once broke my little 
          toe and that i've held conversations 
   in my sleep and i have friends with the names of 
       animals and i like to dance while wearing 
         my black folk-dancing gypsy-looking 
                   fringed dress and that 
  i've always wanted to play the flute but i've never 
            been able and that i cry a lot and 
  that the black haired girl i used to wonder about, 
                   the one with freckles, 
          used to wonder about me and that i 
        like to wear my workboots that are the 
                     kind of reddish of 
                  my mom's old car and 
                  that i love the smell of 
                  the havdalah spice box 
                      and that i live in 
                     the rain and that i 
                 don't like the expression 
                        'act your age' 
              and that i'm waiting for some 
                   amazing posters and 
                            i won't 
          put anything up in the meantime. 

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