Christmas Goodies - Vol.1© is a collection of 225 high quality original EPS clip art elements for Christmas. These elements are in color and are fully editable through various popular object-oriented illustration packages on the Mac as well as on the PC. Also, these images will print to the highest resolution of the available printer.

These images can be used through any software package on both the platforms that is capable of opening or reading .EPS and .AI files.

The images contained in this collection have been drawn originally by an artist and have not been copied or scanned from commonly available artworks. Each image is object-oriented and colored. The user can edit these graphics to any level with popular object-oriented drawing packages.

Users will find plenty of use for these graphics in normal day-to-day applications linked with the festive season. These images can be used to make greeting cards, stationery, letter paper and many more items for use during the festive season.

These images have been originally created using MacroMedia Freehand 5.0 on the Apple Macintosh.

Christmas Goodies - Vol.1© is available online through various popular online storefronts. Select a Store from below:

Christmas Goodies-Vol.1© is copyrighted under the US Copyright Act.

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