Islamic Center of Yuba City,
California, USA

The original mosque was 75% complete when on Sept. 1, 1994 a blazing fire reduced this beautiful 12,000 sq. ft. building to charred ruins in just ONE HOUR. It was determined that it was arson, but still no arrests have been made.

This beautiful classically-styled mosque is again being rebuilt. This page was created to inform you of our progress and to thank all of you who have so generously donated your money, your prayers and support and giving us hope for the future.

We are above all grateful to Allah and His Divine Support.

PHOTOJOURNAL HISTORY OF THIS MOSQUE: See the original mosque, firemen battling the flames, & the rebuilding status (Feb. 98)


Photo: Fire engulfing our holy mosque on the night of Sept. 1 '94. The destruction was so complete that not even the 12,000 sq. ft. foundation could be saved, nor any of the heavy steel in the minaret and dome, which were left too twisted to use again.

November 2001
Alhumdulillah!! with the help
of His sincere servants,
we are virtually completed.

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Now available! Islam, A Brief Introduction A 12 page, 4 color booklet with nice graphics. Excellent for non-Muslim friends and family. Only $2.50 (covers printing and postage) Make check available to: Islamic Center of Yuba City, P.O. Box 3203, Yuba City, CA. 95992

Excerpt from booklet available at: BOOKLET

We are truly grateful for the supportive
and heartfelt letters and prayers
which we have received since the Sept. 11th attacks.

Insha'allah this mosque will be a
peaceful haven for all of those
who seek refuge in Allah
from the distractions of this world.....
a place of remembrance of Allah
and His endless mercy.....
His endless forgiveness and safety
for those who are seekers.......

It is our sincere hope that this holy
mosque will also serve as a place
where bridges are built
between people
and between communities.....
where goodwill and hope
are nurtured...........not destroyed.

The role model for Muslims to follow
is the life of the Prophet Muhammad
(Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
The teachings for how to live our everyday lives
and how to treat our fellow man
crosses all cultural boundaries.
The example of the Prophet Muhammad's life
is the key to understanding Islam.

The teachings of Islam embrace all of mankind.
Islam does not belong to any one culture
or ideology
and never accepts the radical elements
which deny Allah’s mercy,
His compassion and
His love for all of His creation.

The Islamic Center of Yuba City
completely condemns the attacks
and the rhetoric of these radical elements
which are making false claims in the name of Islam.

"We sent no messenger save that he should be obeyed
by Allah's leave.
And if, when they had wronged themselves,
they had but come unto thee
and asked forgiveness of Allah,
and asked forgiveness of the messenger,
they would have found Allah Forgiving, Merciful."
The Holy Quran, [4:64]


AL-MU'MIN: The Guardian of Faith
"He is Illuminator of the light of faith in hearts,
making us believers. He is the Comforter and Protector
of the ones who take refuge in Him."

Click Here for the rest of the 99 DIVINE ATTRIBUTES OF ALLAH....


Thanks to all of you
who have given us so many inspiring words of encouragement.
We appreciate them and are happy
to see that so many people are visiting our site.

The Islamic Center of Yuba City
P.O. Box 3203
Yuba City, CA 95992
United States

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