Welcome to our Website

We are David and Judy Hughes and we are now retired and
have more time for our animals. We have been involved with
English Shepherds since we were about 5 years old.
In 1993 we bought two dairy goats and an Anatolian male,
it didn't take long for our goat herd to grow and we bought a
Female Anatolian. We have had Anatolians with our goats since then.

In 1996 we took our Female Anatolian Shepherd to be bred
and saw our first Boer goats. We brought home Cape Raider
and bred some of our Dairy Goats to him. After seeing
our new kids we bought a Hill Country Buck and
have raised Boer since then.

We are now raising English Shepherds,
Anatolian Shepherds and Boer goats.

David & Judy Hughes
632 Raymond Edwards Rd.
Henrietta, TX 76365