From: Tocadisco


Baby, is the type of Random Player who writes from true life experiences. In fact, these posts read like a diary. After reading this, you shall have a complete understanding of all that is Lamms. Baby, thrives on the new format, as she adds her sarcastic wit to the Random Game. - Toca K. Disco.

Entered the Random Game during the Lawless Period

My head is killing me. I just took an Aleve. I know that my headache is from being on the computer too long but I'm addicted. Is there a pill for computer addiction? (BabyLamms)

I love Hecklers Online, don't you? It is my most visted place online. I LOVE YOU!!!! (BabyLamms)

We'll burn that bridge when we come to it. (BabyLamms)

Don't look at me in that tone of voice. (BabyLamms)

That's all water over the bridge. (BabyLamms)

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages
Welcome to the greatest show on Earth! (BabyLamms)

I want ice sculptures!!! (BabyLamms)

I've got to ::beep beep:: run away
I've got to ::beep beep:: get away
from the something inside the heart of me
get the paddles!!
::WHACHUNK...beep beep::
WHOA! Tainted Love!

That takes the cake and eats it too. (BabyLamms)

You're treading on thin ground. (BabyLamms)

Meatloaf is an old fat guy who wears frilly clothes and sings the same songs over and over and over. (BabyLamms)

Before they made him they broke the mold. (BabyLamms)

We've got them eating out of our laps, (BabyLamms)

No sooner said, the better. (BabyLamms)

Happy 44th Birthday, Daddy! (BabyLamms)

At my crappy job, my co-workers and I call people and ask them questions about food shopping. There is a new guy at work that we like to call Lumberjack Jim. He sits behind me and he never says food shopping, he says shoplifting. He doesn't act like it's a mistake either, like a slip-of-the-tounge. He says it like it's actually in our script. He's weird like that. But he always makes the coffee. Lumberjack Jim didn't come to work today.
I just hope he wasn't out gun shopping.
(I am very sorry to say that every word of the above story is true.) (BabyLamms)

Oh, and there's this new guy Tom. I haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet (he's on the night crew) but I hear he's *very* pleasant. He asked our bosses assistant where he could score some pot and heroin and they told me when people hang up on him stares into his computer and says "I'm going to f***in' kill you!" I hope he doesn't switch to the day shift. (BabyLamms)

Excerpts from the actual police log in the paper of the town I live in: July 21- 7:48pm: Suspicious person at 558 Washington St. A 911 call from Cumberland Farms reports that a strange male in late 30's wearing a white baseball cap, holding a chain wallet and wooden box approached the caller and asked him questions about where he lived etc. The man made him feel uncomfortable. He appeared to be drunk and
disoriented. July 22 - 4:55am: Vandalism at 40 Chestnut Ave. Caller reports someone spray painted a residents car. Officer reports it is peanut butter not paint. Resident not aware of incident at time of report. 7:41am: Vandalism, request for patrols. Caller reports that when she was taking her walk on Chestnut Street, she saw two vehicles covered in peanut butter. The reporting person
said her daughter's car was covered in french dressing a week ago and said a lot of this mischef has been going on for the last couple weeks. 12:24 pm: Aid to the public at 3 Woodland Rd. Caller reports that he just came home and his wife said there was a coyote (described a scrawny animal with its rib cage showing and no hair on its tail) on their back porch pacing back and forth.
Reporting person said it snarled at his wife before it left. (BabyLamms)

I'm so glad my last day of work is a week from Friday and I'm moving Sept.1. Aren't you? (please say yes) (BabyLamms)

When you light magnesium on fire it gives off a very bright light. My friend brought some to a party we had in the woods and it lit up the whole place for, like, 10 seconds. It really scared the piss out of some people. Oh yeah, it makes a noise too. (BabyLamms)

Biochick and Leonard--
Can I join in on your little tea party to get away from the males? They get scary after a while. By the way, do you think Homer will find a Disco Stu that doesn't think advertising is wrong? (BabyLamms)

hello??? did ANYONE notice Biochick 2!! what's that all about? (BabyLamms)

Suntan lotion is good for me. You protect me, teeheehee. Ohh, the sun tries to burn me but you won't let it will ya! Ultraviolet rays - BAD Lotion - GOOD (BabyLamms)

Holy Jeez, looky what we got here. That silly penguin is back again.
----No, Mr. Madison, there no penguin. You got too much sun today. There NO penguin!!----
It's too damn hot for a penguin to be just walkin' around here. I gotta send him back to the South Pole. Penguiiinnn, don't you dare run away. Come here Mr. Penguin! (BabyLamms)

CALL THE ZOO!! (BabyLamms)

Where the hell is he, I'm starving.
-- I had some Triscuit crackers in the car, you should of had some. --
Well maybe if you told me there were delicious Triscuit crackers in the car, I could have enjoyed them with you.
-- I'm sorry --
Well sorry doesn't put the Triscuit crackers in my stomach, now does it Carl. (BabyLamms)

Shampoo is bettah, I go on first and clean the hair.
Conditioner is bettah, I leave the hair feeling silky and smooth.
Oh really fool?
Really!...stop looking at me swan. (BabyLamms)

Ahh-hahahahahahahaha SHUT UP!! (BabyLamms)

Dontcha think you better go to bed. You've got a big day tomorrow, a day filled with daquris, Nintendo and jack-off magazines. (BabyLamms)

I'm sick of this boycott and MagicClams has given up (i think) or maybe he's just not running it anymore. He said Troub would run it, but Troub is posting. I want to play now, but only if people start winning. Has anyone ever won this game. Let me know... (BabyLamms)

CurlyAnnT is my friend. Be nice to her or I'll kick your butt. (BabyLamms)

I have nothing more to say. Bye. (BabyLamms)

Hi everybody,
It's been fun but I have to go now. I'm leaving for school. I'll check back whenever I can. I'll miss you all.
-----------> (BabyLamms)

BabyLamms left the Random Game during the Lawless Period and returned during the
Deluge Strikes.

Hello people. I am back. I used to play this game many moons ago, when it was fun. (BabyLamms)

shimmie shimmie coco bop shimmie shimmie rock shimmie shimmie coco bop shimmie shimmie rock I had a girlfriend a-triscuit she said a-triscuit a-biscuit ice cream soda pop, vanilla on the top ooh shalida walkin' down the street five times a week I get it I get it I stole my mama's credit I'm cool I'm hot sock it to me in the somach three more times (BabyLamms)

one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor (BabyLamms)

A pretty disgusting pick-up line:
Hey baby! I'd like to wrap your legs arounds my head and wear you like a feedbag! (BabyLamms)

A pretty disgusting pick up line: You know, you have the prettiest teeth I've ever dreamed of coming across. (BabyLamms)

Hi, I'm doing fine. Thanks for asking. More importantly, how are you? Isn't it strange that me and Heckler X came back at the same time? I see Tocadisco is back too. Remember the boycott... the good ole days. Summer of 96 Bay-bee!! By the way, don't drink yourself into an alcoholic haze. I hate guilt. (BabyLamms)

I miss my computer at home. It's way better than the peice of crap I have here at school. I get to go home soon! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! I get to see my friends - ooohh, ecstacy. (BabyLamms)

hey Tocadisco, thanks for mentioning me. (BabyLamms)

I have to make popcorn for dinner. I didn't know what to eat but I was reading that stuff about Orville Reddenbacher and butts and stuff. That reminded me that I have popcorn. Now that's my dinner and I have to think of moles and stuff while I eat it. (BabyLamms)

Shannon needs a Brother word processor so she can finish typing her paper. Little help?? (BabyLamms)

We have a special *popcorn button on our microwave. Cuts down on the thinking. (BabyLamms)

Actually, the popcorn button undercooks the popcorn so I have to think extra hard. (BabyLamms)

I want to marry a hot customer service guy who eats popcorn for dinner. (BabyLamms)
...roller coaster, of looovvve, (say what), a-roller coaster, ah woo hoo hoo! (BabyLamms)

pop..........pop......................pop..........pop,pop,pop,pop,.....pop,papapop,popopopop... (BabyLamms)

I think guys who eat popcorn are sexy. (BabyLamms)

Hey Kaziganthi, my cat would probably be dead now or my bathtub would constantly be bloody if it wasn't for that urinary tract cat food. Did you know that my cat would sit in the bathtub all day so he wouldn't bleed all over the house. I bet that you all wished you had a cat as considerate as mine. (BabyLamms)

I have 2 cats you know (BabyLamms)

Their names are Goldie and Tony. Goldie is older. Tony is the one who used to bleed in the bathtub. He eats the special food now. So does Goldie, just because Tony has to. Tony is fat. He weighs something like 20 pounds. That's fat for a cat. (BabyLamms)

Does anyone know where the remote to my VCR is? I need to tape
Scooby Doo. (BabyLamms)

It's on in 14 minutes. C'mon, help me dammit! (BabyLamms)

Why does Curly get tokens and not me? (BabyLamms)

I want tokens just as much as she does. (BabyLamms)

I have this thing for frogs you see. (BabyLamms)

I want to save up and get that really cool frog hat. (BabyLamms)

Please make my dream come true. (BabyLamms)

Hey BlueWaffle () () () () () () um, that's not quite it, is it. (BabyLamms)

i'm worthless (BabyLamms)

hey, will tokens get me a new car? (BabyLamms)

my car is broken and no one will fix it (BabyLamms)

everyone hates me (BabyLamms)

"Turn the TV back on." (BabyLamms)

"Turn the TV back on."
"So she can see underneath it."
"The vet."

The preceding conversation actually took place between my boyfriend and I when he shut the TV off while I was asleep last night. (or so he says) (BabyLamms)

BabyLamms - It was my birthday and no one cared. My dad came over for lunch and my mom bought me a pair of jeans, which I am now wearing. Nobody else cared though. What a bad birthday.

It really pisses me off that that MutantYoda character gets tokens for plagerizing Jack Handey. (BabyLamms)

Homemade Prozac ::lick:: Needs more ice cream. -Homer J. Simpson


See, I give credit where credit is due. (BabyLamms)

Thanks for changing the format back. I don't accept new things very well. (BabyLamms)

NERF CROTCH BAT!!!!! (BabyLamms)

cuz crotch + bat = lots of fun (BabyLamms)

Goldfish don't bounce. (BabyLamms)

Tar is not a plaything. (BabyLamms)

Underware should be worn on the inside. (BabyLamms)

I finish what i sa (BabyLamms)


The preceding message is directed towards Mr. Onliner. Thank you. (BabyLamms)

...and the new Nerf Nerf
(do not take internally) (BabyLamms)

#9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9... (BabyLamms)

An excited sort of beetle you've mistaken for a match. (BabyLamms)

Oh Honey Pie, you're making me crazy. (BabyLamms)

She said she didn't mean it,
and I never said she did. (BabyLamms)

She said she wanted matches and she just took off the lid, (BabyLamms)

She said that she was sorry,
but it's difficult to catch (BabyLamms)

What you are becoming is more important than what you are accomplishing. (BabyLamms)

Q. There is a hole in the ozone, the layer of gas that protects the Earth. How would you repair a hole like that?
A. Use a kaleidoscope to look at the ozone. Then, take super glue, 1,500 band-aids, 28 stickers, one 5x9 piece of ice and 5,100 pieces of bubblegum and stick everything on the ozone.

Matthew, age 9 (BabyLamms)

i really hate when you alphabetize entries (BabyLamms)

Subj: Turtle Bellies
From: BabyLamms
If a turtle doesn't have a shell, does that make him homeless or naked?


Subj: dogs...legs...
From: BabyLamms
Dogs have more legs than I do.

I 'm back and I feel cool.

Subj: Re: MagicClams' Cavalcade of Whimsy
From: BabyLamms

Yeah Lav, We just told you that Corn was your daddy, because your real daddy is a drunk.
Uh, sorry Clammy.