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Hi! Yer probably wonderin who that Racoon is over there ----> Well, he's my big brother, Chrisodeo. And now yer wonderin, why da HECK is he on this page? Well, I dunno really, but it seemed ta be da only pic that fit, oddly enough. Even tho that's a REALLY OLD PIC! This is probably da first scanned pic I have on my page. YAY! Well, anyway, I gotta find a scanner! I goin crazies! I got all these REALLY good pics, but can't put em on my site. Darn computers. So I'll hafta make do with my computer PhotoShop program. *sigh* Anyway, this is probably da last change I'll make ta my pages before I set off fer Lake Tahoe. I'll be gone there fer QUITE A LONG TIME, and I'm leavin on friday...I think it's thursday right now. So I have only one day left. So Anyway, enough of my babbling. This is a page, much like my stories page, fer my Creatures stuff. This should unclutter my main index a bit. And Hopefully I will get at least ONE STORY on my story page that's new and DOESN'T RELATE TA CREATURES! Ahem, anyway, enjoy. And Chrisodeo, please fergive me fer puttin up such a OLD pic of ya. I swear I'll replace it soon.

My Creatures stuff has been harvested times taday.(maybe a slight exaggeration...)

Creatures Stuff

Creatures COB's: Here are some neat add-ons ta Creatures. [Note:Crashed]
Norn Pictures: Here are some pictures of da norns availyable fer download.
Da Norn Hatchery: Here's some of my Norn's fer download.
Da Norn Family Tree: And here's a family tree fer tracin lost generations.