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Like her close friend BabyLamms, Curly writes from the heart. On the old format, she wrote about true life experiences. On the New Format, she continues to give tidbits of her life, but also acts as a friendly critic. She started the trend of giving awards to Random Game players. She is also quite the flirt, she loves it when you call her Big Daddy. - Toca K. Disco

Entered during the Lawless Period

Uhh.....hi. I like this game. It's random. (CurlyAnnT)

So I can basically say anything I want to here? Cool. Well...I'm new at this HO thing...but It's pretty cool. I mean, what is UP with this place? Everything is just....random....and wierd, I feel like I'm with people of my own kind....I would consider HO my's so comfy here. Like my living room.....that's what it is. My living room. Or maybe my bathroom...I'm comfortable there too....that's where I like to take my dumps.
But I run the water and turn on the fan when I go #2 because I don't want anyone, including myself, to hear what my plops sound like. Or my farts....they're loud when they echo in the toilet bowl. (CurlyAnnT)

Okay, I have a cool story. In a few photos of the Beatles, John is barefoot, and in england they like...bury you without your shoes on. And in that #9 song...(on the White Album) if you play it backwards, it says "John is a dead man". I guess they were doing that trippy psychadelic thing. (CurlyAnnT)

I think I'm getting addicted to this HO thing, I come on everyday, and actually look forward to it...what's wrong with me? (CurlyAnnT)

BabyLamms is my friend, if you mess with her, you're messin' with me! So you betta watch yo back! (CurlyAnnT)

I need a job. I really need some money. I am just a lazy teenager who sleeps until 1:00 everyday, goes online, and then feeds her cats. Then I watch some T.V. and walk down to the store for some junk food. Then I go online again, and then watch T.V. again. Then I have people over 'cause Daddy's not home. Then I crash and wake up at 1:00. I'm gonna apply at the mall tomorrow. This is getting sad. I need a car. (CurlyAnnT)

Hey, JaguarMel, what's up? I also love the Beatles. And I know most of their seem too much of a fanatic to mess with. (CurlyAnnT)

Hey BabyLamms? What's-a-happenin'? (CurlyAnnT)

I would just like to say goodbye to my dear friend BabyLamms, who is leaving for college today, and I will miss her dearly. Kel-kel, I still love you, and you better keep in touch, or I'll cry. Love ya babe! ---Carboy (CurlyAnnT)

That is all I have to say today. Thank you. Goodnight. (CurlyAnnT)

Hi, I just wanted to say I miss BabyLamms a whole lot. When your friends go to college, that sucks. (CurlyAnnT)

But anyway, yeah, I think there should be a limit on how many postings you have. If you have a lot to say, just cram it in in one posting, it's not that hard! I mean, it does get kind of annoying when someone posts 20 things, scrolling makes me sick to my stomach. Okay, bye. (CurlyAnnT)

Oh god, I'm sure there will be tons of multiple-posters telling me off in today's random game. Well anyway, that was pretty creative giving a free hour to what's-his-name for his "random entry"....stating a very important subject....."ma". I think he was just learning how to use his computer or something. Well anyway. I have nothing more to say, I guess. So bye. (CurlyAnnT)

Uhh....Ma. (CurlyAnnT)

Pa? (CurlyAnnT)

So anyway, I'm off to grandmama's house for some steak and potatos, it's Daddy's birthday... C-ya. (CurlyAnnT)

Hi y'all....did anyone miss me? Actually...does anyone remember me? I doubt it....but I love all of you HO's. My computer broke down, and we had to mail it back, and it has been like weeks without my sweet AOL, and It has been misery. Well out...I'm back!!!! (CurlyAnnT)

HALLOWEEN RANDOM CONTEST: Don't you hate it when you go to some old ladies house, and she stands there, and you are clearly dressed up as Rainbow Bright, and anyone and everyone can tell you that, but that stupid lady asks you what you are, and you say "I'm Rainbow Bright" and she asks you who that is and then you feel really stupid in front of your friends. She gives you an apple, and when you get home there is a big fat razor blade in it, and
a note attached saying "Your stupid costume was ugly". I hate when that happens. (CurlyAnnT)

I am bored. Totally bored off my tree, and I don't know what I'm gonna do about it. I'm just sitting here bored. Bored bored bored. Am I boring you? I'm so sorry. I'm just really bored, and I want someone else to be bored too. Okay. Bye. (CurlyAnnT)

Oh, and JaguarMel, I'm very upset with you, you didn't end with a Beatles quote...So let me do it for you....Do you need anybody? I need somebody to love. Could it be anybody? I want somebody to love. I get by with a little help from my friends, yes I get by with at little help from my friends. With a little help from my friends. (CurlyAnnT)

Hey guys... In New Hampshire, there was a guy running for governor or something...and his name was Dick Swett.... And he lost by 1% of the vote too. I bet people voted for him because of his really cool name. I would have if I lived in New Hampshire. (CurlyAnnT)

Hey..there's a guy walking by my house right now...and he's really cute...gotta go! (CurlyAnnT)

It's pretty cold out. It snowed for the first time yesterday and I was pretty upset. This means I can't walk around naked's gettin' cold, man. (CurlyAnnT)

I can't think of a random thought today...sorry guys. Okay, I can. My friend is addicted to Coke. Like Coca-cola. I swear to god. Honest! Isn't that a good story? I thought so too. (CurlyAnnT)

SupeRMeGin? You're addicted to Diet Coke? I totally worship you. I love DC more than life itself. You are on the top of my list of cool people. In fact....I'll make you number 2. (number one is Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers) (CurlyAnnT)

How cool am I? I won one of the last free hours from the Random Game. You can all worship me. You are not worthy. Just kidding....I'd like to thank all the little people, my parents for giving me such a great and warped sense of humor, that guy who works at Burger King who smiles funny at me and looks at my butt, those weirdo's that stand out in frount of the furniture store and wave while dressed up to look like a big mattress, the woman on
television who sold me face cream to prevent premature wrinkles, and most of all, my favorite, the good ol' folks at Heckler's Online, who without them, I would be a nobody who never won anything. Thank you, goodnight. (CurlyAnnT)

This is cool. I can deal with this "tokens" thingie. Really. It's kinda like playing pinball. You work your butt off, and all you get is a little whistle... or if you're lucky, an eraser with a picture of a dog on it or something. But I can deal with it. I'll just play along and hope for the best. Good thinking HO....congrats. I'm very proud of you. You guys can think of anything. You name it, and HO has an answer or solution.

By the way, can you get tokens by kissing butt? Just wondering. (CurlyAnnT)

Do you think getting someone a raw piece of meat with a knife stabbed in it would be too mean of a Christmas present? (CurlyAnnT)

I absolutely HATE snow so much. That's all I have to say. (CurlyAnnT)

Oh...the boycott memories. Those were the days. Well anyway. I hate Christmas shopping. It's really bringing me down. For example, right now I'm wearing a shirt I bought for someone else...and Im growing attached to it. But I'll get over it. After I clean all the puke, boogers, and spaghetti sauce off it,
I'll throw it in a box and give away. You all know how it is. Okay. Bye now. (CurlyAnnT)

Once....I slept over my friends house, and in the mornin we ate cornflakes. Except I found out they weren't cornflakes...they were my friend's brother's scab collection. K. Bye now. (CurlyAnnT)

I lost my wallet today at the mall, and a really hot guy returned it to customer service. I smiled at him and he smiled back. Then he gave me the "eyes" and then he walked away. I could marry that man. (CurlyAnnT)

Wouldn't it really stink if this mystery Customer Service guy goes online, and visits the Random game frequently? Well then I'd feel really really stupid because he knows I'm talking about him. Well If you get this Mr. Customer Service, I think I love you! So what am I so afraid of? I'm afraid that I'm not sure of a love there is no cure for! (CurlyAnnT)

He was eating popcorn (the customer service guy....) It was so sexy. (CurlyAnnT)

I want to marry a hot customer guy who eats popcorn for dinner. (CurlyAnnT)

A toothbrush must have been invented in Maine. Because if it was invented anywhere else, it would be called a teethbrush. (CurlyAnnT)

I will not take credit for that comment...I just heard it the other day. I have nothing against people from Maine. (CurlyAnnT)

Except I feel their pain. Because I wouldn't want to be afraid of a moose running through my yard. (CurlyAnnT)

I don't like my cat today. This morning when I woke up, I went downstairs and
stepped in a pile of kitty puke. I almost yacked myself. But no. I just found my kitty and pet her on the head because they're too dumb to puke in the litter box and I pity her. Right now she is sitting on my lap looking at the computer screen, and she doesn't even know I'm talking about her. OR maybe she does. I think cats might have this big conspiracy against us, they all can communicate and understand the English language (or whatever
language their owner speaks...or maybe just every language in the world) and they're smarter than us and they look down on us and laugh becuase all they have to do is sleep and eat and clean themselves, and we have to do all the work. See? I figured it out. That's my theory. And you are all just sitting there and saying, "Wow...that is a good theory." Aren't you? I know you are. (CurlyAnnT)

Wow...looks like there's problems with the's all trippy and making me have flashbacks of before I had a computer...and only a typewriter, and I was doing a report and I got a C- because I had all the bold print all screwed up and I went home and cried, and then the next day in school, I found out my mom called and all the kids made fun of me and I pulled them all into the back room and held them hostage for an A- on my report, and a
candy bar. So they took me to the mental ward in the hospital. And put me on some really cool medication. Okay...I'm done. (CurlyAnnT)

Don't you hate when you have to sneeze? I have to sneeze. (CurlyAnnT)

I think I'm a tool. A hammer, I mean. I dated a wrench once....he was nice to me, he bought me a nail, and we lived together in a happy little toolbox. (CurlyAnnT)

:( I'm getting bored with the Random game for the past few days. I miss you! I miss all your wise-ass entries after what I say. I miss you making fun of me and me shutting off my computer and crawling in the corner of the room and crying in the fetal position with my blankie. (CurlyAnnT)

I live in Massachusetts and it is 55 degrees out there something wrong with this or is it just me? I mean, it's usually about 10 degrees. I went suntanning today and hopped in the pool for a quick swim. Then I went to the beach and made a castle. (CurlyAnnT)

I can honestly say I haven't had a cigarette since last year. I"M GOING INSANE!! (CurlyAnnT)

GIMME A CIGARETTE!!!!!!!;lasdkjfa;eoirjawpoeinakl;wrjgoperijha;vrnaewo;ijewoprijwael;kfmsald;fkjoipcxvjawl/emrtfds;alvijeawpolimf;.dskj;lksjf;alskdjfl;asdkjfa;weijrpoawiuoejfkas;ldkjfas;lkdjvia;ert/awe.,mfa;sodivjXCK:JL>?
CurlyAnnT - :( No new random entries? WHY??? Is something wrong? Don't you love us anymore? What happened? Where am I? Where is everyone? Huh?

Boycott AOL! We demand better service! Blah blah blah...nothing is with it. Gad... (CurlyAnnT)

Subj: 10 Fun things to do
From: CurlyAnnT
I made these up myself. So you can't "TAG" me ha ha ha ha ha ::::evil laugh::::

1. Next time you get a "Junk E-mail" hit "Reply" and type, "Please remove me from your list. I'm not interested in your shannigans and whatnots."

2. Kellogg's Corn Pops have a great characteristic. If you lick them, you can actually stick them to your forehead, and they'll stay there for quite a long time.

3. When life gives you lemons, make sure you ask life to give you some money too, because hey, why is life giving you lemons and no money.

4. Put on a bike helmet, tie yourself to a jungle gym, and eat lots of chocolate. Only eat chocolate if you aren't hyperactive and hypoglycemic. If you are, you shouldn't eat sweets on account you'll go mental. You are also a hyper-hypo. (SNL bay-bee)

5. Cram your mouth with pop rocks, and drink a whole can of soda. When you start foaming at the mouth, either yell "Hey look! I have mad cow's disease!", or "Oy! Mira! Tengo la diseaso de una cowia!"

6. Build a fort in your living room. Sit in your fort as if it was your real house. Don't forget to put your stove, microwave, and fridge in the fort. Sing show tunes.

7. Next time you go shopping, position yourself next to someone who seems very stuck up and snobby. Start meowing. Continue following them and continue meowing until he or she askes what you are doing. Reply with "Duh, I'm meowing you idiot".

8. Tell your mailman that you will be changing your name to "Walla Walla Gop". If you ever get any mail addressed to Walla Walla Gop, you know it will be a love letter from your mailman, because he's the only one who knows your new name.

9. Call your repairman and have him or her pay a visit to your house. Tell your repairman that you are having problems with your CD player. Make sure before your repairman comes over, you have super glued your CD player shut. Your repairman will struggling like a madman to open your CD player. This will be fun to watch.

10. When you're in an elevator, and a rather large man says "Hit the floor", he means hit the button of the floor that you would like to go to. He does not mean get on the floor with your hands behind your head and give him your wallet/purse. My grandmother's friend actually did this. She also found out later that it was Eddie Murphy. He sent her roses, and said he was sorry, and "Thanks for a great laugh". Another true story.

Subj: A Conversation With My Crotch
From: CurlyAnnT
Well, I could't think of a nice way to say it.

CurlyAnnT: So, what are we doing tonight?
Crotch: I don't know. I'm tired.
CurlyAnnT: Well we could always go dancing. I like dancing.
Crotch: Fine. Go dancing. But you better not take anyone home.
CurlyAnnT: But...but...why not? I haven't gotten any POA in months! (peice of ass, for future referance)
Crotch: I don't care. You should be practicing abstinance until you get married.
CurlyAnnT: Oh my god...look at that guy. He is so fine. I want him to take me home tonight.
Crotch: No.
CurlyAnnT: Yes! And you can't do anything about it!
Crotch: Oh yes I can. Are you challanging me?
CurlyAnnT: Yes. I'm gonna go over there and ask him if he wants to do something tonight.
Crotch: Okay, you have struck my last nerve. This is war. Prepare to suffer for approximately 4 days.

The end. True story.

Voted a Random Titan...yay!