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Dante, a constant friend to the Random Game, is one of the oldest players. Often her talents are underrated, but she is one of the finest players to date. These posts do not do her justice, as her writing improves like a fine wine. - Toca K. Disco

First appeared on the Random Game under this screenname in The Age of Law and Order

I don't want to burst Bad Omen79's bubble or anything, but you might have wanted to put that golf entry in one e-mail, because it costs like 2 bucks every time you send e-mail on AOL. That cost like what, 34 dollars? Whoa. Sorry. (Dante303)

Using my previous entry in mind, I will now proceed to put all of my thoughts on one entry.

Deck the halls with gaaaaassoooollliiiiiiine,
Fa lalalala, la la la la.
or should it be Deck the really annoying guy who sits next to me in espanol class, because he keeps saying to me stop it and i have no earthly clue what is going on. I have no choice but to beat the living mucus out of him...north of space, the final frontier. my train of thought has just derailed. iiiiiiiimthevery modelofamodernmajorgeneral,iknow everythingbeitvegetableormineral...wait, thats not right, i just know it. i remember the good
old entry a condensed history of the world won some hours...i used to be called dante209, you know. i remember biochick, wlw troub, magicclams, civil war49..or is it 29, or 69? Naw. can't be 69. guess what. you probably think i'm drunk off my ass but really i only had about 2 cases of odouls and they don't have any alcohol in them. really. ahhhgggghhh, supernatural activitiy at the jerky counter! my name is ralph, i seek hot fries. do
not be alarmed. i have the nordic rider. i really do. ooooooo, slushy headache. wow, the colors smokey the bear is brown. carotene comes in chloroplasts. plast. that is a cool word. plasts plasts plasts plasts plasts plasts plasts...gad, i'm tired. nappy time. (Dante303)

hi truman, remember me? i used to be dante209, you know. i was here when the blank game was established. what the hell was that, anyway? i was one of the first. you can read my entry a condensed history of the world in random game: the early years. i remember biochick, wlw troub, magicclams, and civil war 49, or was it 29? where have the imaginative entries gone? i come on and all i see are one liners and stupid sayings. i miss the good old
days of random stupidity when people used to get drunk off of their ass, then post the colors they see. Oh truman, truman, where have all the colors gone? (Dante303)

this is my friend heather. say hi, heather.

hi. (Dante303)

hey, HO, whats your staff access code number? I want to see what happens if i can get past the little smiley face on the main screen. (Dante303)

by the way, you still haven't told me what the hell the blank game was about. (Dante303)

oh yeah, another thing...I think that there are too many entries on the Random Game page. You should start classifying them into a new "age". (Dante303)

More of Dante303's (formerly Dante209's) Condensed History of the World~

The nineteenth century was a time of many great inventions and thoughts. The invention of the steamboat caused a network of rivers to spring up. Cyrus McCormick invented the McCormick raper, which did the work of a hundred men. Samuel Morse invented a code for telepathy. Louis Pasteur discovered a cure for rabbis. Charles Darwin was a naturalist who wrote "The Orgy of the Species". Madman Curie discovered radium. And Karl Marx became
one of the Marx Brothers. These events ushered in a new error in the anals of history.

(for those of you who want to read more of the Condensed History of the World, go to the "Early Years" file and take a gander) (Dante303)

Did you change into a new age just because I asked you to? Woooo...power rush. If you didn't, then nanny nanny poo poo to you. (Dante303)

I'm still waiting for the answer to my previous question...what the hell was the blank game? ANSWER ME!!!! (Dante303)

Um, I was looking thru the list of people who won tokens, and um, I found out that there was someone with a spin-off of my screen name. So I decided to settle this in a mature, calm way. OK DANTE101!!! YOU AND ME RIGHT NOW!! YOU COPYCAT @$$HOLE!!! I'LL KNOCK YOUR @$$ INTO NEXT WEDNESDAY!!! (Dante303)

You know what? This is really wierd. Sometimes, I'll be thinking about something, like a TV show or a certain episode of a TV show, and the next day, that episode is on! This has been happening for around two months now. Oh yeah, sometimes, I'm listening to a person saying something, and in my
head, a sentence pops up, and then they say that sentence! So I was wondering, do the HO's need a psychic or anything? If this goes on long enough, I might start getting lottery numbers. (Dante303)

Why is it when you send stuff by car its a shipment, and when you send stuff by ship its cargo? (Dante303)

Did you know that Kamloops, British Columbia, has a population of 64,048? (Dante303)

Uebermensch - German for Superman (Dante303)

ua mau ke ea o ka ai-na i ka po-no- the life of the land is established in righteousness (the state motto of Hawaii) (Dante303)

sic semper tyrannis-thus ever to tyrants-the state motto of Virginia (Dante303)

And now, Latin.
nil sine numinine panem et circensis parturiunt montes, nascetur rediculus mus joannes est nomen eius mole ruit sua

Which translates as...
nothing without the divine will bread and circuses the mountains are in labor and a rediculous mouse will be brought forth john is his name it will collapse from its own bigness (Dante303)

Guess who got a new set of encyclopedias!! (Dante303)

};^)' (Dante303)

MA----abbr. 1. magister artium=master of arts 2. Massachusetts 3. mental age (Dante303)

homme moyen sensuel-->HO Chicago (Dante303)

Translate it. It's not what you think. (Dante303)


+/09255906BlueWaffle, why did you copy me? (snif) 7+9 - + (Dante303)

Blue waffle, disregard that comment. My sister was online using my screen name and she typed that dictionary thing and she gets very defensive about her work. She's also dyslexic. (Dante303)

Oh yeah, Mr. bold type guy...I sent a reply to your use of German in one of my entries, why haven't you posted it yet? I'm very disappointed about that. Plus, you still haven't told me all about the Blank game. Not many of my entries are being posted, now that I think about it. All the other games I entered did not
post anything of mine. Troub, before I lost access to AOL for 3 months, I was one of this so-called "big 7" you mentioned. If you will look in the Early Years up to the Age of Reason, you will see a lot of entries of Dante209. That used to be me. I wasn't allowed to use the same screen name. Bold print guy, if
you a-don't start a-postin some of my entries, I'm a-gonna come a-gunnin for yer pathetic sorry behind. (Dante303)

If you are wondering why I was not on the Random Game for a while, I was in New York snowboarding with my sister and our friend, Melissa. We had a three-hour car ride to Western NY to that lovely little village of Ellicotville, wherein resides the delightful ski resort Holiday Valley. Ever heard of this place? We stayed in a condo at Snowpine, right on the mountains. We vegged out the first day, but the second day we rented snowboards and
(kill the president) boarded on the bunny hill, named School Haus. I fell a lot. So did Melissa and my sister, but we had fun. After snowboarding, we stayed in the main lodge and had pizza (worship me) and hot chocolate. Then we went into town and shopped at all of the ski stores and the little antique stores and this really cool store called Kazoo 2. It had a lot of neat stuff in it like (give me tokens) stone jewelry, handmade clocks,
stuffed animals, and books about sex after 50, which is something nobody wants to think about. Then we went back to the condo and watched the Nutty Professor (anarchy) and ate brownies. The next day, we went skiing. My sister and I are good skiiers, but Melissa is not. We took 2 hours to go down one run because of her. It was funny. After skiing, we went to town and had dinner at the Ellicottville Brewery. I had chili and (synchronize
your watches to doomsday) 5 bottles of root beer. Talk about being burpy. The next day, we went snowboarding again and Melissa bought this cool hat with tassely things coming out of it. Then we packed up (tokens) and (chaos) left NY for Ohio. Another three-hour car ride, but I read this interesting article about subliminal messages which passed the time nicely. (Dante303)

Oh my virgin ears! (Dante303)

Subj: Dante303 vents
From: Dante303
I have always minded my own business and have been very soft-spoken, not like the louder regulars (MagicClams, Tocadisco). Nevertheless, I have been playing this game since it's inauguration. Remember back when the only post you got was from people asking what the hell is this? Well, I was one of the first people to ask that question. I have been with this game through The Early Years, and have I recieved one token from
it? NO! But, I'm okay with that. As long as I got my Random Game, no fuss, no muss, every week, I was happy. The tokens don't matter. It's the game that counts. As mushy as that sounds, it's true. But, last week I come into Hecklers, ready for my weekly dose of hilarity, and what do I see? This absolutely sucky new format. I'm sorry, I know that the use of the word "suck" has escalated tenfold since the new format was installed, but
that is the only way to describe it. That is, without violating TOS. Don't I, Dante303, (formerly Dante202, formerly Dante209) one of your most loyal followers, deserve more than this? If not for me, do it for yourselves. I predict the "suck" postings will continue until you revert back to our old, beloved, format.



Subj: Oldstyle, Freestyle, Random Jamdom!
From: Dante303
:::tapping monitor::: Hello? Is this thing on? (Dante303)

Dante303: for hair so healthy it shines. (Dante303)

I once knew a guy who had a third nipple. He was confused about his sexuality. His name was Ray. He left. I guess that's not very funny, except for the nipple part. (Dante303)

Hey! Nipple rhymes with stipple! Draw your own conclusion. (Dante303)

The virgin Galahad died in ecstacy at having found the Holy Grail. He would have been alive if he wasn't a virgin. Let this be a lesson. (Dante303)

"The Random Journey: From Nowhere to Nowhere."
I smell Pulitzer with this one! (Dante303)

"Absolut Roswell: One hell of a conspiracy vodka." (Dante303)

This old format makes my mind so fertile, I could till vegetables in it! (Dante303)

Until we meet again, Bobbalouey. (Dante303)