Everybody play the game inside the game. That's right! A game inside a game. Find the posts within today's that were also posted in the last day's entries and receive absolutely nothing extra except that wonderful feeling of deja vu and a little extra savoir faire.

:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) (-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-:(-: (JJNEYJr)

A PANDA walks into a old West saloon and growls "GIMME SOME FOOD!" After
wolfing down (panda-ing down?) the food, he draws a six-shooter, plugs the
piano player dead in the back, and heads for the door.

The bartender hollers "Hey! You just killed my piano player, and you
haven't paid me for the food!" The panda replies "Idiot! I'm a panda!
LOOK IT UP!" And away he goes.

The bartender looks up "panda" in the dictionary and finds: "large furry
marsupial of the Asian continent. Eats shoots and leaves." (Khaleth)

A tall and thin woman, with an athletic leanness that speaks of considerable physical training. Her skin is lightly bronze in color. Her raven hair flows down her back -- its length confined only by a few ties along its length -- just enough to keep it out of the way and relatively untangled. She wears tight-laced, well-kept leathers, dyed black, along with boots and gloves of the same color. A longsword rides at one hip, a knife at the other. Occasionally a bow and quiver of arrows can be found slung over one shoulder. (Khaleth)

After a conference with MrOnliner's hench men, it has occured to me that he is the perfect man for President. All hail MrOnliner. He can marry my daughter if he wants. That's how good of a man he is. Yay, yay.
Hail Hail.
MrOnliner for President. (Tocadisco)
[What changed your mind? Did they rough you up?]

celine, singing, song, tough, steak, food, yuck, red, anger, letter, english, teacher, hell, satan, God, fight, blood, red, rose, flowers, happy, spring, marshmallows, hunger, friends, money, cars, funding, stomach, train, choo choo, church, bubble gum, mentos, book, author, scared, movie, spanish, high school . . . this is my train of thought. . . can't get anymore random than this, wandering through my mind, oh look! a cornpuff . . . just kidding. this has got to be a winning entry. . . (Tbird23)
[Well, it probably would be if you were judging.]

connect the dots, lalala, connect the dots, lalala. . . . i like fishes cause there so delicious, gonna go fishing, gonna go fishing. . damnit jim, i'm a doctor, not a hacker . . . sunny days, sweeping the clouds away. . . i pledge allegiance to the american flag of the united states of america. . . amen. . . see you later alligator. . . sayonora. . . adios. . . until next time. . . chantilly lace and a pretty face, ponytail hanging down, wiggle in your walk, giggle in your talk, makes the world go round, round, round. . . catch you later tator! (Tbird23)

Here's a story...of a guy named Cheesy...he had been living with his hot dog...until one day...it was hit by a car...and he was all alone.

Here's a story...of a lady named Butter...she always tries to butter food up...but since she's 20 years old...like her mother...nobody wants a thing with her.

Until one day this lady met this stinky fellow... they knew they would never be eatin for lunch...so the two had five kids...and they all became the Cheesy Bunch.

The Cheesy Bunch! The Cheesy Bunch! That's the way they became the cheesy bunch!

**they are finally married July 4, Cheese Day**

from cheesy's youngest son, (Crakerz123) (Crakerz123)

Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine. (Khaleth)

".....demented and sad - but social" (Walock)

"now I know that glass is made out of sand - then how come you can see through it?" (Walock)

<3 @-}-}--- <3 @-}-}--- <3 @-}-}--- <3 @-}-}--- HAPPY VALINTINES DAY!!!!! *************************************************** (Sawki)

(STB 18)

And I like to make sarcastic comments, especially in dark fonts. (Khaleth)

Argh! Stupid Computer! (WeirdMan15)


The preceding message is directed towards Mr. Onliner. Thank you. (BabyLamms)

Betha snickers, "Here's a line for all us ladies. 'Is that a
firelizard in your pocket or you just happy to see me?'" (Khaleth)

Bloodguilt is cool (WeirdMan15)

Bloodguilt is stealing all my good lines. Don't give her any credit. (Ender36)
[Why don't you send them in too...or first? We seem to have a theme of repetition going.]

But I'm still a cynical idealist. And a romantic. (Khaleth)

Dale a tu cuerpo alegria, Macarena / Que tu ceurpo es par dar alegria y cosa beuna / Dale a tu cuerpo alegria, Macarena / Hey, Macarena! (STB 18)

Did you know that Embargo spelled backward is O Grab Me? (Fire b4267)

Do helicopters eat their young? (SBrant7794)

Do you walk to school or carry your lunch? (SBrant7794)

Don't you hate it when you're sitting on the toilet and all of the toilet paper's gone? I know I sure do. (WeirdMan15)

Don't you hate those burps that come out of your nose and burn so bad you almost cry.(JOTTO13) (JOTTO13)

Don't you hate us jobless college kids who have nothing better to do then eat, sleep, or be online? (JamiJR)
[No, because we can blame you for all the busy lines...right?]

Eat a fresh toad in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you all day. (STB 18)

Ender36: If this is how you usually talk to women, I'm not surprised you're
still looking for love. (Khaleth)

Excuse me but your ignorance is showing. (Krazyk242)

Has anyone seen my orange sherbert? Trick question, by cheese curls are orange. (Walock)

Hello, Bloodguilt stole my line! (Khaleth)

Hey, I wanna be special. (Khaleth)

Hey, Mr. Onliner, don't *I* get to be Most Annoying? Sure, I'm new around here and all, but you haven't really given me a chance yet to prove myself! (STB 18)

Hey, Ms. Writer-of-sarcastic-comments-in-dark-fonts...can I have your name and phone number so I can stalk you? I"ve always wanted to stalk someone. (Ender36)

Hey, stop that! (WeirdMan15)

Hi! (Pianonut16)

Hi. I am a clown. I have purple hair and a big green nose. It is shaped like a square. I have really little feet. All of the other clowns have big ass feet but not me. Oh no I wear a size 5. (KTLolipop)

I AM THE -ONLY- CYNICAL IDEALIST, DANGIT! Well...except for Noah, but he doesn't count and I don't think he's on AOL anyway. (Khaleth)

I am FLYMAN, AVENGER OF EVIL!!!! (Bagelcows)
[Who would be Flyman's sidekick? And, by the way, I've never seen The Fly.]

I am not a happy camper. (Krazyk242)

I am the Angel of Death! FEAR ME!!! (WeenyWoman)

I am the great cornholio!!! (RMeskevich)

I am the most perfect person in the world. I am so perfect that when people walk near me they bow down at my feet. That is damn good for a 13 year old. (KTLolipop)
[I like the progression of "I Am"s. A very natural progression if you ask me, and I know...no one asked me.]

I don't know....What is the Random Game? (Gayle12274)

I hate it when my cat bites (WeirdMan15)

I have a doggie. He doesn't bite. Much. (STB 18)

I have a secret addiction to my poop. After I take a poop I run in the kitchen get a spoon and eat...uuuuummmmmmmmmm.....it tastes so good.........I highly reccomend trying it....yes.....feel a crap coming on.....I am so happy....bye (Akaucher)

I kill squeegy! YaaaAAAAAaa! I kill squee-gy! And I got a big swell! Ow! (Nyello)

I mean, you go try to have a normal conversation when suddenly a wererat shows up. I hate that. (Khaleth)

I thing we should all get together and FREE WILLY! (JOTTO13) (JOTTO13)

I'm a crazy crazy chicken! (JOTTO13) (JOTTO13)

I'm going back to bed now. (JamiJR)

I've been a cynical idealist for more years than Bloodguilt has been alive. (Khaleth)

If dogs rules the earth, would that mean that humans would go around sniffing each others ass's?(JOTTO13) (JOTTO13)
[I don't know. Ask Dave Letterman; he had a Top Ten on this, and I'm sure it was accurate.]

If you were paddling upstream in a red canoe and the wheels fell off, how many pancakes would it take to tile a dog house? Wrong, 31 because icecream has no bones. (SBrant7794)

Is it possible to type a coherent paragraph consisting of words beginning only with vowels? I often ask others if altruism exists in American ebonics. (SimArtist)

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Fabio's hair? (JOTTO13)

Khaleth is 1 Turn, 11 Months, and 7 Days old. (Khaleth)

Love me! (Khaleth)

Luc gestures at Sterling with the hammer. "Toi-la, your brains, what 'ave dey got you? Hein?" (Khaleth)

Luc snarls, "Dis is *my* place. Dis one." His voice increases in volume as he speaks. "You 'ave forgotten, toi?" (Khaleth)

Luc snorts now. "I say it is. You an' your alternatives." He shakes his head emphatically. "I would not be surprise' if 'e 'as playe' wit' your cerveaux." (Khaleth)

Luc's counter-expression wanders that happy territory between simple gaze and rather irked glower. "You, toi-la," he mutters, voice just a slight bit more tense, "You are still set on dis crackbrain plan of yours, den?" (Khaleth)

Luc's expression wafts towards the belligerant, now. "Den 'o's is it, den? I can not imagine dat anybody wit'out a bleeding 'eart 'as invented it." (Khaleth)

Milk420 deserves tokens for loving me. (BabyLamms)

My head hurts. (Khaleth)

My toe hurts (FozzyBare7)
[Well, my finger hurts. If we combine our ailments I think we can get out of gym for a week.]

NEWSFLASH (Tocadisco)

New slogan for Twin Peaks: "Who shot JamieJ.R.?" (Atheenaa)

OK thats it, if you dont give me any damn tokens i will personoly come over there and tear you another belly button :-) Have a nice friggin day. (Rodeo82503)

Oh, and bubble wrap. Mustn't forget bubble wrap. (Bloodguilt)

Oklahoma: outdoor icebox in disguise, sometimes... (KiheBard)

Oy guvult it was such a shandel! We have to go find tzeitel! (Rachel 240)

P'ride, Goeth, before a Fall. (Khaleth)

Pook-a-Pooh I Get You! (Jlbeadnell)
[Did you say Pooka? Sorry, just watched Harvey...]

Quandomondogorky! Quandomondogork-eeee! Quandomondogorky, get your quandomondogorky todaaaaaaaay! (Bagelcows)





.. (Nyello)

Remember when Rob Lowe sang at the Oscars with Snow White? (Walock)

Somedays I wish I was a demon. That way I could give people hell just because it was my job to. (JamiJR)
[I think Sally Struthers' was offering a demon degree.]

Sterling glances at Sofeia and then back at Luc. "Well, it may be my alternative," he says, "but it's not my plan." (Khaleth)

That's not carpal tunnel. I just have well-developed typing muscles. (Khaleth)

Today I actually got up before noon. Aren't you proud of me? (JamiJR)

Today I commited a random act of violence...err...kindness. (JH Probe)

Twat are you people staring at? Are you hoping I won't cuntinue? Or do you want me to? I have an ear inf*ction...I cun't hear you...Cum closer...Do it. Do it now! Then I will byte your head off with my fangs. (EvilClaws)
[No, I didn't see that either.]


Wait a sec...Bloodguilt is a couple months older than me. Maybe that doesn't work. (Khaleth)

What did the snail on the turtles back say? WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (Smilely293)

When in doubt, take hostages. (WeenyWoman)

Why does no one listen to me? And why can I read Bold Letter Guy's thoughts
[What did you say? I wasen't listening] (Nyello)
[Actually, I was going to give you a reason, but now...forget it....you scare people.]

Why don't I have any tokens? I want tokens. *sniffle* (Ender36)

Wow! I just downloaded AOL 3.0! It's great! I can't get to anyhthing in less than 10 minutes! I lost all of my hair! I'm thinking of joining a gang! I'm a member of the Rifalry Club! Sure hope you don't live in PA! (Nyello)
[Hey, but you can see bold now, right? Doesn't that make it all worth it?]

[+][Monitor] Liana disconnected at Tue Jan 28 02:49:33 1997 EST (Khaleth)

[Ista Sea Hall] Gyrel isnt here....He's dreaming in his bed trying to get over
the 1/2 gallon of taquilla, hot damn/slagular shots, and various other
liquors :) (Khaleth)

[Ista Sea Hall] Gyrel jumps back onto his pogo and bounces back up into the
clouds... (Khaleth)

[Monitor] Caramak has disconnected at Tue Jan 28 01:53:10 1997 CST (Khaleth)

[Monitor] Darax has connected at Tue Jan 28 01:45:41 1997 CST (Khaleth)

but its bothering me (SQUEEGY1)

d-uhh (AeroPro)

effervescent type stop (Vetbaby)

huh? (Laurenne14)

i dunno (SQUEEGY1)

i had some, but i ate it (NADIA517)

im part of the small, pathetic group that has been on AOL since version 1.1. and im still getting free disks in the mail. (Atheenaa)

is the voice in my head bothering you? (SQUEEGY1)
[What did you say? I wasn't listening. Hey, maybe Nyello can read my thoughts...]

jam-bob-jim-bob-slim-bob-boogie (DEFILIPS)

la la la la la la (WeirdMan15)


no problem (SQUEEGY1)

o.k.? (OKellman)

ok (STEVEN3612)

ok, ill tell it to shut up (SQUEEGY1)

spam rules (Wild chld7)

thanx (SQUEEGY1)

what was the last thing that went through the flys mind as it hit the windsheld:its ass hloe. (LLAHSRW)

you know what? Ellen is gay, and that is all i have to say (IbGoOd7)
[No, don't quit now; three more lines and you have a limerick.]

"They" want us to think that the Random Game is just meaningless and unimportant, when, in actuality, it controls all major world events through sheer funk. If we stopped entering the Random Game, the world would deteriorate back to its former state of depravation. (Bloodguilt)

RANDOMINESSasdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjkl;adsfjkl;asdfjkl;adfsjkl;asdfjkl;adsfjkl;asdfjkl;adsfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjk;;a (Goddess543)
[You know, how Random is this entry when it uses the basic home row keys over and over? I see it very orderly. No wait, there is an extra colon in the last line, okay, that's random enough for me. You may stay.]

DOoby DoobY Dooo
How can i get to Scranton?
Well I'd say you should take the Belt but you might run inot a little trouble around the Bay
So take the High road no the low road
then I said HEY LLAMA!!!
he turns around and never even acknowledges me. I am never going go out with him again.
Can you leave me some M&M's on the way out? (WickidGame)

funambulus agricolam quietum in culina quod fur fortis Hecklerus Onlinus superavit. fur argentarius est. (In case you're wondering, that is Latin and it means, "The tightrope walker punched the quiet farmer in the kitchen because the strong thief overpowered Hecklers Online. The thief is a banker." I don't know why I said that.) (MmanTiacG)

Hello mudda! Hello fadder! Here I am at- camp Granada! Camp is very- entertaining! and they say we'll have some fun when it stops raining! I went hiking- with Joe Spivey! He devolped- posin ivy! You remember, Lenord Skinner- he got ptominane posining last night after dinner! Take- me- home! Oh mudda, fadder! Take- me- home! I hate Grananda! Don't- leave- me- out in the forest where, I might, get eatten by a bear--------------------! Take- me- home! I promise I will- not- make- noise! Or wreck the house with- other boys! Oh please don't make me stay! I've been here ONE WHOLE DAY---------------------------------! Wait a minute! It stopped raining! Guys are swimming! Guys are sailing! Playing baseball! Gee that's better! Mudder, fadder kindly disregaurd this letter! (JamiJR)

Hey hecklers i was wondering. Do you get tokens for making really long things by talking to no one like blood guilt? So how's the kids? Yeah? Too bad. Yeah? No! Really? Alright! No. Nevermind. Y tu? Si. Gracias. Tu madre es un perro fea. No? Si? No? Si! La! La chica es muy bonita. No? Si? Gracias. De Nada. NO! NO! Please NO! Wienershnitzel. Fa la la la la? ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOQRSTUVWXYZ where's the P? Nevermind. (Forty9erss)
[No, she got tokens because she was the first, atleast while I've been reading posts, who did it and in IM format to boot.]

HO Travio: TOS forbids me from spewing forth a truly natural response!!!
Tocadisco: c'mon man, be a good sport. The fact that you responded gives you an edge over the other HOs.
Tocadisco: you're the webmaster??
HO Travio: I am a HO, but a very busy HO right now, in fact the BUSIEST HO right this moment, we are in the middle of a web redesign, and you're talkin to the man!
Tocadisco: ok man, i can take a hint....i'll pick on another HO.
HO Travio: As much as I'd like to participate....I must decline
Tocadisco: thanks for responding at all
Tocadisco: :)
HO Travio: go get on Hobigd
HO Travio: of chicago ;-)
HO Travio: or chicago I mean!!
HO Travio: you're gonna love this--
I also need hyperknetic (which I spelled correctly)
#'s 15,17,&19
HO Travio: ooops sorry
HO Travio: that wasn't meant for you
Tocadisco: i know your secret
HO Travio: wrong window
HO Travio: :-P

Special thanks to HO Travio, the coolest HO around. (Tocadisco)

I asked this one other time but I guess HO is too chicken to post it. I dare you to post it THIS time. I'll keep sending it till you give in! Anyway, if the Anti-Christ took over the world, do you think all the rebelous teens who right now do Satanic graffiti would start rebeling against the Anti-Christ and start spray painting "Jesus loves you" and "Give you soul to the real Christ" instead? Talk amonst yourselves and then tell me what you think. (JamiJR)
[This was posted. I swear it was. Well, I've *read* it before. Maybe I decided to not post it. Wait, I post everything I get...hmm...]

I have a theory about "aliens". Ever notice how they're always taking human eggs & sperm? What if they're not aliens? What if they are what humans will look like in the future? Prehaps in the future all humans will be short, big headed, ugly, and sterile. So they'll invent time travel to go into the past and take sperm & eggs to breed new humans to keep the human race from dying out. Just a thought. (JamiJR)

i want you all to look at the folder titled "A whole clan of cynical idealists.", and tell me this: is it a mere coincidence that the words "poop" and "crap" are used repeatedly?? i think it's an indication of how well this overloading situation is being handled. like it or not, our unconscious minds have a bit more control over us than we think. (TODnCOPPER)

i went skiing. a jerky guy i was on the trip with tried to spray me with snow. i tried to move so he couldn't spray me with snow. instead, my skies crossed and i feel and the edge of the ski hit my face while still attached to my foot. That's talent. now i have a cut across my cheek bone. and it hurts when i touch it. my skies were just sharpened too. (ScorpioAsh)

If i really wanna even attempt to run against the kind congenial MrOnliner, I'd best at least have a platform, huh? well..

My Platform... (hmm hmm ::clearing throat::)
I vow to uh... kick steve case offline...and kick the HO's who take 14 days to update token info offline..oops, then it's take longer, huh? Well...i'd make them labor by force..yeah, that sounds fun, Force. I will be a Forceful but Benevolent ruler. Or should I say, would be- wouldn't wanna get cocky, or even hopeful. huhhuh...i said "cock". huh huh. (ScorpioAsh)
[Uh oh. You sound like another cynical idealist....]

In the spirit of Heckler's Online, i am trying something new....a little something i call....Heckling the HOs....my first target....HO Chicago...who is not very good about this, must be too busy i guess....here we go:
HO Chicago: Reminder: AOL Staff will never ask you for your password or billing information.
Tocadisco: So you accept.....nice gambit you got there
Tocadisco: can i tell you a secret?
HO Chicago: Of course.
Tocadisco: I'm a heckle virgin....i've never heckled anyone before and here i am starting with an employee of Heckler's online....but that's ok i guess, many people lose their virginity with a HO
Tocadisco: I first sent an IM to HO Joy...you know her?
Tocadisco: hello??
Tocadisco: You're not making Heckling the HO very fun you know??
Tocadisco: oh well...g'day

He was very dry...not much going on there....i guess Heckler's Online should try to hire fun people...know what I'm saying?? (Tocadisco)

Ms Darkfont, since you never met Biochick, let me introduce you to her old material:
If my left breast and right breast switched places do you think anyone would notice? (Biochick1)


My parents call pot "grass." I think it dates them, but I guess it's okay. (Biochick1)