[My fellow Randomians, the state of our union is strong. In this time of change, we must stick together regardless of sex, race, and format. In honor of the old format I will raise a flag at half mast and cut off/leave out some entries one last time.]

^@$%!*%@*(^$$#@(*#"P#^&":>! to you to chicken flab! SHUT UP I! YOU SHUT UP MYSELF! BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP! WHO MADE YOU BOSS ME! !#@$^^#(&)%@^#!#&#*$&$@!&#*()&#&*#@!%@#%@%^*($*#*#%@*#**$@!*)($&@!%#&#&#@^#@!^@^&#$&*(^$##@$@!&$^!%&(*)(*^&%^(&^%*$@#@!@#$%^&#$@$%&&%$#@(*)(*U$%#$#@#@$#^&^&$#(**^# (Gil770)

And so I sat at my terminal staring at the Church of SubGenius website when it hit me: a birck. a brick made from the foam rubber of the Gods or Foam rubber de los dios as it is called in Spanish speaking countries like France. This brick was not shaped in the traditional manner of a brick and therefore could only be defined as a brick because I superimposed that name over the existence ofthe mass of foam rubber of the Gods that hit me while staring at weird stuff on my termial. But you know what they say: "Different semantic funnels for different reality tunnels." (EricStov)


this is a test of the emergency broadcast system. if this were a real emergency, you would have been dead because the beep takes SO DAMN LONG!!! (Smarty7)
[What part of the country do you live in? I could have *swore* they changed it to a *much* more relaxing series of short shrills.]

Can I suggest some folder names? I ask only because I don't wish to feel i am over stepping my boundaries and rights as a measly HO player. hehe..ho player. damn funny if you ask me. anyway. oh yeah. my suggestions. well, yeah. here:
The Reign Of Terror
The Gilded Age
The Reign of Cats and Dogs
Generation Hexed
Generation Oversexed
The Oakland Schoolboard Age
The Underage (ScorpioAsh)
[Your suggestions have been noted...and now have some pie on me...well, not on me, oh you know.]

Drink me. Past the lips and over the gums, look out!!! great gulping gasps of greenish grog gurgling gullet gagging gurging gritting grinning ooh... what pretty flowers there are here, they were right about the other side after all...purple starry sky aglow with iridescent moons sugar-coated roses and early-morning dew --Nepenthe! to stay here forever a dream eye-rubbing cat yawn and stretch until I realize that I am at my desk, without roses and without dew. (MaLkNoX420)

Every single one of my joints ache. Just typing hurts. Ow. I think maybe my joints are swelling. What if I have some strange tropical disease, of which extraordindarily fat knuckles are a symptom??? I'm sure there is no cure; there is no hope for me. Oh woe is me! How has it come to this? This is not how I wanted to exit this world... found face down it my keyboard. (ChewLaRoue)

Frothy. I like frothy. I like frothy cappicino. Cappicino is good. My friend megan works at a cappicino bar...why do they call them bars? Well, her job title is barrista. Weird, huh? Some guys were badgering her at work the other day. Asking for her number and stuff. She didn't like them very much. And today she had to do a speechnin English class. We have the same teacher but i didn't have to do the speech casue i'm in a higher level class. Instead, we're writing a multiparagraph essay stating our opinion on the use of ebonics in the school system and it's relation to the stroy we just read in class, which is an excerpt from a novel called Barrio Boy. I didn't particularly enjoy the story. Nor do I especially like the Ebonics debate. I think it's very silly and a waste of newsprint and breath. yep siree. (ScorpioAsh)

Golden Rule #1: He who has the gold makes the rules. Golden Rule #2: Do unto others before they do unto you, perferably faster and with sharp objects. (SPierce620)

Hey bold letter lady! I swallowed one of my tokens. Can I get credit for it or do I just turn it in when it becomes available??? (PaulCrash)
[How'd you actually get your hands *on* a token?]
C'mon Bold Letter Lady. Just play along :) (PaulCrash)
[Okay, okay....if you hypothetically swallowed a hypothetical token, I would have to hypothetically say that you should get a hypothetical X-Ray machine and take a picture of the token, proof of you token, that is if they are hypothetically made out of metal. Gee, I hope I spelled hypothetical correctly.]

Hi its me again I clicked on a box in the Random Game that said Renaissance and when I clicked it it said BLAKLYTE36's Renaissance I'm to lasy to go on a different screen name and see if it says that for everyone or am I a special person and got picked If I'm the "Flava O DA week or somfin like that I think whoever the person who picked me did a damn good job and I would like to smooch your footsies males excluded of course but if it says that for everyone than I'm never playing again P.S. if your gonna post this please reply mrs./mr. Randomness thank you I love this game (BLAKLYTE36)

I can't stress enough the fact that life is but a fleet of toy ships, shunted through the bathtub of your mother's tears. Teach her to sail free of the fetters of indignity and ride high on the waves of insurrectionism. I am but the hand which guides the pen, and not the creator who leads the shepherds. If you see through the mythology of modern medicine, surely you will find that none of us are made of ice, but of flesh and bone, and as such, we find ourselves left overwraught and covered in spiders. Let us join our less-fortunate brothers in a toast to the freedom that comes only with the statement, "I am not." (MagicClams)

I didn't sleep well last night. Dad got me a scanner yesterday. The scanner only turns off when you turn the computer off. I never turn off my disk drive, just my moniter, because a friend & my dad both said turning off the disk drive can wear out the hard drive faster. So I leave it on all the time. But the scanner has this little green light that's very bright at night time. I never sleep with a light on anymore. So that light was keeping me up. I didn't want to turn off my disk drive so I took a post it note & covered the light, but one didn't work so well, so I took another, folded the 2 together & taped them over the light. Then I stayed awak worrying the light would get hot & start the paper on fire. After I finally convinced myself that couldn't happen I went to sleep- at 4 am. So I didn't sleep well last night. (JamiJR)
[Oh man, you sound like me! I have a CD case leaning infront of my tape drive which has a similar small, but bright, green light.]

I lie in my bed at 3 am trying to sleep thinking... i think all manner of thoughts...but one that rises again and again..besides that of the guy i'm stalking...is...i really wish *I* was on the margin for the game..and i wish *I* was the person that won ridiculous amounts of tokens...these things i dream of... star light, star bright... (ScorpioAsh)

I'm gonna be old soon. It's really depressing. I'm gonna be a fogie, durnit! I'll have to get orthopedic shoes, and a walker, and dentures, and a porch to yell "GODDAMM KIDS!!" from, and i'll have to start complaining about my back and my knees, and my elbows, and my hands, and how expensive everything has gotten, and how the morals of today's youth are not what they once were, and how my hip-boots are really arm-pit boots now. Beware February 23. Beware. Oh..and i'll have one of those trademark fogie slurs from dentures that were bought through the sears catalog. (SuprDags)

If i were a guppy and saw a really big boat, like a pirate vessle of some such nonesense, do you think if i tried really really hard, i'd be able to ram the ship hard enough for it to spring a leak, so i'd have pirate friends in the water to play with? (SuprDags)

If you have found a tiny silk kitten clinging to life in a cardboard box, please consider the possibility that none of this is real. Could it be that all of this is in fact just, as John Denver said, a "Rocky Mountain High"? For example, were you to take the velvet moose home to mother and teach her to dance, would that make you any more of an astronaut? I'd say no, but who knows, perhaps the end will come sooner than you think. I've met the man, and still I think I cannot find a poem lovely as a tree. Were this to be less than true, I'd certainly consider the possibility that men are only to be used as hats, but as it is significantly MORE than true, I ask you to consider the possibility that endings are only hands without wrists, bound by invisible cords of human selfishness. (MagicClams)

Internet space junkie
Getting high off the fumes
Paint cans in my boxers
Rubber mallet in my shoe
Can u dig it
Can u dig it
Not with my toothbrush
Garbage pile flea collar
In the crack of the sky
Blue oyster breakdown
Tune up in a nutshell
Can u dig it
(Gator1075) (Gator1075)

It still says I have zero tokens maybe you guys are spelling my name wrong its BLAKLYTE36 .........I'm setting myself up that wise person is gonna probably reply under this spell this YOU DONT GET ANY TOKENS CAUSE WE HATE YOU just kidding only I would be that mean to someone. (BLAKLYTE36)
[Hating you would be no reason not to give you tokens....]

Just a warning- I have YET to truelly start whining. In fact, so far, I've stayed away from the RG while I had PMS just so you really wouldn't have to put up with my whining. What I did was not whining, it's pre-whining. So be nice, or I'll start to whine for real! (JamiJR)

More Folder Suggestions:
The Surrealist Age
The Advanced Age of Bob Dole
The Menstrual Period
The Period At the End of the Sentance
The Reign of Mr.Onliner, Merciless Tyrant
Yhese messages brought to you by Shiek Condoms and Walt Disney World (ScorpioAsh)
[I have a fondness for "The Period at the end of the Sentence" that I just can't put into words...If I had to put my feelings into words, I think I'd have to say..."delicious"]

STEFANY8: I know how you feel....i discovered water and that caught on real fast...so your friends win tokens and you don't? That's a real pity...but don't lose faith..to keep you encouraged i'd normally give you some special Toca Tokens and a slap on the behind, but since the first part doesn't exist and the second half is uncalled for, let's just call it a night. (Tocadisco)

This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test. Uh oh. Nothing happened? IT DOESN'T WORK! WE'RE SCREWED! EVERYBODY PANIC AND START RUNNING AROUND SCREAMING! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!! OH, wait, I had the volume turned all the way down. Duh! Never mind. We'll just try the test again tomorrow, okay, folks? Folks? (MitchRK)

Today I will teach all of you a lesson in what it truly means to be random. Observe carefully, for these thoughts, though bound together by sentences, are that which is truly random. Surrealism is the way to go, for the exquisite corpse shall drink the new wine. (MagicClams)

Try this game sometime. Simply let your thoughts spill out onto the page. Make no attempt to connect them. The more disjointed the images, the better. Let your mind roam free as the noble water buffalo, then send in your noble experiment in the betterment of your dementia, as I have. Good luck, friends... (MagicClams)

We're going to play the Senioritis game. For anyone who is not yet a high school senior, or who didn't play the senioritis game in high school here's how it works: Essentially, you stop all productive work. And screw college. Who needs a liberal arts degree anyway? There's always the community college... (STB 18)
[What's with all these other games seeping in here?]

What the hell is this you ask? Do I really want to know? Do I really even care? Is it poisonous? Is it bad or good? Does it smell? Does it have the ability to accessorize? Does it get good grades? Does it even exist......Why are you asking me? Not like I know what the hell this is.....or do i....... (Calvinbert)

What's wrong with people?! What ISN'T wrong with people? We each have a few redeeming qualities...well most of us...but an overwhelming number of negative qualities. Humanity sucks. We're all evil and hurtful. And selfish. And annoying as hell. Thank you and have a nice day. (ScorpioAsh)
[To support Scorpio's theory-- Example of what is wrong with people: The Whole OJ Simpson Trial, and both Jury Decisions.]

While we're waiting for the next entry in the Random Game (R) (All rights reserved) (This disclaimer is not legal tender and should not be used in domestic or international commerce) (Copyright 1997-ish) (Contact Mr. J. M. Quagmire for a complete transcript of this document complete with footnotes) I would like to invite everyone on AOL to my house for a little intimate get-together where I will serve cheese 'n' crackers and Ovaltine. It will be this evening at 6:15 p.m., and please bring a small desert item and a donation of $150 for the Friends of Spam International. My address is: 1551 Jizzanoomubble Ave. Stoy, NG 60218-3126 under the pier. Please don't park on the lawn unless you have a really cool car that I can drive. Live entertainment will be provided by the group White People With Acne, a new grunge oompa band. RSVP in two minutes. Okay, on to the next entry. (MitchRK)

Why don't I get any tokens? Aren't I good enough for you all to give me tokens. I don't ask much, just a few little tokens, that's all I want. Just one. I just want to be on the token list. c'mon, gimme a token, I 'll beg if I have to. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
give me a token. Maybe you don't speak english.
Una token
Maybe French
Une tokenne
S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait S'il Vous Plait
Oh Well, I guess I'm just a poor loser without any tokens.

thank you (GORP007)
[If you are a poor loser, tokens can't help you.]

Why is it that every time I enter something that is long, it has humor, and it is all TOS approved, you guys don't post it?!!! Oh, yeah, you'll post my entry about Fuzzy Lumpkins, you'll post Bloodguilt's long entries that no one really read, but I get nothing. And, if this is posted, I would just like to say: Grey Gomer, I hate you! (Nyello)
[Hey, with the message board you won't have the problem anymore, right? :o) ]

you can im yourself?!? my life has just gained meaning. ahh entertainment...i think i am going to marry myself so i never have to have fights with anyone. and i'll live in a little white room and sing naked at the top of my lungs all day and play the random game. (STEFANY8)

You know what really annoys me?? Well, I'll tell ya. The people that do the news. You know like on channel 6 and stuff. I mean, all they do is read off a TV screen or a piece of paper and heck, they are rich and get to be famous because they are on TV. I mean, who can't read....a 10 year old could do the job. Where do they pick these people up?? Probably the libraray....all you have to do is be a good reader. (Akaucher)
[I couldn't do it...I wouldn't be able to pronounce the names and I wouldn't be able to pronounce the foreign terms with an appropriate accent.]

You wanna know what I hate?
Stupid people.....They should have a sign that they carry around that says "I'm Stupid"....For example : A friend of mine is remodeling his basement. He actually said to me, "Ya know, ya cain't really have a couch in front of a doorway.".......Here's your sign. (ZeddZZ)
[And it'd elimate the need for "I'm with stupid" t-shirts.]

/|\ \
/ |
/| |\ (SuprDags)

The definition for the RANDOM GAME is in its spelling watch ready REPLY AS NATURAL this is a DOM GAME I don't want to play anymore see I did it (BLAKLYTE36)

"I think we should have the doorstep scene at the beginning of a date." (Khaleth)

"I think you might need more napkins if you hang around him too much." (Khaleth)

"Look Plasma-Man!"
"I see Radon-Boy! It's the Evil-Mutant-Potato Monster (Copyright Marvel, 1997)!" (CortJstr)

"They're going to breed sentient crows." (Khaleth)

"Word" does not have to be paired with "up". Everytime I say word, which is too often, but that's beside the point, Someone has to say "up", or "up g". This annoys me. I like "word" by itself. Even you did it, Ms. BL. Damn you. (ScorpioAsh)
[I did it only because I heard the song earlier in the day, and that is a song that sticks in your head way longer than you'd wish.]

"Would you have been disturbed if I came in shirtless and pinned it on my body?" (Khaleth)

"You need to write a manifesto so you can be like me." (Khaleth)

"You're a little far away - I don't think your vibrations would upset the sperm very much." (Khaleth)

(I unoficially began playing the senioritis game about two months into tenth grade.) (STB 18)
[Sadly, I never got rid of senioritis...]