>"< (SuprDags)

... and I thought Carl Sandberg was dead. (PaulCrash)

10Q BErry mooch. U hev a phun gam heer. Woisshh mee luk. BIG little. gud bie. CTyler2020@aol.com (CTyler2020)

: PppPPpPpppp, Butt plug breech! (CArnold824)

:::sings never count your tokens when your sittin at the table:::::: if your me youll realize there isn't anything to count (BLAKLYTE36)

>>for all of you who think that JamiJR whines a lot in here...go to the 3-line novel entries. (TODnCOPPER)<< What? Are you saying they actually POSTED something of mine?!?!?!?! (JamiJR)

A gay guy asked me out on the subway yesterday. Should I take that as a compliment? (SIM Being)

And i don't give a damn if ya don't like me cause i don't like you cause you're not like me.....
-BHG (ScorpioAsh)

Any one from Nebraska? I'm not, but i want to know if you are. (Raini01)

Are you the same bracketed-sarcastic-comment-maker as on The Absolute Worst, O mighty Darkfont? (Khaleth)
[Someone is stealing my catchet? Well, I guess they can have it, huh?]

At first I was in it for the tokens but now i'm getting hooked and its just this game that I'm in it for cause its kewl...........ps. If you guys at the Random Game thinks it is ok to stop giving me tokens now your DEAD WRONG (BLAKLYTE36)


Behold my awesome presence, for I am the Boy . . . of Destiny!!! (CortJstr)

Bold-letter person, will you marry me?
I want to have your children, of course that require both of us to have some major elective surgury but it would be worth it for you! (CortJstr)

C is for cookie dats good enough for me R is for Random but I have nothing to say about it wow now that was random (BLAKLYTE36)

Can I get some kind of response for that whole lyrics thing?
Please . . .
I'll be your best friend! (CortJstr)

Carry a life preserver and tell people that you're saving the whales. (TODnCOPPER)

Carving a pumpkin is like performing an abortion on Halloween. (Kaygo)

Cha! (MooGeneric)

Cram a bunch of golf balls into your mouth and tell your boss you have the mumps. If he sends you home, O lucky day! (TODnCOPPER)

DW INVG, you have stolen my Parkway and driveway joke. You should be stripped of any tokens you have and draggeed into the streets and beaten to death with a rope made out of all your body hair. (Krazyk242)

Death to plagarists like DW INVG (Krazyk242)

Dingo isn't a very nice name to call anything, even a wild dog who came and snatched your baby right out of your stroller. (TODnCOPPER)

Do a little dance. Make a little love. Get down tonight. (Raini01)

Don't eat it. It's people. (Raini01)

Don't insist on "just a little respect". Demand the devotion and worship of all those with whom you come in contact. (TODnCOPPER)

[I eat a lot of tiny chickens...it's the same thing.]

Eliminate as many foes as possible before lunch. The afternoon should be used for follow-up and reflection. (TODnCOPPER)

Evil Witch Girl is mean. Evil Witch Girl said I was stupid. Evil Witch Girl put a speel on me. (SIM Being)

Finger food *is not* finger food until it hits the plate. (ScorpioAsh)

Flag down a motorist and ask him if he's happy with "things". (TODnCOPPER)

For fun: Wander the streets with a lawn sprinkler and bless fire hydrants. (TODnCOPPER)

GCard is one sick puppy. Have I said that before? (Khaleth)

GCard thinks he can travel back in time and mess up the conception of his baby sister. (Khaleth)

GCard: I thought you were on my side for the lopsided thing.
Khaleth: I don't take sides, buddy. It's just fun. (Khaleth)

GCard: If you dare put that in the Random game, you'll die. (Khaleth)
[(Wondering if Khaleth put that in the Random Game....)]

GCard: It wasn't that good.
Khaleth: I found it amusing.
GCard: Well, you obviously lack taste.
Khaleth: Ahyup. (Khaleth)

GCard: Maybe she's thinking of a way to put me down lightly.
Khaleth: Aw...but your head is so cutely lopsided. Who would want to put you down lightly? (Khaleth)


[Can't we just go off the New York shore, it's much closer for me.]

Here i am to save the daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.look up in the sky.its a bird ..its a plane..no its mighty dawg.dadadadadadadadadaaaaaaaa.........daaaaaaadaddadadadadadadad..dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum (Upgradabl1)
[Upgradabl1 as Andy Kauffman as Mighty Mouse, ladies and gentlemen!]

Hey---does the online host have his head out of his ass yet? I ask out of concern, because that sounds very uncomfortable. (SuprDags)

How about George Wednt? (CortJstr)
[It's Wendtsday. Oh man, I'm stealing years old CBS puns, that can't be healthy.]


I got a two-piece rug set. (SIM Being)

I gotta pen in Florida and I ain't never gonna give ita ya (SIM Being)

I have learned that you can't hide a piece of brocoli in a glass of milk! (MemryLaine)

I haven't had a junior mint in.......wow.......a long time. I think i'll have a relapse. (SuprDags)
[Those damn Girl Scouts and their greedy strike...oh that's Thin Mints, forget what I said.]

I know. (SIM Being)

I need a man..... (AIias AKA)

I officially began playing the senioritis game this weekend. My last midterm was friday and mid-year grades are out to the colleges. Harvard's not banging on my door and neither is Princeton so i figured what the hell? (STB 18)

I really REALLY need to kill somone before February 23. Someone besides me. Got any suggestions? (SuprDags)
[Fred Goldman. Or if you prefer, OJ Simpson.]

I think the inventor of junior mints should get the nobel prize for confections. all of them since they were invented. You just can't top junior mints. (SuprDags)

I used to really like spaghetti.
I don't, anymore. (NihonFreak)

I wanna post one o those really long conversation thingys too! do those people make those up, or are they really conversations? (SuprDags)
[I'd tell you to ask Khaleth, Bloodguilt, GCard, or Ender36...but I have a feeling they'd lie to you.]

I want a cat. Nice kitty. Good kitty. Off the keyboard, kla;sjilwaleiag;lhaawei o;h (Khaleth)
[This is a good point for me to ask something. Will (cat) hair stuck in your keyboard keys cause any technical difficulties? I ask because ever since my cat has decided to lay on my lap while at the computer, my screen has taken on a bluish hue. It could just be my sucky computer...]

I will seek revenge. (Krazyk242)

I worship no animals. Big chickens or no big chickens. I eat chicken. It tastes...like chicken. Chicken is a pleasant taste. It's the very best meat. It's a fowl. hehe, it's foul. not really but it sounds amusing to me. (ScorpioAsh)

I would like people, for once, to stop calling me Taco...ok?? It's TO-CA (as in Toronto-California) and DISCO (as in dead). (Tocadisco)
[I've done that, haven't I? I know your screenname, I do. It's just a chemical reaction like typing the wrong "there".]

I'm being ignored. It's no fun. (ScorpioAsh)

I'm named after a character in an Ayn Rand book. Shows the taste my parents have. I tried to read the book once. My eyes started to bleed around page 379. (SuprDags)

IF slinky is such a wonderful toy, why won't mine work on my stairs? Why isn't it weatherproof? why isn't it all terrain? Hmmm? Well slinky man? I want some answers and I want'em now! (SuprDags)

If you ever want to get GCard's attention, just mention 'Liz'. It works. Really. (Khaleth)

If you're at work and feel like putting your head on your desk and sleeping, go ahead. If your boss asks you anything, tell him you're listening for a buffalo stampede and that he should thank you. (TODnCOPPER)

If your last name was Samsonite, what would you put on your luggage? (SPierce620)

If your random and you know it don't clap your hands just do something really random and people will like you more than if you just clapped your hands like everyone else would have done. things that make you go hmmmm (BLAKLYTE36)

Image is not everything. Gravity is. Image is number two. (TODnCOPPER)

Is there so such thing as Chinese shorthand? (ChknGuts)

It's all good, I can deal. (Raini01)

It's the Rosie O'Donnel Show!! (SIM Being)

Its the attack of the killer koosh balls!!!! AHHH! (Calvinbert)

Kawaii! (Khaleth)

Look lady!!!If you want to play with the man you must wait your turn. (WM96)

Ms. Bigfont? Ahoy. i don't think you have to be PC. Why, if i were in charge,...hey....wait a minute...what an idea...can I be in charge? hmmm? please? i'll be your friiiiiieeeeeennnnd. (SuprDags)
[This is like playing a game of telephone operator....Ms Dark Font...Ms. Bigfont...who's next?]

Muahahahah. Jell-o. (Khaleth)

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

---just a lil public cervice, to eleiviate the tedium of all those starwars quote i'm sure you're getting by now. (SuprDags)

Not tryin to diss Cookie monster but I wonder If he passed all off his grades since that ebonic law wasn't in affect back then and I wonder why he doesn't weigh 600 pounds all he eats is fatening cookies (BLAKLYTE36)

Oh great and powerful Bold-letter Goddess, do like beans? (CortJstr)
[I'm so full of beans today...no, I don't like them, why do you ask?]

Oh no! Now it's his nostrils!!! (Pgp69)

Oh, yeah, Nyello, well I hate you too! (Grey Gomer)

Omigosh...i just had a profound thought.......aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...... .. . . . (Calvinbert)

On my birthday, my mom didn't wanna get our nice plate that says "Your Special Day" on it dirty..so she took a paper plate and wrote "Your Special Day" on it with ketchup. (ScorpioAsh)

One day I walked out to the mailbok. And, when I oppened it, It blew my freaking head off. Oh wait, no it didn't, nevermind. . . (Mallkavian)

Ow. I just bit my cheek. Darned gum. (Khaleth)

Pardon me, but why was my teacher in the movie star wars? And why was everyone calling her Jabba? I don't get the......wait-a-minute...... (Calvinbert)

Practical joke for the day: Squeeze all the toothpaste out the tube and replace it with mayonnaise. Now, sit back and watch the fun. (TODnCOPPER)
[Sounds like too much work...]

Practice opening soda cans with your mind. Once perfected, try it on whole vending machine, see how funny that is. (TODnCOPPER)

Press To Continue (Khaleth)

Random Thought of the Day: Get bent. Or get straight, it all depends on your sexual preference. (Krazyk242)

Roses are red I am the Mack I hate Arnold Schwartzenegger cause all the idiot says is i'll be back........ (BLAKLYTE36)

Roses are red Violets are blue i'm a schitzofrenic and so am I (BLAKLYTE36)

Schnozzberry who ever heard of Schnozzberry .......Im sure Gerard Depardu has heard of that look at the Schnozz on him (BLAKLYTE36)

Scooby Dooby Doo. (Raini01)

Shouldn't the plural of uteris be uteri? I know it's not now, but it should be. (SuprDags)

Sing as loud as you can...in your head. (TODnCOPPER)
[I'm getting a head and ear ache just thinking about it.]

Slap around a rabid weasel and throw it in the fridge. Invite your buddy over, and invite him to help himself to a popsicle. Say, "They're in the fridge." (TODnCOPPER)

So the rabbi says "Whip it out time for your weekly trim" Geez, I hate it when I forget the joke but remember the punchline. (GORP007)

Sorry 'bout that last entry, just had to get that offa my chest. (Nyello)

Spam is the center of the universe. Bow to your spam..... (Calvinbert)

That's better than RuPaul trying to make you feel the force. (ADTYLER)

The cows pefer to dance with the goats on wednesday nights but sometimes they let the pigs play too....until the farmer scares the pigs off and joins in. (WM96)

The funniest thing happened today. I passed a calculus test. (STB 18)
[Once again, I must make a plea for smart people to get out, you are intimidating me. Well, then again, it's not like I wasn't in calculus. I just happened to have dropped out on day 4.]

The great Method Man sung "rockin three fourths of cloth never showin your stuff off boo this be true me fa U....... (BLAKLYTE36)

The stars will always shine the birds will always sing...as long as there is thirst there's always the real thing...Coca-Cola Classic is always the one...whereever there is fun there's ALWAYS COCA-COLA (STB 18)

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas... (TMBGer)
[Ooo, is that cue for me to quote TMBG or Golden Books?]

TheY SaiD i wAs cRAzY, but i kNOw BeTTEr......... (Torham Zed)

There are many sweeping generalizations that are always true. (TODnCOPPER)

This game is silly. I don't much care for it. But my invisible friend Hugo, HE likes it, and if I stop reading he will rip out my heart and feed it to the jackals. So I better keep reading, huh? (P.S. Send help!) (KELudwick) (KELudwick)
[Is Hugo a Pooka?]

This game isn't much to look at, but it feels so nice against my big fat hairy ass. Keep up the good work! (KELudwick) (KELudwick)

This gum is nasty...but I get little fake tattoos on the wrappers, so it's not a total loss. (Khaleth)

Today at dinner I watched GCard dump the contents of the salt shaker into the pepper shaker. I think he was bored. (Khaleth)

Today's Word: Sphincter. Can you say Sphincter? I knew you could. (SPierce620)

Two polish Guys walk into a bar don't you think the second one should have ducked??? (BLAKLYTE36)

Two way exterior pet doors are an open invitation to small evil-doers. (TODnCOPPER)

WE have a frontloading washing machine. (SuprDags)

Walk your dog - to Detroit. (TODnCOPPER)

Weekends are worse than you think. Thursdays aren't so great either. (STB 18)

What can I say....you had to be there. (ChknGuts)

What do you say to a woman with no arms or legs? Nice t*ts!! (TYLERED25)

What is the meaning of life? (Calvinbert)
[Not sure, but it's bigger than a breadbox.]

What're you going to do? Walk in on them? (Khaleth)

Which big chicken should I worship? Is there any particular one? You have to be more precise to start a cult here......like worship all the big blue polka dotted chickens or something....get creative......worship spam.... (Calvinbert)

Why run for president when we can bowl for dollars? (Tocadisco)

With just $2.99 and a screwdriver you can turn your computer into a cool fish tank. E-mail me for more information. (SIM Being)

YEE HAW Doggies!! (Angela 712)

YES! NO! YES! NO! YES! NO! YES! NO! YES! DoN'T YOu HatE ARugING With Me,MYSelF, and I.?!@#$%^&*() (Gil770)

Yay! I finished my 6th tube of M&M Minis! I can get the hat now! (Khaleth)

Yo Mamma is full of Hilliards...... (Raini01)

You want to talk about fluffy foods? Fine then, I'll just talk to myself then.

Cotton Candy
Bee hives
Mashed potatos
And on and on and on (Milk420)

bnhgvrf4yt6hihnjbyubnhgy bn to make this message i banged my head on the keyboard (Gil770)
[Let's see. The letters in your message range (in keyboard position) from F to I. You have a pretty small, odd shaped head.]

did i tell you my spelling conspiracy story yet? how about my woodchuck wood theory? (SuprDags)

fish sticks and hersheys syrup- a stupid combination (Smarty7)
[Isn't that Lisa on Green Acres best dish?]

hello (Pacetheace)

hey i have another buddy list gripe...why does it just pop up to the front screen every once in awhile even though it doesn't have anything to tell you (STEFANY8)

how many fingers am i holding up? Oh. I thought you knew. (SuprDags)

how the hell do you get tokens from this game? (Smarty7)

i (LexusRis)


i just tried to expand my ho horizan and ended up in wise asses with like 300 choices. i am so overwhelmed. remind me to never leave my random game haven ever again (STEFANY8)

i'm having oreos for dinner...again...i don't think my mom likes me anymore (STEFANY8)

i'm jimmy pop i am. jimmity jimmity pop i am i am. (ScorpioAsh)

in 1976 a woman married her 50-lb pet rock...maybe it was a cherub rock (STEFANY8)

in 1980 the yellow pages accidentally listed a texas funeral home under frozen foods; kind of like web searches accidentally list things like fresh pigs under innocent searches for concert information (STEFANY8)

in 1984 a New Jersey man opened a camp for Cabbage Patch Dolls. and people say that pollution affects us faithful nj inhabitant minds. bastards (STEFANY8)

just let me rest fowl demons! leave me alone! (Gil770)

lets play (Snow2leo1)

lie to your plants. (TODnCOPPER)

little green men knocking on my door. should i open? (ScorpioAsh)

nice guys finish last I know cause I'm a nice guy and believe me if your in first you are definitely not nice........It would have been alot funnier if it wasn't for damn TOS (BLAKLYTE36)

ok if you can't hit return does that mean that jamiejr took the time to space her words all the way to the right side? if so, i'm sorry. (STEFANY8)
[Hey!!! There's yet another benefit to the new message board format. Press return all you like!! Ah, joyous day.]

oooh i just got my 46 minute check up...yes aol, i would LOVE to stay online (STEFANY8)

rag tag silly skag lookin' at you makes me want to gag (ChewLaRoue)

see spot run. run, spot, run. (Smarty7)

see ya later i'm off like a prom dress except if it a prom on a tv show they never show what proms are really about ........ (BLAKLYTE36)

so an eggplant and two priests walk into a bar. (Just Dice)
[I've heard it.]

some like it hot. others like it freekin hellfire. (Krazyk242)

sooo..any word on that accoutnants job yet? i'll make sure token totals stay nice an' rendom..... (SuprDags)

teeheehee (Smarty7)

telnet://mserv1.wizvax.net:9999 (Khaleth)

this game really sucks. (Atheenaa)
[And here at the Random Game we are finding new improved ways to suck.]

what am I some kind of clown I'm here to amuse you like I am here to entertain you what you mean funny how oh so the reason I'm here is to amuse you...............If you dont know where thats from you need to watch more movies bye (BLAKLYTE36)

you can't gain weight by osmosis!! (STEFANY8)
[Yay Stefany! You got the last word in the old format! Oh wait, I did.]