[Let's build a bridge to the message board. Let's use these fine entries as the example to show us the way.]

[First tokens go to CrispyCows...10 tokens in fact. I'm still in awe that these entries were kept clean.]

Remember that goofy song "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco? What if he had made a whole album with all of the titles proclaiming what he wanted Amadeus to do to him? He could have Fax Me Amadeus, Eat Me Amadeus, Follow Me Amadeus, Clobber Me Amadeus, Bowl Me Amadeus, Filet Me Amadeus, Toast Me Amadeus, Vaccuum Me Amadeus, Slug Me Amadeus, Crank Me Amadeus, Serve Me Amadeus..... (CrispyCows)

Spin Me Amadeus, Pencil Me In Amadeus, Call Me Amadeus, Fry Me Amadeus, Spook Me Amadeus, Drive Me Amadeus, Cancel Me Amadeus, Play Me Amadeus, Spell Me Amadeus, Load Me Amadeus, Pack Me Amadeus, Sprout Me Amadeus, Deliver Me Amadeus, Hurt Me Amadeus, Smack Me Amadeus, Shoot Me Amadeus, Feed Me Amadeus, Churn Me Amadeus, Drink Me Amadeus, Paint Me Amadeus, Bench Press Me Amadeus, Peck Me Amadeus, Stump Me Amadeus, Park Me Amadeus, Sweat Me Amadeus, Spank Me Amadeus, Bathe Me Amadeus, Scare Me Amadeus. (CrispyCows)

Vex Me Amadeus, Tax Me Amadeus, Gag Me Amadeus, Spoon Me Amadeus, Run Over Me Amadeus, Angle Me Amadeus, Find Me Amadeus, Push Me Amadeus, Bake Me Amadeus, Cook Me Amadeus, Broil Me Amadeus, Salt Me Amadeus, Poke Me Amadeus, Crunch Me Amadeus, Bite Me Amadeus, Bore Me Amadeus, Spray Me Amadeus, Cane Me Amadeus, Tie Me Amadeus, Shred Me Amadeus....... (CrispyCows)

[I don't have any idea if these entries of MmanTiacG's are really in Latin and if they are really clean. But, MmanTiacG did manage to get past the languages of English, French, Spanish, German, and Drivel...to make this a truely multicultural game. For that MmanTiacG gets 7 tokens.]
funambulus agricolam quietum in culina quod fur fortis Hecklerus Onlinus superavit. fur argentarius est. (In case you're wondering, that is Latin and it means, "The tightrope walker punched the quiet farmer in the kitchen because the strong thief overpowered Hecklers Online. The thief is a banker." I don't know why I said that.) (MmanTiacG)

Want some more Latin? How about this: subito infans vagivit quod ... quod ... quis sum? ubi sum? asinus es! asinus es! ASINUS ES!!! (That means, "The baby cried because ... because ... Who am I? Where am I? You are an ass! You are an ass! YOU ARE AN ASS!!) I don't know why I type this stuff. I guess I'm weird or something. (MmanTiacG)

[Now we must fulfill the exisitng Star Wars quota out there now. 5 tokens to each of these entries.]
I feel a disturbance in the force...wait a minute...that's me walking into a wall. (JH Probe)

The cool thing about Star Wars is that Princess Leia never wore a bra. (Tocadisco)

[There also seems to be an AOL theme running through entries. Go figure. 6 tokens for these two entries.]
I heard AOL is reimbursing angry customers in 37 states as much as 40 bucks. Gee, if I had a dime for every time they did that... (Needle11)

You have been online for 34 seconds if you don't reply within 3 seconds you will be logged off. You have been online for 4343 minutes im logging you off cause you need to get a life. You have been online for 444 minutes do you know where your children are. You have been online for 455 minutes please sign off cause if you don't I may lose my job. You have been online for 232 minutes since Steve Case is greedy we need to harass you all day untill you get so mad that you will sign off thank you have a nice day. (BLAKLYTE36)

[5 tokens to each of the following entries, just because.]
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Fabio's hair? (JOTTO13)

Ga-reeeenn Tann-gereeenn (BabyLamms)

Jump! 10,000 lemmings can't be wrong! (Khaleth)

i will now demonstrate my proficiancy in caps lock usage: I WENT TO THE CIRCUS LAST NIGHT AND A CLOWN TOUCHED MY BUTT ON PURPOSE. thank you. (Fuzzysheep)

If you have found a tiny silk kitten clinging to life in a cardboard box, please consider the possibility that none of this is real. Could it be that all of this is in fact just, as John Denver said, a "Rocky Mountain High"? For example, were you to take the velvet moose home to mother and teach her to dance, would that make you any more of an astronaut? I'd say no, but who knows, perhaps the end will come sooner than you think. I've met the man, and still I think I cannot find a poem lovely as a tree. Were this to be less than true, I'd certainly consider the possibility that men are only to be used as hats, but as it is significantly MORE than true, I ask you to consider the possibility that endings are only hands without wrists, bound by invisible cords of human selfishness. (MagicClams)

This game isn't much to look at, but it feels so nice against my big fat hairy ass. Keep up the good work! (KELudwick) (KELudwick)

[And finally, in recognition in proficiency of working with message boards. These final two come from the Random Game Message Board. First 6 tokens to ScorpioAsh for proving something....I'm not sure what.]
Subj: Speaking of cheese
From: ScorpioAsh

The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell, heigh-ho the derry-o, the farmer in the dell.
The farmer takes a wife, the farmer takes a wife, heigh-ho the derry-o, the farmer takes a wife. (not if it's Lorena)
The wife takes a child, the wife takes a child. heigh-ho the derry-o, the wife takes a child.
(now, THAT's incest!)
The child takes a dog, the child takes a dog, heigh-ho the derry-o, the child takes a dog.
The dog takes a cat, the dog takes a cat, heigh-ho the derry-o, the dog takes a cat.
(I learned in Advanced Placement Biology class that they cannot have fertile offspring)
The cat takes the mouse, the cat takes the mouse, heigh-ho the derry-o the cat takes the mouse. ( and this kind of thing requires test tubes- and no offspring would be born because of the disagreement of the genes)
The mouse takes the cheese, the mouse takes the cheese, heigh-ho the derry-o the mouse takes the cheese
(hey, it's not illegal- now my favorite part..the sad ending)
The cheese stands alone, the cheese stands alone, heigh-ho the derry-o the cheese stands alone.

[And 4 tokens to Bloodguilt for being the first among our clan to figure out how to make a "signature."]
Subj: Here's what I hate: having to come up with an original subject just to post one lousy little random thought.
From: Bloodguilt

I fluctuate.
\|/ ____ \|/ Bloodguilt
~@-/ oO \-@~ "Everyday I thank my
/_( \__/ )_\ statuette of Wilma Flintstone
\__U_/ I was born normal."

[I'd give her more, but she tried to make ascii art...Okay, that's it this week...now please hurry up on that bridge.]