The ones you like don't like you and the ones that like you, you don't like. It's just so damn wrong. (Biochick1)


I guess my dream really is to be a ballerina. (Biochick1)


Just what the heck is the Alt key for, anyway? Alone it doesn't do anything. It's kind of like the Tom Arnold of the keyboard. (Biochick1)

She was a goddess. (Tocadisco)
[Hmm, can I award old posts that get reposted tokens? ;o) So what happened to her? She didn't turn Antagonist, did she?]

Ms. Darkfont, you gave such a nice response that i thought i'd respond to that.

You wrote in the thingy entitled And It's All True"
[Toca you made me cry with happiness at your opening remarks, although I'm sure that was not your intended reaction. Second, I never got to meet Biochick, did I? Sounds like I've missed out. Third, how can I make you co-masters? Does it involve some sword or something? Also, you may want to think of a better name than "co-masters of the random universe." It sounds good, but it doesn't roll off the tongue. And face it if you want people to know you and MagicClams as such, we all have to repeat it. Might be tough on the fingers.]

(and if you could use the magic of AOL 3.0 to make it in italics, it would really have a nice effect. Thanks.):
{{{{Ms Darkfont, i made you cry with happiness? You sound like my girlfriend after i take a shower. No seriously, me take a shower?? No really seriously, you think if i had a girlfriend, i'd
[Okay, Toca, you are victim of the infamous cut off entries. So, you may want to send that again, but as some sort of compensation I didn't leave your request for italics unanswered for what did get through. Now, that doesn't mean you always get to be in italics!]

My hat it has 3 corners! 3 corners has my hat! And had it not 3 corners- it would not be my hat! My _ it has 3 corners! 3 corners has my _! And had it not 3 corners, it would not be my _! My _ it has _ corners! _ corners has my _! And had it not _ corners, It would not be my _! My _ it has _ _! _ _ has my _! And had it not _ _, it would not be my _! (JamiJR)

okay, i have here the Italian word of the day: malavita it means "underworld"--now you too can impress your friends with this happening word. For example: "I am Bobo, Lord of the Malavita" works charmingly as a pick-up line. Try it soon, and let me know how it goes... (Lucretia12)

Out of curiousity I went to look at the picture of women HO puts up for the boys to pant over. You know what, those girls aren't that pretty. Sure, their bodies maybe okay, but take that Emma- her hair is way too masculine & looks like it's slicked down with plaster of paris! Where's the beauty in that? I'll just never understand why men would want a woman who has greesy-looking hair but a so-called perfect body when they could have a girl who washes her hair everyday & bathes 2 times daily with a not-so perfect body. Maybe my body's not all that great, but at least I'm clean & smell nice. (JamiJR)

Saul: Hebrew (Sha'ul)- "Asked for."
Called by God to fulfill his designated mission.
"Saul of Tarsis."
English Nicknames: Sol, Solly, Kreebnorf,
Inoperable Transmat Replicator.

Tell me if I'm wrong, but "Hell Toupee'" would be a really cool band name.

Zak, assailant of all that is citrus (this includes grapefruit!)

Zak the abstruse (TODnCOPPER)

This is a good one, i got the PUN MASTER

Hello, i'm doing this thing for the Random Game called Heckle the HOs, where i have a conversation with a HO and paste it into the random game, so are you up to the challenge?? if not, you go against everything Heckler's Online stands don't expect to win employee of the month.
HO Harv: Who are you?
Tocadisco: who am i?? i think the name says it all
Tocadisco: but you?? you claim to be the PunMaster
Tocadisco: is that so?
HO Harv: Yes... It's not something I claim... It's reality! Deal with it!
Tocadisco: ok, then can i test your powers of pun?
HO Harv: Test away!
Tocadisco: i'll start simply and will gradually get more difficult, give me a pun about The Beatles
Tocadisco: clock is ticking
Tocadisco: this is for 5 points by the way
HO Harv: Why can't you let it be?
Tocadisco: oh, not to shabby...five points for you....give me a pun about Rapunzel from that children's story. (I'm surprised i'm even rewarding points for this one)
[Maybe Harv didn't do too well and sabotaged this entry. It could happen. Now Toca, you aren't going around pretending to be associated with the Random Game. I mean, I don't know why anyone would do that, but, you're not right?]

This is pretty odd..A person is expected to win a contest just by typing something totally off the subject? But there is not a subject so I guess it does not matter. It is similar to Seinfeld in that there is nothing: A show about nothing and a game about absolutely anything...What is this about, you ask??
I have no clue but I sure sound ridiculous. (AustnHealy)

Want some more Latin? How about this: subito infans vagivit quod ... quod ... quis sum? ubi sum? asinus es! asinus es! ASINUS ES!!! (That means, "The baby cried because ... because ... Who am I? Where am I? You are an ass! You are an ass! YOU ARE AN ASS!!) I don't know why I type this stuff. I guess I'm weird or something. (MmanTiacG)

What really gets me is how the liberals are all saying that the laws against child porn are targeting the homosexuals, but every homosexual I've ever met thinks child porn is sick & the people who like it should be serverly punished. They also agree that those perverts who trade child porn are giving homosexuals everywhere a bad name. So maybe the liberals should stop putting words in other people's mouths. (JamiJR)
[What does Barney Frank think about this?]

You know, you guys never recognize my writing. I write story upon story, my life story, my daily story, I mean what do I need!?!? Is it the fact that some of my sentences...most of my sentences don't come together properly? I'm sorry, it's been a bad day. I got kicked out of the local grocery store for dancing with a large side of beef, I got hit by a tour bus and every F***ing one of the bastards had to get off and take pictures, I ran out of toilet paper three times in one trip and on top of all that I had an encounter with a small being in my refridgerator telling me that perhaps those peaches I had eaten weren't the best thing to have consumed. So, like I was saying, please don't take this personally, it's just that I'm tired of being second best you know. Someday....SOMEDAY I'll be the best. Then I'll kick some serious ass and I'll be taking pictures of the damn tourists. Love Japhlapas. (Japhlapas2)

"Life is like a box of crap, you never know when you have to make one." (Docmoron)

"Surprise, surprise! That wasn't my finger, either." (Draccco)

)>i>_6164aa588877634534kl;dsz'lkdvjnsl;vjdklhvkldjgsgsd,mnmcvdsm;lkjfgsdgrhfy53t6904854[''/''/'df/g' SOME sdkljfdkljl;gpweoj ONE sdfhjkfjkghsdfgp[oi HELP dfhj;fijlvdfsvdfkl;jg
ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Hububu)

...and the new Nerf Nerf
(do not take internally) (BabyLamms)

:::sobbing::: It has claimed yet another. (Bloodguilt)

A general of the Marines I promise to not blow up your house unless you piss me off. So be nice. (Krazyk242)
[Did you get stuck with a pin during hazing?]

A hero can be a very big dog who comes to your rescue. (Bloodguilt)

A hero can be a very big dog who comes to your rescue. (Ender36)
[rofl! Looks like you are just not fast enough. That may come in handy during certain times of your life, but not the Random Game.]

ADRENALINE IS PUMPING THRU MY VIENS. I have my name on the Token List!!!!
simple amusements for simple minds. (ScorpioAsh)

And even though it didn't get posted on that board, there's a board that's named after one of my posts! (JamiJR)

And now for today's hot gossip... (Hububu)

Anyone have AOL's snail-mail address? (JamiJR)
[Um, they gave it out on the news two nights ago. If you want a refund be aware they are only giving up to $40.]

Baking soda toothpaste has a good taste now. (Forty9erss)

Bob's dog is dead. Big deal, who's Bob? You know, Bob, with one 'O'. Oh, bummer. (Bloodguilt)

Can I buy crack with these tokens??? (DebateDIVA)

Celine Dion takes herself WAAAAY too seriously. Damn Canadians... (MaLkNoX420)

Chaos rains! It's raining chaos and dogs! Oop, no, those aren't dogs....they're bold letters! (ScorpioAsh)
[LOL. What, they aren't working again? Someone intercepting my bold letters?]

Damn People (ScorpioAsh)

Damn! No rules this time and I STILL can't win ANYTHING! What is wrong with me...?!? (RAAdams)

Darkfont, Darkfont, why do people hate you so? (Bloodguilt)
[They (gulp) th-they do?]

Don't let me disturb you. (Bloodguilt)

Ender36: I never said you could have my firstborn child. You can have Andy's firstborn child, though, I'm sure. (Bloodguilt)

Ender36: You don't get my firstborn child.
Bloodguilt: I don't? And I was already making plans...
Ender36: Nope. Cancel the plans.
Bloodguilt: Darnrnit. (Bloodguilt)

For Sale:
77 El Camino, Low Mileage.
$5000 OBO. Call 555-7523 (MikeS2)

GCard: Oh, that's one of the unspoken rules. I can't pleasure people sexually. Sorry. (Bloodguilt)

GCard: Pigeons are just big poop-guns. (Bloodguilt)

GCard: I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. (Bloodguilt)

HELP! (Goddess543)

HOORAY!! This is the day that I clean my toes..... (CLOBBER ME)

HOW the HELL did ABrEyedGrl get Two-frickin-thousand tokens? I can't even get ONE! Just ONE to boost my self-esteem! make me feel loved. Wanted. Talented. Special. TOKEN-WORTHY. Le Gran Sigh... (Lennonita)

Have you ever really thought about it? (Bloodguilt)

He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man." - Samuel Johnson
gasoline enema (light a match)
Casper, Wyoming is a rotten, cessant place to be. (TODnCOPPER)

Here are some funny symbols: :p :} :) :( :{ >:( (Faywing)

Here's a story, of a chick named scorpio
who was raising 390 tokens of her own...
all of them were made of gold, like...ABBA...
but so far only 10 stood alone. (ScorpioAsh)

Hey! I'm special too!!!! (ScorpioAsh)