"Kto dyevoushka ya
cmotral c vamou vchera?"
"Ne dyeboushka! SPAM!" (Khaleth)

"No carcinogens? What kind of a class is that?" (Khaleth)

"Y'know, this would make a really neat cat toy. I can tell because I just keep batting at it." (Khaleth)
[Um, is that Ellen DeGeneres?]

#9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9 #9... (BabyLamms)

Ain't I something else? :-) (JamiJR)

An excited sort of beetle you've mistaken for a match. (BabyLamms)

And I'm still here wasting my time instead of pissing off the "Trekkies" (Japhlapas2)
[Stay, you'll probably find Trekkies here. . .not that any of their posts about Star Trek get posted, but I'm sure there are some here.]

And this game is really boring, damn its really boring. Hope I get some points. (DMcdow9423)

And what the hell is with your little man logo? His eye is leaking. (Japhlapas2)

And what's with the purple? Couldn't you choose a burlier color like dark green or some irritating red? (Japhlapas2)

Bad is good, baby. Down with
government! (Khaleth)

Boom, baby, boom! I am the midnight bomber what bombs at
midnight. (Khaleth)

But of course, those names are already taken by the fools over in StarTrek Bootcamp chatroom. (Japhlapas2)

Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bellys have been added to the list of Tools of the Devil. (Khaleth)

Campus Center chat room should be re-linked or banned. I want "my" Great Hall! (KiheBard)

Can you picture me yet? A mix between John Popper and that red beast in the movie 'The Labrynth'. I'm a real animal. A sex machine. (Japhlapas2)

Clan of the Cynics. Kinda like Clan of the Cave Bear? (Khaleth)

DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BBQ MY ASS)

Darkfont (I like that moniker). (Spoonzilla)

Darkfont, feel the Force, see the movie once again... for the first time. (Spoonzilla)
[My local radio station is giving as a prize 2 tickets to the first showing of Star Wars at the local mall. I thought, (sarcasm on) "Great prize. Save a whole $15." (sarcasm off) Then I realized they must be expecting the turnout today to be incredible--all tickets selling out. Wouldn't it be funny if no one showed up?]

Do you know anyone who can sell me a life? I need one. (Khaleth)

Does everyone else think in double entendres, or is it just me? (Khaleth)

Don't forget to thank the fish for the lovely evening. Next time we have a party, I will be just a little taller. (PaulCrash)

Everyone taunt GCard. He likes it, really. (Khaleth)
[GCard doesn't post as much as he used to....How do we know GCard is even still around?]

Forget with running for presidency...I declare myself official Tyrant And Dictator Of The World As We Know It, And A Little More. (Khaleth)

Ga-reeeenn Tann-gereeenn (BabyLamms)

HHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (JamiJR)

Have you had enough? I could do this for hours. It's the bennefit of not having a life. (Japhlapas2)

Hey Bold lady. You want one of my tokens? (PaulCrash)
[I'm not allowed to take tokens from strangers.]

How can I miss you when you won't go away? (Peggarita)


I am the most perfect person in the world. I am so perfect that when people walk near me they bow down at my feet. That is damn good for a 13 year old. (KTLolipop)

I can't believe I'm wasting my time on this when I could be harrassing the hell out of the "Trekkies" (Japhlapas2)

I can't help it...I'm being contemplative. (Khaleth)

I keep getting weird sensations from my knee. Maybe it's becoming sentient. (Khaleth)

I love it when I make someone lose track of time and stay up an hour later than they meant to stay up. (Khaleth)

I need somebody else to annoy, besides you. (Khaleth)

I never did mind much about the little things (Peggarita)

I saw the movie "Relic" today. I think that whoever wrote the screenplay forgot to read the book. (Croaker34)

I suppose. You're the realist. (Khaleth)

I think I should just wrap myself in tinfoil and stand on my head in the Cannon Center. It's not like anyone would notice... (Khaleth)

I think my favorite photographs are always the weird ones at the end that you take when you're trying to finish off the roll quickly. (Khaleth)

I think that if he were a figment of my imagination, I would've imagined him to be a lot nicer. (Khaleth)

I told you. You guys are biast. (Japhlapas2)

I wish someone paid me to just sit and read and make sarcastic comments all day. I have to do it for free. (Khaleth)
[Why is everyone under the impression I'm getting paid? What was the Old Bold Letterguy's name? I think I really need to speak to him.]

I'm boooooooooooooored. (Khaleth)

I'm fun. It has to be true cause it was in the margin. "JamiJR is fun and Khaleth is special." Hey Khal, I'm fun and you're special. Isn't that cool? (JamiJR)

I'm jealous. I wanna be spiff like darkfont. (Khaleth)

I'm not only a cynical idealist, I'm a hopeless romantic. (Khaleth)

I'm sitting at the computer and my dog is sleeping in my bed. Is there something wrong with this picture? (JamiJR)
[If it were the other way around, then there'd be something wrong. And if it happens, please get Khaleth to take the picture.]

I'm thinking I should get some type of fiscal compensation from Lucasfilms for my advertising campaign. (Spoonzilla)

I've found the most annoying thing on earth: When your mother is cleaning out the refrigerator and she brings you some former food item, shoves it under your nose and says, "does this smell rancid to you?" True Story!! (Jody Bob)

I've got a fern named Laffayette, but you can imagine where that got me, and on top of that I developed a rash. (Japhlapas2)

If I just send you enough stupid crap will you finally get pissed off and realize that I'm just as annoying as everyone else? (Japhlapas2)
[You have a long way to go before you reach that point...]

If I wasn't enjoying my chocolate so much, I think I'd run. (Khaleth)

If ignorance is bliss, then why aren't more of you smiling? (Peggarita)

Is that really Helen Hunt in that tornado picture? (SIM Being)


Jello should be included in the four basic food groups. (Khaleth)

Jump! 10,000 lemmings can't be wrong! (Khaleth)

Lorelei and I...decided we're just going to date guys we don't like. (Khaleth)

Meet my salamander...Martin Geoffrey Keith. (Khaleth)

Megan...could you please do your best to keep Emily a little more normal? (Khaleth)

Most the time I just sit around and drink beer, wondering why I can't get my boxers off of my body. My big ass hairy navel is a virtual Disney land for the local wildlife. (Japhlapas2)

My glasses broke. But I'm too lazy to put in my contacts. Great. (Khaleth)

My hands drip with the blood of Bloodguilt. (Khaleth)

My toe hurts (FozzyBare7)

O.K, then there's this. Even if I win this thing about one hundred times or what ever, I still can't even afford the frigging jolt cola jock strap. (Japhlapas2)

Oh Darkfonted-and-bracketed-one...by what name should I address you? (Khaleth)
[Moron would get my attention. Dear would get my affection.]

Oh Honey Pie, you're making me crazy. (BabyLamms)

Okay, just give me all the chocolate that doesn't have nuts, coconuts, or fruit in it and nobody gets hurt. (JamiJR)

People in Zambia are going to have to wait to see the newly formatted Star Wars Trilogy. (Spoonzilla)

Perhaps I'm just too crude and ruthless for your taste. It's understandable, you forget how to deal with people when you can't even deal with those stinking Eggo Waffle commercials. (Japhlapas2)

Pity me! (Khaleth)

Preapology for sending that email, so as not to appear overzealous to
talk to him. You wouldn't want to appear overzealous, now, would you. (Khaleth)

Question: Should Planet of the Apes be rereleased with computer enhancement? What about 2001? God knows that Ed Wood's movies could use a pixelic face-lift also. (Spoonzilla)
[In my opinion, Ed Wood's films would be better if they let the film decay a few years. And, I didn't start out meaning that as an insult.]

READY (DMcdow9423)

Read on boys and girls, it only gets worse. I'm a lesbian nymphomaniac with nobody but Marcie my blow up doll to keep me company. (Japhlapas2)
[Peppermint Patty, is that really you?]

Santa Claus wears a red suit, he's a Communist... (Khaleth)

She said she didn't mean it,
and I never said she did. (BabyLamms)

She said she wanted matches and she just took off the lid, (BabyLamms)

She said that she was sorry,
but it's difficult to catch (BabyLamms)

Silly Trix, kids are for rabbits. Uh... (Khaleth)

Sludge. Can't live with it, can't eat it. (Khaleth)

So he's a werewolf. So what. (Khaleth)

So, how about those Seattle Seahawks? What's a four letter word that we all want them to suck on for a while? (Japhlapas2)

Someone said they were so forgetful they would forget their head if it weren't fastened so tightly. I think I left my brain behind somewhere, years ago. So would it matter if I forgot my head? (Khaleth)

isn't about time you put all of the Age of Chaos thingys into a little Age of Chaos folder....the same goes for all of the other ages....i guess this puts us currently in the age of laziness. (Tocadisco)
[It's funny you should mention that. I was thinking the same thing.]

The Random Game needs a catchy slogan..... Let's all put our heads together and think of one! ::sound of hollow heads hitting one another can be heard along with cursing and "ouch!":: (JamiJR)

The Trix rabbit frightens me. (Khaleth)

The scary thing is, everyone else here thinks I'm normal. (Khaleth)

There are no good places to stand on your head in the dorms. (Khaleth)

There once was a game named random, Which had such a delightful fandom. We all have no lives, Work we despise....And...never mind. I can't think of anything else. (Khaleth)

Those really piss me off. Well, I'm going to go.....nowhere. I'm just off to harrass the Trekkies finally. (Japhlapas2)

[Right about now I'd say he's talking to the Judge.]

We have cleaning check on Monday...maybe I should hide the drugs. (Khaleth)

What do you call 40 millionairs watching the Super Bowl. Answer--- The Dallas Cowboys lollololololololol (DMcdow9423)

What you are becoming is more important than what you are accomplishing. (BabyLamms)

When in doubt, remember that "O Gallant Piglet" is always a very thoughtful
way of beginning a piece of poetry.
--pooh's little instruction book (Khaleth)

Who invented math? I will drag them out into the street and shoot them. Probably a guy...dumd males......always complicating my life. (Calvinbert)
[Math sounds like a male name, maybe the Greek for Matthew or something...]

Won't you take me to funcky town? (Peggarita)

Write my paper for me, please. I don't want to. (Khaleth)

Yeah, I'll admit it, I'm a nerd. I should go with a more appropriate screen name, something like CyberJock or WebWalker. (Japhlapas2)

You ask "How the hell is this making a difference?", well.....when you don't have a life the act of dressing yourself is considered making a difference. (Japhlapas2)

You know what insult I've never been able to make sense out of? "They best part of you ran down your dad's legs!" What's that suppose to mean? I just don't get it. (JamiJR)

You know what? I don't like coconut, nuts, or fruits in my cookies or cakes either. (JamiJR)

You know, this is almost getting fun. I can pretend I'm making a difference. (Japhlapas2)

You only like me for my towel, don't you. (Khaleth)

any coments about this site??/ http://denver.digitalcity.com/cgi-bin/determinator (H1410)
[This isn't going to send us off to some child porn site is it?]

baggy pants (Zark27)

cows eat grass. cows make milk. does that meean milk is grass? (Smarty7)

for the last time... (Smarty7)

ftp://siggy.iceonline.com/pub/smoon/mov/ (Khaleth)

hallo (ABanks1952)

have you heckled a HO lately? (Tocadisco)

http://pharmdec.wustl.edu/cgi-bin/jardin_scripts/SCG (Khaleth)
[Wow, H1410 and Khaleth decide to submit web sites in the same day...coincidence?]

http://www.amused.com/random.html (Khaleth)

http://www.cyborg.or.jp/~toto/sm/ (Khaleth)

http://www.mediashower.com/zug/us/zugrific/ (Khaleth)

http://www.undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca/~knzarysk/smlinks.html (Khaleth)

jerry (JBHurd)

nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah...BATMAN!!! (Smarty7)

uhh what.. whats this a random drawing. no it cant be what do you mean. is this for real? i cant really believe my eyes! (Jakal1)

you're one of them (Smarty7)
[What? An Ewok? Not until March.]