[Do you even care what I say? You just skip right over it, don't you?]

The Frenzy
By Jami JoAnne Russell
Peace. (JamiJR)
[Isn't that a Hitchcock film?]

Tell Me a Tale
by: Jami JoAnne Russell
I do not belong here- so tell me a tale to take me away.
It doesn't matter what it is. Just tell me a tale, I beg of you.
Tell me a tale and put me in it- doesn't matter where it's set- just as so it isn't here.
Kill me with monsters of every sort. Vampires, demons, werewolves- it doesn't matter what.
Drown me with meaningless sex and lust. Romance is dead and gone. True love doesn't exist.
Tell me a tale and put me where I belong. Where I can be a princess or a slave. Doesn't matter really.
Just tell me a tale and put me in it.
I promise I'll get so wrapped up in it
true.......... (JamiJR)

a big pick-up truck just ride up the road and it had lots of red lights on the back. i used to want a pick-up truck when i was 7. and when i was 8. but all that changed when i was riding my bike, 8 years old, and pick-up truck hit me. I was in the hospital three days. No real injuries, but i had an air bubble in my stomach. and they pumped it out. To do so, they had to stick a tube up my nose and down the back of my throat to my stomach. While I was awake. While it was there I had an IV and I could only consume ice chips. It sucked. (ScorpioAsh)

and does every entry get published in one of the many files listed in the window? will this entry be published? how will i know where to look if it is published? can i input my latest technical paper in here, so i can claim i'm published? or my unfinished novel? (as if) when a file of winners is posted with that little red squirrelly thing (there's a name for those things, isn't there. like bullet. but there's another name too. it's a silly name. i can't remember), how do we know which little black dot files correspond to the winner files?
so many questions. i know i'll never get to sleep now. sigh... (ScooBee3)

bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne bob and wayne (Imacowgrrl)

Boldletterit... do you pick the names for the various Random Epochs or are they randomly generated? I f not, here's a couple:

1) The Micro Ice Age

2) The Epoch of Insanity

3) The Epoch of Inanity

4) The Epoch of the Word Epoch.

My personal favorite is 4. (Tiger Spot)
[Thanks Tiger, I thought we ran out of eras.]

Copyright 1995 THE WILLY WONKA CANDY FACTORY, Division of Sunmark Inc., Itasca, IL 60413. All rights reserved.
INGREDIENTS:Sucrose, Dexrose, Corn Syrup, Malic Acid and Less Than 2% of Artificial and Natural Flavors, Carnauba Wax, Color Added, Blue 1, Red 40 Lake, Red 40, Yellow 5 Lake, Yellow 5. (ScorpioAsh)

cynical adj. 1 Given to distrusting evidences of virtue and disinterested motives; inclined to moral skepticism; pessimistic. 2 Currish; sneering.
idealist n. 1 One who idealizes, or seeks an ideal or ideal condition; a visionary; a romantic. 2 An exponent of idealism in art or literature. 3 One who holds the doctrines of any philosophic idealism. (ScorpioAsh)

Dear Bold-face life form,
In the past you have been called both bold face guy, and girl. So, please clear up any confusion by just telling us which it is (if either), thank you.
The Management (CortJstr)
[Bold Letter Guy was my father and Bold Face Guy was my mother, so I guess that'd make me their grandaughter.]

Get Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get OutGet Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get OutGet Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get OutGet Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get OutGet Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get OutGet Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get OutGet Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get OutGet Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get OutGet Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get OutGet Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get OutGet Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get OutGet Out Get Out Get Out Get Out Get out Get Out (GORP007)

I Await The Day
by: Jami JoAnne Russell
I await the Day.
Like a sacrifice to a pagan goddess I can no longer worship I wait.
The Mad Moon embraces me and crushes out my Life's Breath. It pleads with me to stay with her, as if my going will surely drive her over the brink and into chaos.
Still, I await the Day.
I wait for the cleansing ball of fire that will scorch my flesh and boil my fluids. Removing me from this world and leaving it with one less evil to contend with.
I await.
I shrug off the Mad Moon's anemic arms and wait.
And wait some more.
And the Sun Rises! I feel it's rays piercing my un-dead flesh like so many burning arrows! I am being CLEANSED! The world will soon be without ME! Oh, wonderful day! Embrace me oh Sun and let me be renewed!
And I no longer await the Day. (JamiJR)

I think I'm really on to something. Sometimes, if I press a few certain keys on my keyboard while I'm trying to sign on, I'll get in immediately. No 83 times to try again. I have yet to perfect this, but when I get it perfectly, The Random Game will be the first to hear about it so we can guffaw loudly and annoyingly in the face of that damn AOL busy signal! And then, from AOL, on to the government! And then the world!...Because isn't that what Hecklers Online is all about? Promoting total global anarchy from the inside out? (Lennonita)
[If you press pause and then A, B, B, A you will get into the bonus world....which is just an endless ocean.]

I was going to be a novelist, couldn't think of that many big words, was going to be a short story writer, couldn' think of tight enough plots, (although I've seen a few), was going to be a poet but I'm to old for coffee house readings unless it's reeeeaaal late at night so I'm stuck here. dian1313 (DIAN1313)

I would like to point out a mild irony I recently witnessed in the posting of Tocadisco. Toke castigated one MrOnliner, our future President, for having the effrontery to include him (Toke) and Biochick1 in the cabinet without his permission, while at the same time placing me, MagicClams, the one who is, was, and ever shall be the truest master of Random, save possibly our soon-to-be-President, Mr. O., in his cabinet of sorts without MY permission. Physican, heal thyself! Anyway, I have since discussed this matter with Toke, and we have agreed on the matter: Mr. Onliner is the candidate of choice, and we support him whole-heartedly, in spite of Toke's foolish comments prior to this. Mr. Onliner, the candidate for enlightened despotism! (MagicClams)
[So, in other words, your post here is pointless?]

If I was president of the Random Game I would make HO give everyone 1 token for particapating and allow Ms Dark Font to give the big winner anywhere from 20 - 50 tokens and other then the particapation tokens no one would get under 10 tokens. That's the way I'd make it if I was president of RG, but I'm not going to run for pres cause a pres has actually got to do something and I don't want to do anything. (JamiJR)

if you giggle when you gargle then you'd best not gargle marbles or your talk it will be garbled and your gut will be disgruntled, your feet feel full of gravel as the marbles start to settle and before you can deny it your kids will note you've tried it and they surely will out run you even as they make fun of you but the marbles keep on going all the while your Pain is Growing and your Toes they are a'Popping but the Marbles ARE NOT STOPPING AND YOUR TOENAILS START A'GAPING AS THE MARBLES KEEP ESCAPING UNTIL Your Spouse Finally Sees You and with exlax finally frees you then you giggle in relief as you realize you are safe but resolve to spurn marbles next time you giggle when you gargle......... sorry... just having a willy wonka moment.... (ScooBee3)

My trouble with biking continued when, in 7th grade, i slammed on my brakes and flipped over my handle bars. Or that was the official story. In truth, as only one other persoon knows, I experimented with the wheels. I'd always wondered what would happen if someting was stuck through the spokes while the bike was in motion. The only handy thing was...my foot. Oops. Landed on my face. The physical scars healed after a few monthes. (ScorpioAsh)

No I didn't write the Barbi thing. The fact is, except for mail I deem important, I delete 90% of my mail from my personal filing cabinat, but for some reason I wanted to have some place where people could get to that & read it without me having to A- save it and B- forward it. Maybe I'll start posting my chain letters here too. That way I won't have to send it out to 10 of my friends. (JamiJR)
[Clever thought...but I'm wondering--since you have to send it to 10-20 people, does sending it to 1 but yet have it seen by several more count?]

okay, i'm not paranoid. i see that the rules state "Then a winner will be chosen out of all of the random entries." you have cleverly omitted the word random between the "be" and "chosen". the winners are not randomly chosen, they're chosen according to the whims of ms. boldface. and being a woman, i know that the whims of women are NOT random. they make perfect sense to us. so, ms. boldface, do you prefer milk or dark chocolate? with or without nuts? pecans or peanuts? never mind, i'll choose them RANDOMLY. or not. (ScooBee3)
[ScooBee, don't you think you ask too many questions?]

okay, so I read the rules, and i get how to play, i'm not a moron! but how do you pick the winners? the entries are random, but are the winners random? do you close your eyes and point at the screen? number the entries, draw a number out of a hat? is the number of winners each week random? do you draw that number out of a hat? or is all this a farce, and you reward those who send you brownnosing e-mail behind the scenes? if i'm going to have to send you chocolate for tokens, i want to know now. (ScooBee3)
[No one told me *how* to pick winners so I've been getting my cat to pick them. She figured out how to right away; she's very smart.]

The Sky, The Sky
Is It falling?
The Ground, The Ground
Is It shaking?
The World, The World
Is It ending?
What is going on?
::::looks around:::::
Bear, quit humping my bed.
Polly, quit peeing on me.
Bill, quit screwing up my life.
(LoveFire)18 (LoveFire18)

THlloenmmy1aesrceneeismbjw1. I RANDOMLY inserted letters from a sentence, and mow you all must figure out what it says. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tewmbj11)

Today is happy fun fun day. Do you know what we do on happy fun fun day. We take all of our teachers and put them in a big room doused with happy gasoline. Can you smell the gasoline? Good. Then we happily toss a match into the room full of teachers and laugh histarically at them as the smell of charred flesh begins to drift through the vents. Wasn't that fun? Everyday should be happy fun fun day. (JAM 1999)

Yes, probably sending my poems in were dumb since someone said that posting anything in HO makes it soul property of HO. But you know what? I don't care. I don't even really like my poems. But I want to be published someday. But to be publishes is too tough. You HAVE to have an agent or they just throw your stuff away without reading it. So I'm posting my poems here so in a way, they will be published. I don't give a damn about making money off of them, I just want people to read them. People tell me my poems are pretty good. I've even been called a young Anne Rice (though I will NEVER consider Bill Clinton a hunk!). So please post my poems since this is as close to being a published writer as I will ever get. Please. Sincerely, Jami JoAnne Russell (JamiJR)
[I keep getting letters from "interested" agents. However, they want me to actually send something publishable to them. So, either I'm afraid they'll rip me off, or I forgot I have nothing worthy of being published. Hmm, I could send your in poems.......;o) ]

"Have you ever pretended to be a urine sample?" (Ender36)

"The grass is always greener on the other side..." The other side of what? The donkey?? The can of soda?? (EvilClaws)

(I didn't say this. I heard it.) I don't know how someone could enjoy that...I mean, going around like, "Look, I'm naked!" (Ender36)

...and so the dog said "No Yestday was Easter." (Tewmbj11)

;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) (ScorpioAsh)


And what in the world IS Grimace? (BBQ MY ASS)
[He stole Christmas.]

Anyone who IM's themselves...should give me a call I'M(<~~~~~PUN) not busy tonight. (Tewmbj11)

BEER. It's not just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. (Buck9673)

Bloodguilt: Darn him! And he keeps spanking me. (Ender36)

Bloodguilt: I actually do that stuff in the third letter. Get worried that I'm following someone and so deliberately go a different way than them just to prove that I'm not, even if it's a different way from where I need to go. (Ender36)

Bloodguilt: Not very painful, though. Guess he's too far away. (Ender36)

But i did have a 3rd run in with a bike accident- someone hit me with thier bike later that summer. It sucked. I got a skinned knee. I've avoided biking since then. (ScorpioAsh)
[Man Scorpio! I thought I was accident prone until I met you.]