CHICKEN CUTLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BBQ MY ASS)

Cheese is fun (Frenhchic)

Chinskota la pizzarra. (Tewmbj11)

Chinskota. Don't you just love that word. (Tewmbj11)

Damn people. I hate you all. I'd hate you more in person. Except Ms. Bold Letter, who right now is not writing in bold letters, so til the bold letters reappear, i will call you Ms. Brackets. Hi Ms. Brackets. Oh, yeah, Damn people. (ScorpioAsh)
[lol. See that's what happens. I'm all fine and dandy...well atleast tolerable I hope. But then one day I lose my dark font....or one day I misplace the entries. So much is expected from me that I'm only bound to disappoint. Btw, what's wrong with people?]

Did you know that I have two mexican jumping beans in my pants. (GORP007)

DuHHHHHHHHHH (Monty9208)

Ender36: Wanna write my mythology paper for me?
GCard: Wanna kiss my butt? (Ender36)

Ender36: Y'know how dogs kick their feet n' woof in their sleep, when they're dreaming?
Bloodguilt: yeah?
Ender36: Would werewolves do that?
Bloodguilt: Probably. I thought you were gonna say "Christy does that." :-) (Ender36)

Epoch (Tiger Spot)

Epoch. (Tiger Spot)

Have you heard about the guy who thinks he's a glass of ORANGE JUICE? (Tewmbj11)

Hello, anyone there? (SCHWRM22)
[Obviously you don't understand....we ignore you. Oh wait.]

Hethen beast why do you posess my mind, get out, get out get out. (GORP007)

Hey bold letter lady! I swallowed one of my tokens. Can I get credit for it or do I just turn it in when it becomes available??? (PaulCrash)
[How'd you actually get your hands *on* a token?]

Hey, Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Yeah, I think so, Brain, but me and Pippi Longstocking? What would the kids look like? (ScorpioAsh)

How come when i click the HO icon nothing happens. (Tewmbj11)


I ate a duck. (KDavis3562)

I can just picture it now. a fat girl lying on her stomach. rolls everywhere. AHHHHHHH. (Tewmbj11)

I can't think of anything to write. (KDavis3562)

I feel like i haven't been spending enough time with you lately. I feel i'm neglecting you. I'm sorry, Ms. Brackets. Please forgive me.
----,--'-@ (ScorpioAsh)
[Get what you want and run; I know your type.]

I got more sleep in the last day (16 horus!) then I usually get in a school week. neato (ScorpioAsh)

I have now exceeded my limit on the subject of McDonalds (BBQ MY ASS)

I hope no one took offense to my last entry, ireally wasn't trying to make you cry. (Tewmbj11)

I like DOOBLES AND MACARENAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SKURGDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Nyello)

I thought mice like cheese. Whenever i feed it to my mouse it just slows down. (Tewmbj11)
[I must be tired, I actually had to do a double take at this one. I need help.]

I typed this sentence with my right ear. I typed this sentence with another body part! (FinBass)

I wonder what I could post to win 10 tokens. (JamiJR)
[At once??]

I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body!!! (Buck9673)

I'm an atheist with a god complex, and i'm not sure if i exist. (ScorpioAsh)

I'm stalking a guy. He doesn't really know it though. That means *I'm a good stalker*. Warning, Ms. Brackets, if i don't get tokens... (ScorpioAsh)

I've figured out the system used by the bold letter chick to post responses: IT'S TOTALLY RANDOM!!!! (Jody Bob)
[I think most of us figured that out a while ago. But, some will never figure it out. So congrats your wits are just right for this game...]

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there. How do we know it's not secretly laughing at us? (Buck9673)

If you love her, wear a cover. (AndyFische)

In school the formula for A must be X+Y+Z where X is work,Y is play and, Z is keep your mouth shout. - Albert Einstien (JPMHockey)

Is sleep necessary to function? Does that mean i'm not functioning most of the time? (ScorpioAsh)

Is the noise in my head bothering you? (Mybeco)

It's lies, all of it, I tell you. (ScorpioAsh)

Know what? I just found out that there is no Easter bunny. (KDavis3562)
[You should have figured it out after Easter, now you won't get any chocolate bunnies.]

Leggo My Eggo! (ScorpioAsh)

MODNAR (ScorpioAsh)

Man o man, tokens suck! I mean I didnt want any anyways. (Jpilot42)

Maybe pigs would fly and hell would freeze over...Once I told this guy I'd go out with him when hell froze over...he didn't like that too much. (EvilClaws)
[Well, you're still here, so it must have not made him too upset.]

Mayor McCheese is my lover. (BBQ MY ASS)

Mr Onliner beware! (Nyello)

Multiple Personalities. That's about all i've got to say about that. (ScorpioAsh)

My dog is asleep. She's barking in her sleep. She's a sleep barker. (JamiJR)

My poor doggy is having a bad dream! I wonder what it's about......... (JamiJR)

My shoulder hurts. (Ender36)

Naked people aren't wearing clothes:-0 (ImIndaARMY)

No, it isn't. I could be writing. A note, a story, whatever. And I look back and the handwriting has changed like 3 different times. Drastically. So I take it as furthur proof of my mpd. (ScorpioAsh)


Ok, everyone, close your eyes and don't open them til' you read the next sentence. You cheated, didn't you? (FinBass)

Prince Andrew bakes (Frenhchic)

Quite often I am. (Tocadisco)


Random Thought of the Day: Sniffing rabid dogs to get high is not a good idea. (Krazyk242)

Remember who you are. (ScorpioAsh)

Ronald McDonald just frightens me (BBQ MY ASS)
[His brother, Richard Simmons, frightens me more.]


Sleep is satisfying. Stuffing one's face is more satisfying. I have yet to experience anything more satisfying than stuffing my face. (ScorpioAsh)

So are all of the Fry Guys (BBQ MY ASS)

So let me get this straight, I type in random thoughts, and you give me tokens. Hmm, I guess I'm being paid to do what I enjoy. (GORP007)

So they tell me that it is fun to Bang my head against the keyboard,k. mfdz, sm.e .,svb; klu I guess they were right, it is fun, fdavkdsa jbiojae okfv aksdlj;hf (GORP007)

[Are you sure that's what it is?]

The funny thing about Catfish Hunter was that he never fished for cats, nor did he hunt catfish. (Tocadisco)

The mule?? (EvilClaws)

The wall??? (EvilClaws)

This message will self destruct in 30 hours. (ScorpioAsh)
[Woosh. It was detonated safely. Good thing it's taken me so long to post it.]

Waitress, get me another! (Buck9673)

What if they tell us the grass is greener, and we go there and it's not....and we find out they lied?? What would happen then?? (EvilClaws)

What in the name of Zeus's butthole? (Nitrogen X)

What the Hell is this, you ask? Go back and read "How to play The Random Game" if you really want to know. (Crakerz123) (Crakerz123)

Why do we have phones? We don't have lives! (ScorpioAsh)

Why don't I pour you a warm glass of shut the hell up! (JAM 1999)

Why is my light blinking on and off? And my tv levitating? It frightens me! (ScorpioAsh)

You make me feel like dancin'!!!!! (BBQ MY ASS)

You're not paranoid: Everyone is out to get you. (ScorpioAsh)

Your message has been sent (BBQ MY ASS)
[Ever since I saw your screen name for the first time, I've had a secret affection for you. Until now. Not to give you too much credit, so I'll ask: I'm wondering, was this your plan?]

a beatiful bunch of ripe bananas (daylight come and me wanna go home) hide de deadly black tarantula (daylight come and me wanna go home) (ScorpioAsh)

a new access number in my area. I'm giddy with anticipation. (PaulCrash)

is my new word. It means hgjlhbfvjklfbjl hujiloghsjkldgs ghfjlhefil ghdajlkgjkl (KDavis3562)

all my friends are playing the random game now that i told them about it. and they are getting tokens. am i inferior to them? i hate them. and i hate you for liking them better. it was my discovery. (STEFANY8)
[I'm saving the best for last, or some cliche like that...]

and i wonder...still i wonder...who stops the rain? (STEFANY8)

and then all of this green pus started oozing out. that's when i thought that i needed to see a specialist (BBQ MY ASS)

ass. can i say ass here? well i just did. assass. assasinate. ass ass (ScorpioAsh)

blue (MysteDream)

chicken cross the Why road? did get To to other the side. (Tewmbj11)

cyan! (ScorpioAsh)

damn the man. save the empire (STEFANY8)

damn, I love cheese (Peggarita)

did you know according to TOS you can't even put d**n, or anything like that, I got yelled at by a guide once for typing "butt", doesn't that just creat a partial vacuum of the oral cavity (CortJstr)
[Does TOS post a list of "objectionable" of words? If they did, is that screenname still around?]

for all of you who think that JamiJR whines a lot in here...go to the 3-line novel entries. (TODnCOPPER)


hUKt oN foNIkZ WUrkd FEr mEEEEEE (JOHNCD100)

ha ha ha!!!! what a rush!!!! I just won 15 tokens from sHOw me!!!!!!! ha ha ha!!! (Bagelcows)

hello (JBsmo2)

hey i was made in new jersey. does that make me bad? whatev.... (STEFANY8)

hey sublime went to tuscaloosca. they told me. well not me actually. but they sang it to me. personally. they love me. (STEFANY8)

how come whenever my friends are signed on my buddy list never alerts me? and when they're not on it mysteriously says they are. what a tease. (STEFANY8)
[I was IMing with someone and I disappeared off the Buddy List so they asked if I was still online. When I said "yes" they seriously didn't believe me. Maybe they were hinting that they wanted the Buddy List to be telling the truth.]

i was walking to work and my friend dropped the reses pieces she was eating. i told her she better pick them up because hey, what if they attracted aliens? (STEFANY8)

i'd hate to be that snackwells cookie guy, always running away from those crazed fat women. (Smarty7)

im not gonna put my name at the end (Watcher099)

it's all good
talk to the hand
get to steppin' (BBQ MY ASS)

just shut up and leave me alone! (Smarty7)

little birdy in the sky,
why did you crap in my eye?
i'm a good little boy, i don't cry.
i'm sure glad cows don't fly. (Smarty7)

my head just fell off a minute ago (KDavis3562)
[That's one of the benefits of online communication...I couldn't even tell!]

one (ScorpioAsh)

place dead fish here (Smarty7)

quote," Time may be a great healer but it is a terrible makeup artist!!!" (Cheneya446)

roses roses roses roses (ScorpioAsh)

sex (LCONRAD13)

shonuffdobecookin (BBQ MY ASS)

suddenly i have the sinking feeling that i've typed the enter key in all my past entries. i sure hope not. i so hope for answers... sigh... (ScooBee3)

toe jam doesn't taste good with peanut butter (YLPTC)

tttttttthhhhhhhhheeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaallllllliiiiiiiieeeeeeeennnnnnnssssss hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvvvveeeeeeee
oooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! (Smarty7)

tuscaloosca alabama...cleveland ohio...fountainberry...let burn let it burn wanna wanna let it burn (STEFANY8)

well damm (Moa1404)

well, at least tell me this, does entering a large number of entries increase my chances of winning? oh, how i need answers. (ScooBee3)
[Maybe you should read past days. I'd hate to spoil the answer.]

what happens if i press return or enter. will my computer self destruct? will yours? he he that would be funny. that's what you should get for giving my friends tokens (STEFANY8)
[See my response to ScooBee.]

why do we drive on "parkways" and park on "driveways"? (DW INVG)

word (ScorpioAsh)
[Up. It's a coded word.]

worship the big chicken (BBQ MY ASS)