[Why do I feel dirty when I look at pictures of dogs in the enclopedia? Ah well, you all have your own problems.]

all people are monsters. i am a monster now because all people are monsters. i could be frankenstein or dracula or that thing from the lagoon. you know, the thing with gills on both sides of it's face. speaking of fish, i wonder if they ever sleep. if they do i guess they "sleep with the fishes". hahahaha. that makes it sound like fish are mobsters. but fish aren't mobsters, they're students because they swim in schools. i hate my school. i should set it on fire but then they'd blame it on tv and stop all violent and suggestive shows on television and i wouldn't have anything to watch in prison. back to my first point, since i want to burn down my school i am a monster annd since i think many more people want to burn down schools or other things, they are monsters too. (Smarty7)
[Clarify this--you are or aren't the Loch Ness Montster? Some tabloid is looking for you and they are willing to pay a pretty penny for just your photo. I tell you what, I'll take your picture and then share the dough with all the fine people here. Another clarifying question--how many fine people are here?]

BYUBOY: What did you do last night?????????
Ender36: I don't know. I didn't exist for a while last night.
BYUBOY: What do you mean??????/
Ender36: I decided I wanted to see what it was like to not exist. It was kind of fun. You should try it.
BYUBOY: What do you mean????????
Ender36: Exactly what I said.
Ender36: ::shrug:: Can't explain it. Just do it.
BYUBOY: How do you do it???????/
Ender36: Concentrate really hard.
BYUBOY: And???????
Ender36: And?
BYUBOY: What else did you do??????/
Ender36: You don't. You don't do anything. You don't exist, remember?
BYUBOY: In other words..........you stayed home and did nothing???????
Ender36: If that's what you want to think, I won't disabuse you of the notion.
BYUBOY: Thanks
Ender36: No problem. (Ender36)

Can true randomness exist, or is it but a theoretical utopia, an Eden of chaos, lack of responsibility, and freedom beyond thought or dream. But how do create that which is random? We must go through processes which, by their very nature, define how randomninity (defined randomness for the laymen) exists, and this refutes the existence of a force beyond reason or definition. To define randomness, we destroy it, so the question remains: how does HO fit this conundrum of anarchial order? By asking us to profane the very shrine in which we keep our souls by bringing the "civilzed" strangulation that is order to its composition, does HO support our search for that which is truly random, or does this HO seek to wreak havoc upon the random until the sole magnificence and chaos of its "smiley" remains as a scab on a charred and barren human spirit. By what right do they do this? By what corrupt power? Aw, screw it, l need to find a bull moose and a 5-iron. (Curreo)

i asked the doctor about the problem i have with my (you know), and he tould me it was caused by a lot of (you know), so i said, "should i cut back on the....(you know)?" So he says, "how often do you...(you know)?" So i respond, "well...you know." And then his face dropped in shock and his hand did one of those things, you know? So he says, "what kind of thing are you?" At that point i said, "You know your mother." (Tocadisco)

I blew my nose really hard. And now my ears have popped or something. And they feel heavy and sounds sound muffled. Like the typing of the keys and the running of the refridgerator.
Oh, your refridgerator is running?
Well..you better go catch up with it. (ScorpioAsh)
[I sneezed and bit the tip of my tongue off. Then, I drank Orange Juice....that tingled.]

I once was at Magic Mountain in California. We had just gotten off of the ride Viper, when this kid all of a sudden threw up on me. It got EVERYWHERE! I mean, it was on my clothes, in my hair! Eeeew! I screamed at the boy, and all he did was cry. (WeirdMan15)

I think you should give me ten tokens just for asking you nicely. Please can i have ten tokens? Underneath my request tell everyone that you gave me ten tokens for nothing.Then when they say that it's not fair you just sit back and laugh and write to them I don't care I can do whatever I want hahhahaha. I think that would be funny. (BLAKLYTE36)
[I don't follow directions very well. Maybe you better write them down.]

I was going to go see Star Wars today, but my mom is sick. So I don't want to go. When it comes down to it, my mom is the best person to go to the movies with. She really gets into it in ways no one else I know does. She's a lot of fun. So I don't want to see Star Wars till she's better & can go with me. (JamiJR)

if your spouse came to you and said s/he wanted a sex change, but s/he still wanted to be married to you, would you become gay to stay with him/her? If you were gay and your partner wanted a sex change would you become straight? Or maybe you could get a sex change too so that your lifestyle as a couple wouldn't change. (ScooBee3)

It was many and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the see
That a maiden there lived whom you may know by the name of Annabel Lee
And this maiden she lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by ME!

I was a child and she was a child, in this kingdom by the see
But we loved with a love that was more than love,
I and my annabel lee
With a loved that thew winged seraphs in heaven coveted her and me. (ScorpioAsh)

It's just another day, here in Hell. Can't you tell, by the smell?
Of fire and brimstone. Oh, look, it's that guy that killed some people in Tombstone.
There goes Hitler, who's face has been squeezed thru a coffee fliter.
There's Billy the Kid, eating plastic lids.
Yep, just another day here in Hell, with that smell.
Why am I here, you say? For what sin do I have to pay? No sin, no crime. I come here all the time.
I like the sights and smells, here in Hell. (JamiJR)

Just wanted to say that have you seen how many freaks there are on aol for example rooms like 18mfor5bim what is this world coming too if there are thany many freaks on aol that means there are that many freaks in America. p.s. I'm not compaining cause i'm one of those freaks i'm just warning you guys (BLAKLYTE36)

Khaleth is now stealing my entries, and thus I am no longer talking to her, or emailing her, or IMing her, until I have accomplished my diabolical scheme and gotten an entire section of the random game all to myself! Bwa ha ha! (I might talk to her this afternoon. We're going to see Star Wars together. But after that, no! And I won't say anything clever the entire time. Not that I ever really say anything clever anyway, but I digress.) (Bloodguilt)

Let's all sing the "Update the Random Game Song"!

It's Friday!
It's my day!
Why the hell ain't HO updated?
Something that TOS wouldn't like begining with 'M' meaning to manually induce sexual pleasure!
Let's all eat some spank!
{Cha cha cha!}

I delete you Ms. Bold Letter Guy!

{ } (Nyello)
[Eeek! Eeek! Are you happy? I think you turned me into a monkey.]

My brother has 2 dogs....you know they're his dogs just by the names of them. He has a Boxer...he's a year old. His name is Rogue Dogue. He also has a Rottweiler. He's younger than a year old. His name is Porterhouse. Why am I talking about my brother's dogs? They like to play with the cat. His name is Trouble. Porter likes to put Trouble's whole head in his mouth when the urge strikes him. Bad Porter. (SCULLY3257)
[Not to get off any topic or anything, but I see a "Battle of the Scullies" coming. Maybe we can put it on the same ticket as the election...]

My toaster is flippin, cockroaches are sippin, my blood red coffee, i got the banana chip toffee, in the sink i sit, with a spoon for my armpit, licking my toast, with weasel for a host, of the ceremony of trees, blowing in the breeze, pants round my knees, come on give it to me please, velveeta on my chest, damn what a mess, fried my brain on ajax, in the hills of ear wax, I want to be united with the jungle, oh no its Mr. Bungle. Free ME!!!!!!!!
(Gator1075) (Gator1075)
[Nyello? You don't frighten me anymore. I now fear Gator.]

Not that I condone drinking (anymore...sort of...) but I got way drunk last night. Hell of a hangover. This morning on the phone I told like 4 people I wasn't gonna drink anymore. About 10 minutes ago my boyfriend came over with a bottle of rum...guess what? I'm drinking again. (Now how many of you have done that??...Come on, you know you're guilty!) (EvilClaws)

Once upon a time there lived a princess. But noboby but the princess knew that she was a princess. And she only knew unconciously. So she lived like, really crappy. And she never became consciously aware of her princessliness. And neither did anyone else. So she went on living a crappy life with people treating her really. crappy. Bow down to me. (ScorpioAsh)

Randomness...is there such thing because their cant be something random cause you know what your doing so is this a lie ADMIT IT YOU LIARS THERE IAS NO ERAL RANDOM IS THERE?

Anyway spam eating monkeys chuck wood all over my house and now i feel low. (Astronia)

Remember that goofy song "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco? What if he had made a whole album with all of the titles proclaiming what he wanted Amadeus to do to him? He could have Fax Me Amadeus, Eat Me Amadeus, Follow Me Amadeus, Clobber Me Amadeus, Bowl Me Amadeus, Filet Me Amadeus, Toast Me Amadeus, Vaccuum Me Amadeus, Slug Me Amadeus, Crank Me Amadeus, Serve Me Amadeus..... (CrispyCows)
[I can't believe you kept that clean...well, mostly....you should be congratulated.]

Roses are red,
Violets are blue......
Wait a minute. Violets aren't blue,they're violet.If they were blue,they would be called Blulets. Who even cares, this poem is just some piece of crap written by a fruity guy who has no life and has 3 brain cells fighting for the space in his head. What I'm trying to say is "GIMEE SOME DAMN TOKENS!!!!!!!!!!!" (EVO1)

S.P.A.M. Nobody really knows what this stuff is or is made of. There are no ingrediants on the can. There is a slimy gel on the outside of it. It has a funny taste. I used to have a cat, but it died. I found part of its I.D tag in my SPAM yesterday. What an awful way to go.

S.P.A.M. = Sickning Pig Ass Meat!!!!!!! (EVO1)

ScorpioAsh: I need a life.
ScorpioAsh: You sure do. But ya know...sometimes you have one..and you don't like it. Cause all those damn people suck.
ScorpioAsh: Yeah, true. But i spend to much time submitting pointless entries to the Random game and other random HO games...it's just...
ScorpioAsh: sad.
ScorpioAsh: Damn you, too! Stop putting words in my mouth! I can speak for myself.
ScorpioAsh: Oh.
ScorpioAsh: Yeah. So there.
ScorpioAsh: Word.
ScorpioAsh: Up g.
ScorpioAsh: Don't say that! I HATE that! You KNOW I hate that. It's just "word". Just plain "word". It's my catch phrase of the moment.
ScorpioAsh: Oh. Ok. Cool. Word. (ScorpioAsh)
[Keep your eyes out for Bloodguilt, I think she might like your lawyer to meet her lawyer ;o) ]

Speaking of renaissance. Renaissance comes from the french meaning "Rebirth". The actual french verb is renaitre. Plus an accent i don't feel like getting to right now. The original renaissance starting in Italy in the 1600's, i believe. It followed the mideval ages, where things were all work and religion and crap. But mainly crap. All over everything. People just threw it out in the streets. Then the renaissance came. And people made new art and music. Some of it may've been crappy. And maybe some used the crap in the streets...who knows, could be an effective brown paint. One big family in the renaissance age was the Medicis. They were patrons of the arts. They probably rocked. (ScorpioAsh)
[My Humanities book would have been much more enjoyable to read if you had wrote it...]

Spin Me Amadeus, Pencil Me In Amadeus, Call Me Amadeus, Fry Me Amadeus, Spook Me Amadeus, Drive Me Amadeus, Cancel Me Amadeus, Play Me Amadeus, Spell Me Amadeus, Load Me Amadeus, Pack Me Amadeus, Sprout Me Amadeus, Deliver Me Amadeus, Hurt Me Amadeus, Smack Me Amadeus, Shoot Me Amadeus, Feed Me Amadeus, Churn Me Amadeus, Drink Me Amadeus, Paint Me Amadeus, Bench Press Me Amadeus, Peck Me Amadeus, Stump Me Amadeus, Park Me Amadeus, Sweat Me Amadeus, Spank Me Amadeus, Bathe Me Amadeus, Scare Me Amadeus. (CrispyCows)
[Unless they're really short songs, I think we are talking box set.]






The Top Ten Cheesy Shows
10. I Love Cheesy
9. Married with Cheese
8. Suddenly Cheesy
7. Cheesefeld
6. Cheesy Improvement
5. Barney and Cheese's Sing-a-long
4. Sesame Cheese
3. Saved by the Cheese
2. Cheesy Dreams
1. Cheese O's Place
(Crakerz123) (Crakerz123)

There's glitter on my cheeks right now. I really like glitter. It's useful in many ways. Face decoration. Art. An effective weapon. But lemme warn you..for your face, metallic glitter can = bad because it can actually cut the surface of your eyeball. Ouch! But I guess as a weapon, that's a pretty cool bonus. (ScorpioAsh)
[I hear it renders missiles obsolete. If only they knew about this during Desert Storm, would have saved a little money...]

This looks like it took you guys a lifetime to think up. I'm suprised you created it before we had contact with aliens. It seems a concept no mere human could fathom. But hey, for a free handfull of tokens who am I to second guess whether you guys are geniuses or just lazy. (SaberMage)

To be or not to be? That is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune; or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and in opposing, end them? To die, to sleep, no more! And by a sleep to say we end the heartaches and thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.. 'tis a consummation devoutly to be wished! To die, to sleep; to sleep, perchance to dream. Ay, there's the rub! And what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil must give us pause.
copyright way-back-when, Shakespeare, retyped by yours truly, yes, my friend, the one and only... Conade. (Conade)

Today's Random Thought of the Day will be in Valley Girl: Like, okay, like I was totally coming home from cheerleading practice and like I really was hungry so like I went to McDonalds and like they were all out of those really cute green salads and I like totally had to settle for a Big Mac and like, do you know how much fat is like totally in them? Like pul-leese, fer sure! (Krazyk242)

Vex Me Amadeus, Tax Me Amadeus, Gag Me Amadeus, Spoon Me Amadeus, Run Over Me Amadeus, Angle Me Amadeus, Find Me Amadeus, Push Me Amadeus, Bake Me Amadeus, Cook Me Amadeus, Broil Me Amadeus, Salt Me Amadeus, Poke Me Amadeus, Crunch Me Amadeus, Bite Me Amadeus, Bore Me Amadeus, Spray Me Amadeus, Cane Me Amadeus, Tie Me Amadeus, Shred Me Amadeus....... (CrispyCows)
[Oh, "cook" me, for a second I thought you went over the line...]

well how am i supposed to stay on-line when my cute but somewhat yippy dog is patiently putting her front paw on my arm, waiting for some attention? doesn't she understand that i'm striving for these tokens just for her? i'm sure once she receives her hog's breath chew-toy she'll understand. (ScooBee3)

well, it ended when cars started sneezing to hotness of winter, so i broke the water in half to make it hungry till it stopped crying. all of the sudden the paper exloded and in came the green (while the refrigerator took the children) but anyways it all quit when the key got hot! (JOHNCD100)

You have been online for 34 seconds if you don't reply within 3 seconds you will be logged off. You have been online for 4343 minutes im logging you off cause you need to get a life. You have been online for 444 minutes do you know where your children are. You have been online for 455 minutes please sign off cause if you don't I may lose my job. You have been online for 232 minutes since Steve Case is greedy we need to harass you all day untill you get so mad that you will sign off thank you have a nice day. (BLAKLYTE36)
[How is Case *greedy* for harrassing you into signing off? A flat fee is a flat fee. And east is east and west is west. And, if you take cranberries and stir them like apple sauce, they taste much more like prunes than rhubarb does. Man, I wish Groucho was still alive, I'd give him 3 tokens.]