*Free Money inside every other book* (see other book) (Calvinbert)

Now we all know he had life without Doritos (Crakerz123)

1+1=11 too+too=also 3+3=backward E's 4+4=more 5+5=diez 6+6=satisfaction 7+7=4 juveniles 8+8=full 9+9=bottles of beer on the wall 10+10=the N' (LeezaR7)

1-800-422-6462 is the number to get a free sample something.. I forget.. (Conade)
[I'm gonna guess....Tampax or Depends, right?]

97-01-16 17:20 Session 0 1 0.00 0.00 0.00 (BonJerome)

@(*&^%$#@!#$%^&*?&^%$#^!!!!!!!!!!!!............& thats not all! ??? ( LeezaR7)

A day without sunlight is like......night. (Calvinbert)

Oh my virgin ears! (Dante303)

ABrEyedGrl has enough tokens to get a modem what the hell is she waiting for? (BLAKLYTE36)
[Yeah, what's up with that? Where in the world did she get them all? I don't remember even seeing her on the last list. Then again, I never look at the list...]

Absence makes the heart wonder just what the brain was thinking when it decided to leave. (LimeQn)
[Absence makes the heart grow fungus. A stolen quote soon to be major motion picture.]

Ain't life spiffy? (Krazyk242)

All's well that ends. (Calvinbert)

And do you really see jellies as shoes? they're nothing in foot protection! (ScorpioAsh)

And in other news... The sky is falling in parts of the new england states. (Hububu)

And, yeah, we did have a bus... (ScorpioAsh)

Atheenaa spelled my name wrong. It's spelled J-A-M-I. There is no E on the end of my name. There's an E on the end of my middle name, but not my first name. :-) (JamiJR)

Being a citrus can be hazardous to one's health.

However, ruling citrus is as easy as Key Lime Pie. (LimeQn)

Bloodguilt and I like GCard now. He bought us tickets to Star Wars. (Khaleth)

Bloodguilt only likes me for 3 reasons: my towel, my heater, and my pillow. (Khaleth)

Bloodguilt: I knew a family with the last name Zorak when I was little.
Bloodguilt: Kenny Zorak was my brother's friend.
Ender36: Were they demented giant mantises? (Ender36)
[I'll just step aside and let you three have your own little private idaho.]

Bloodguilt: I'm not even sure it smells any different than normal. I've never actually smelled it before, but it smells funny, all right. (Ender36)

Bloodguilt: Me? Laugh? At you? Don't be ridiculous. (Ender36)

Bloodguilt: My toothpaste tube smells funny.
Ender36: It's poisoned.
Bloodguilt: Not the toothpaste, the tube!
Ender36: Oh. (Ender36)
[That's it? You'll never get a file with that few entries in a row.]

But damn those times i had to walk back home from the bus stop when i missed the bus! (ScorpioAsh)


Cheese is squishy i am a rock i like oatmeal (Frenhchic)

Cyber sex is for Losers Losers Losers Losers P.S. any females wanna cyber e-mail me. (BLAKLYTE36)

Dark letter person, won'tl you be my neighbor? (Krazyk242)
[Turn to the left, I already am.]

Darth Vader is Dutch for Dark Father.....
what's German for Darkfont? (Tocadisco)
[Don't know German, but the French would be FontFonc. What's Latin for Tocadisco?]

Dave is stupid (WeirdMan15)

Did I ever tell you how I had to walk 2 miles barefoot through the snow to get to school? (ScorpioAsh)

Did you ever answer the phone saying Moconakapeeside its very funny but usually the person just hangs up. But then they call again and if you do it again it's even funnier the second time around. (BLAKLYTE36)

Did you know that one plus one is two?

This is what I get for going to public school. (LimeQn)

Do that again.

Do what again?


Um... okay.

No, not that.

Well... this?

No, no, no. /That/.

Like this?


You had to be there. (LimeQn)

Do you know a word that rhymes with 'orange'? (LimeQn)
[Orangutan does...if you read backwards, like me.]

Duck (Krazyk242)

Duck (Krazyk242)

Duck (Krazyk242)

Even if Steve Case said I could be the only one to use the screen name Steve Case besides him I wouldn't even want to cause I don't like him. (BLAKLYTE36)

Ever seen lemon juice in condimnet packages? I have. It's weird. And it doesn't taste ver good. (ScorpioAsh)

Every day I am forced to add another name to the list of people who piss me off. (Krazyk242)

Everybody should own at least one bottle of citrus-scented body lotion. Even if they don't use it, they should own it. It builds confidence. Really. (LimeQn)
[Is that limited to body lotion? Does peach shampoo, cherry chapstick, and orange under-fingernail residue count for anything, because it's making me feel something other than confident.]

Excuse me, where is the copying room? I need to go fishing..... (Calvinbert)

Fear me not, for my kraziness is merely a shadow of my stupendous intellect. (Krazyk242)

Forgive you enemies, but remember their names.... (Calvinbert)

GCard exists. Kind of. (Khaleth)

GCard is one sick puppy. Bloodguilt agrees. (Khaleth)

GOOSE! (Krazyk242)
[rofl. Well, I am glad atleast that Goose came last.]

Gravity is a myth, the earth sucks.... (Calvinbert)

Guess what I just found out everybody? Nyello wants a piece of the Happy time fun wagon! You're going to get moooooooooowed down! (Mr Onliner)

Guess what, peoples? I have my own age!!!! Yep, just look under "The Renaissance" and it'll say "WJHSmile's Renaissance." Aren't you envious?? =p (WJHSmile)


Have you ever belted Broadway songs in the middle of math without realizing it? I have. Okay. Just wanted to share.
dorkvomitcondomrose.%-) (BrandiP123)

Have you ever read War and Peace by reading it one word a day, every day? Good. Neither have I. But Snoopy seemed to enjoy it, for a little while. (LimeQn)
[Considering all the Random entries, I think if I started reading War and Peace instead of taking over the reading the random game, I would have finished it last week. Oh well, is there a good thesis topic within the Random Game?]

Hi yodelers wanna kick my cow? (Forty9erss)

Honesty is the best policy. But insanity is a better defense. (Calvinbert)

Honey...if you love me..won't you please please smile? (ScorpioAsh)

Hooked on crack worked for me. (Krazyk242)

How do you toad the wet sprocket? Has anyone ever toaded a wet sprocket? Can you use a frog instead? Does the toad have to be wet or just the sprocket? (Krazyk242)

Hoy es viernes enero trientauno. POONIT=! (Forty9erss)

Hullo, dear moron. (did that get your attention?) (Khaleth)
[You already had my attention. But it didn't get my affection.]

I am not feeling loved right now. (Krazyk242)
[Or Krazy's affection either.]

I am typing with a dislocated finger taped to my ring finger. Now that, is a true Random Gamer. Vote for me! (Mr Onliner)

I can read your fortuine: you will sit in front of the computer until you leave. (Hububu)

I feel a disturbance in the force...wait a minute...that's me walking into a wall. (JH Probe)

I feel it, baybeh. (Khaleth)

I finished that paper. No thanks to you, Dear Ms. Darkfont. (Khaleth)
[Yeah, I'm just a pest.]

I just missed this weeks postings by one day now I have to wait a whole week what will I do with myself. Oh yeah wait a minute I forgot I have a life and friends never mind {thinking yeah right i'm a cyberdork} (BLAKLYTE36)

I just saw "Luke and the Gang" at Tinseltown! Last row too... (TMBGer)

I know I'm not anybody. But not everybody can be nobody. (LimeQn)

I looked to see how many tokens the great khaleth has and he/she's name isn't even on the board whats up with that khaleth are they rippin you off or what (BLAKLYTE36)
[Using my psychic powers I would have to say it's because they didn't update yet...]

I love the Random Game cause almost anything gets on see this probably on and I didn't really say anything. (BLAKLYTE36)

I never knew those red skittles were strawberry-flavored......I thought they were cherry (Calvinbert)

I played 'The Absolute Worst'. And what did they tell me? They told me to find a mental hospital! ::whimper:: And they didn't give me /tokens/, either. Okay, now you may pity me and give me lots and lots and lots of money... (LimeQn)

I think I'm going to trick that wacko game by putting "I want Toe Kins". (Forty9erss)

I think all of Hecklers Online is great. If you losers don't think this funny or witty it's not cause I'm kissing butt for tokens alright so shut up. (BLAKLYTE36)
[After much concentration, I would like to correct Blaklyte36. He/She meant to say: "I think all of Hecklers Online is great, except the Random Game which is greatly overrated. You would be correct if you don't think this entry is funny or witty, because I, along with DarkFont, do not care about originality. Instead, I care about kissing ass and receiving the occasional token for my work." Is that what you meant? Oh, I'm back on my mean streak again.]

I wrote a poem for the lovely Random Game but do to brain cell loss I can't repeat it. (BLAKLYTE36)
[There have been a number of lost Odes, eh? By the way...what is this with number "36"? You and Ender both claim it as your own...We could turn Valentine's Day into a triple feature--the Penultimate Challenges.]

I'm going to go see Star Wars for the first time in my life today. Aren't you happy for me? (JamiJR)
[Don't spoil the ending for us ;o) ]



If you are reading this...get up off your ass and do something besides hanging out on aol and tying up all the damn phone lines! (ScorpioAsh)

If your name is Melvin or Ethel I feel very sorry for you. (BLAKLYTE36)

Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream? (ScorpioAsh)

JamiJR, you're definitely fun. But I'm just definitely special. (Khaleth)

Jawas are just a robe with flashlights inside. No bodies or anything. (Khaleth)

Jets rule and they will win the 1997 season (DimeSP)
[I think they should worry about getting a coach first....Weren't they picked by TV Guide, I'll answer that "yes they were", to go all the way in 96?]