KU just beat Nebraska in overtime. (ACE3man)

Khaleth says she spends lots of time just posting to the Random Game. Can I do it to? Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeze? (LimeQn)

Khaleth: Random. Y'know.

I do? News to me... (LimeQn)

La, tout n'est qu'ordre et beaute, luxe, calme et volupte. (Khaleth)
[Deux pourcent du Cyberspace est dans le francais. C'est deux pourcent trop.]

Last night, I slept. Tonight, I don't think I will. (LimeQn)

Leisure Suit Larry is a very fun game for perverts like me. (BLAKLYTE36)

Life is like a bad movie- cheesey, sentimental and predictable. Kinda like Forest Gump (NoOne4)

Life is like a box of chocolates and then you die. (BLAKLYTE36)

Light does not require dark; contrast is not dependence. (LimeQn)

LimeQn: 'Ello! :)
Khaleth: Go to keyword 'HO', click on the interactivities, then find the Random Game. Read the most recent entries. :>
LimeQn: I think you have too much time on your hands. :) (Khaleth)
[Oh no, another person enters the IM triangle...um, square.]

Limes are very interesting things. Especially if you love them as much as I do. (LimeQn)



Meep? (LimeQn)

Mr. Boldface guy, sir, I have a question. WHERE IS MY "ODE TO RANDOMNESS"?? I can't find it anwhere!!! Could you please tell me where it is? Thanx. (PS: I'm a banana. Just thought you'd like to know.) (WJHSmile)
[That was yours? It was cut off and not credited....so it is laying peacefully in a meadow. My sincerest condolences.]

Ms Darkfont, i am your father. (Tocadisco)
[I will not kill you, father. Oh wait, not until the end of February atleast.]

My friend is blackmailing me. She won't go bowling with me unless i tell her some particular peoce of information she wants. What an awful friend. (ScorpioAsh)

My friend thought this was the Ransom Game. Now he's in jail. Thanks a lot, Heckler's Online. (Tocadisco)

My parents think I have an IQ of about 10. (Khaleth)

My sister is an accountant so be nice to me or i'll have you audited. HAHAHAHAHAHA (Krazyk242)

My zipper never zips all the way up. (ScorpioAsh)



Never hit a guy with glasses. Always use your fists. (Calvinbert)
[That's the first sensible thing I've heard all day.]

Ni!!!!! (PhroZak)
[You shouldn't be here; they are going to be performing in Vegas. Don't miss it!!]

Nobody wanted to help me with my paper. Bummer. (Khaleth)

Noooo... no one here... no one.. no one at all... no one listens to me.. part of the.. errr.... 2%? of all persons here who don't get listened to.. ["..."] (Conade)

Normality is highly overrated. (LimeQn)

Okay, I feel much better seeing all the related entries gathered in a single folder. There's only so much randomness in this world to go around, you have to share it alittle. I can sleep now. (ScooBee3)
[I was afraid all that randomness wouldn't be able to be contained. But, it seems to be doing well.]

Once, I was sane. And you see how much good it did me. (LimeQn)

One reason that shows you have a dumb teacher...he says to the class "The other day I looked at myself in the mirror and I scared myself" (Kerope1337)

O (Docmoron)

Pardon me, do you have any toaster strudel? (Calvinbert)





Pop- Tarts are good. Hot or Warm. Just about any flavor. But especially brown sugar. Mmmmm... (ScorpioAsh)


Brilliantly devious loopholey answer: Zink wattoom gazork blinga ooffa. Chumble spuzz. (Dante303)

Random Thought of the Day: It's not nice to fool Mother Nature. she just might ground you for a really long time. (Krazyk242)

Rule number one of being me: If anybody tells you /not/ to do something, immediately do it as many times as possible. (LimeQn)


STOP! A LIQUOR STORE!!!!!! (BonJerome)

See what 4 cups of coffee does to me?!?! And two packs of nerds? And one of starbursts? (ScorpioAsh)

She said she did all the work! (BonJerome)

Silly AOL. (Khaleth)

So, if I say 'Moron' a bunch of times, you'll acknowledge my presence, Darkfont? Will you even post my entry? (Khaleth)
[Oh Khaleth, you shouldn't talk like that, I think you are the only one who gets all their entries posted...]

So, if someone who is cancelling their account has a really cool screen name, can they transfer it? I have dibs on idunno. (ScooBee3)
[Screennames go back into circulation after 6 months....So, kill Phil and wait.]

Somebody farted, you better get as far up as possible because the lower you are the more smell tou will have to deal with. (Pacetheace)

What is Spam?
Pam can be slapped
pal can be slapped
can Spam?
ohhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (Astronia)

Sparkle nailpolish is really fun when it's on, but taking it off is a real pain in the hiney. (Khaleth)

Still waters don't tend to run much at all, do they? I mean, maybe just /quiet/ waters would run deep, but still waters would just kinda stand still and breed insects... (LimeQn)

The cool thing about Star Wars is that Princess Leia never wore a bra. (Tocadisco)

The crow seemed to be calling his name thought Caw. (BLAKLYTE36)

The goobers are coming. (Krazyk242)
[Don't worry, the Milk Duds will stop them.]

The renaissance folder says "ScorpioAsh's Renaissance" When i open it. And it makes me feel special. But then I feel like a sorry lump of coal when i think, oh yeah, I bet everyone's renaissance says that it's their renaissance. (ScorpioAsh)

The word is not satanist anymore, the politically correct word now is Holy Spiritually challanged. (Krazyk242)

Then again, whoever said anything here was at all witty? (LimeQn)
[No one, trust me on that.]

There is an art, or rather, a knack to flying. It comes in being born a bird. (LimeQn)

There is no way out (Krazyk242)

This? Well... erm. Uh... I um... (LimeQn)

Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't. (Calvinbert)

Thou hast decieved me. I must wreck havoc upon thy very souls! (Krazyk242)

Today, January 31st, has been declared 'Taunt GCard a Little Less Than Usual' day. (Khaleth)

Trust me, there's a madness to my method. (LimeQn)

WEEE!!! This is making me blow chunks!!! WEEE!!! (JH Probe)


Welcome to Hell......here's your accordian. (Calvinbert)
[Oh come on. I think myself and TMBGer, if TMBGer is still around, would disagree with you on that one.... on a related topic I am going to have bagpipes playing at my funeral. I figure I'll have them cry one way or the other.]

Well, truth of the matter is, the school was only 3/4 a mile away... (ScorpioAsh)

What The Hell Is This????? (EVO1)

What did Spock find in the crapper on the star ship?
answer: The captain's log.

What do Elmer Fudd and Dennis Rodman have in common? They both spend too much time pursuing bad hare. (ScooBee3)

What kind of a name is Obi Wan Kanobi anyway? (Calvinbert)

What kind of convenience store do you run here? (BonJerome)

What the hell is this? (Well, you said I was asking that. I just thought I ought to, so you'd be right. Thank me later, a-yup.) (LimeQn)

What's the difference, anyway? Purple is violet is lime. Colors are all the same to me. It's the sound that counts. Have you ever heard a lime? (LimeQn)

What? NO, I do NOT want any grey poupon, you odd person.....you need some help, you know that.......grey poupon, gimme a break.... (Calvinbert)

Wheeeeeeeeeeooop! (LimeQn)

Whoever heard of a hydrophobic fish? (I suppose it's better than a banana from Savannah who wants to be the Yellow Submarine. You had to be there.) (LimeQn)

Why does Bloodguilt get an Official Position? I'm so much nicer than her. (Khaleth)
[You can have one....just nominate yourself...then second yourself.]

Wombats are our friends. (Khaleth)

Wow...-two- sections that mention my name. I'm spiff, now. (Khaleth)


Yes, I know I'm named after a citrus. But my friend's a kumquat. I, personally, would rather be a lime than a kumquat. (LimeQn)

You do realiaze I'm completely insane, don't you? (JamiJR)

You know something? last time I checked, (ChimChim87)

You know, I'd send something witty, but I just used up everything witty I knew talking to Khaleth. (LimeQn)

You, man, dig. Hooked on Ebonics work fo me. (Krazyk242)

[___________ (This space available for lame reply.)]

am is was were are be being been. have has had do does did. can could will would shall should may. might must be the auxilary verbs! that just about caps up my three years in middle school. (Tbird23)

and they lived happily ever after. (Smarty7)

anyone who likes the movies Clerks and Mallratts is cool in my book. (BLAKLYTE36)

awww shucks (Smarty7)

booger (LDavis2062)

cheese (LDavis2062)

cheese (Regalcat)

close your eyes and maybe it will all go away.................... (Krazyk242)

cousins marrying cousins started the first deaf community in America; kinda makes you wonder why the whole south (especially Alabama and Arkansas) isn't overrun with deaf people!! (Jody Bob)

flibertygibet (Crakerz123)

gdhjghkuliytg hjglkl (CLockw9938)

guess the foot's on the other shoe now (Krazyk242)

hi (ARettig835)

how come when you make a big smiley face on aol the eyes turn square thats dumb no one has square eyes although there is one animal that has triangle eyes I forget which one if anyone knows e-mail thanx bye. (BLAKLYTE36)
[Well, my nose isn't as big proportionally as this :o) either. We deal with it.]

i HaTe It WhEn PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs. (Smarty7)

i don't get it anymore (Smarty7)

i hope you all die of gonorhea and root in hell (JENN KNEE)

i love ice cream (JOHNCD100)

i really hate when you alphabetize entries (BabyLamms)
[This wouldn't happen if Mr Onliner were in charge....]

i snuck into my friends home ec class today so i could get some pie , but then the teacher kicked me out and i didn't get any pie. (Shilorider)

i think it was because i was a naughty kitten who'd lost her mittens, so i shall have no pie. (Shilorider)

i will now demonstrate my proficiancy in caps lock usage: I WENT TO THE CIRCUS LAST NIGHT AND A CLOWN TOUCHED MY BUTT ON PURPOSE. thank you. (Fuzzysheep)

just in case you fart brimg a pooper scooper thanx
management (Frenhchic)

lite things on fire...lite cars on fire...lite buildings on fire...lite people on fire...lite dogs on fire...lite cats on fire...lite myself on......... (Crakerz123) (Crakerz123)

my last entry was like a really bad SNL skit...without the commercials. (Tocadisco)

my parents call it grass too! i think it's in the parents guidebook (STEFANY8)
[My mom calls it dope. She calls me dope, too. The irony, man, the irony.]

n akfna jdif sifn sifb aifn aydnd 9oafkaidhs 9ahdndsffjehfus yajdyu sidn diwbe didhskdhsiendin. This can be translated if y0ou work onit. (Astronia)

no wait i lied, i hope you don't die! :) (JENN KNEE)

not once but twice (JOHNCD100)

ode to pot: uh..yeah...it's cool...yeah. (BonJerome)

oh yes, i'm having fun (Tocadisco)

old macgregor was in the garden howing down tomaters
he ran around a huckleberry bush and got hit in the eye with a tater (Smarty7)

put that in your smipe and poke it. (TODnCOPPER)

random:without careful choice,aim,plan,ect.haphazardly. 1. lacking aim and/or method,purposeless. (Hububu)

sand (ELYN42)

snow is white i am white , ifly , i spook, i am a ghost (Frenhchic)

sometimes its ok to go to the bathroom (Chief5890)

sorry if I offend any females with these jokes but if I do tough luck. ok why did the woman cross the road?? I don't know but what the hell was she doing out of the kitchen. What do you do when your dishwasher breaks???kick her. (BLAKLYTE36)
[(sarcasm on) Did you make them up yourself? (sarcasm off)]

stop looking at me swan....the great Adam Sandler (BLAKLYTE36)

the absolute worst is when you find out that people have been calling you by the wrong name yer entire life. ie. Dennis. (Shilorider)

this is my quote on my profile "women you can't live with them.....pass the beer nuts.
from Cliff Claven (BLAKLYTE36)

uh high as a kite purple....wait a minute this isn't name that color i'm sorry. (BLAKLYTE36)

what do i say?? (GORGANGRL)

what word starts with the letter E,but sometimes only has one letter in it? (give up?) an envelope! (LeezaR7) (LeezaR7)

wow, mr. onliner, can i really be yer queen of crack? i'll start with the coronation festivities right away. (Shilorider)

ye be a strange lot. (Krazyk242)
[Coming from Krazy, I think we can safely assume this as a compliment.]