The Exceptional Era

Exceptional for the Random Game, that is. Let's see how long this lasts. There were a lot of posts made this week which would have won tokens other weeks. Even so, there's twenty winners this week.

So, let's get right to them. You can probably guess that there's a lot of 10-token winners and you'd right. Let me reward those who won more by listing them first, so they can stop reading. SoupEater gets 15 and Ozma22 gets 20.

Subject: Re: The Jerry Lewis Soup-A-Thon Thread.
From: SoupEater
Be nice to other people. They outnumber you 5.5 billion to 2.
* * * *
Subject: Re: The Jerry Lewis Soup-A-Thon Thread.
From: SoupEater
If you're going to shoot a mime, it doesn't matter whether you use the silencer or not, because the bullet is going to ricochet off the walls of his invisible box anyway.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Ozma's All Natural Highs
From: Ozma22
I went and visited my debate team at my old high school. Apparently I'm a legend now. See? Being an argumentative bitch pays off sometimes.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Ozma's All Natural Highs
From: Ozma22
I'm at my parents' house for spring break, and I'm so not used to having a curfew. I mean, I'm used to being asked "What are you doing coming home at this hour??" from my roommate, but it's usually 'cause I walked in on her and her boyfriend again.

TyleredOne is the big winner this week; 30 tokens to her.
Subject: Re: Seasons of Wither......
From: TyleredOne
Last week my toddler learned how to open doors.......I can't tell you how much this limits my daytime activities.......
* * * *
Subject: Re: Member Rooms
From: TyleredOne
I think it's funny that they are advertising "personal and intimate conversations for only 9 cents a minute" on the chat list screen.......I can get the same thing ,in unlimited amounts ,for 22 bucks a month.....
* * * *
Subject: Re: Seasons of Wither......
From: TyleredOne
Here's the kind of thing fat old ladies think is funny..........they tell someone who's on a diet that the Easter candy they made is totally sugar free.... until after the unsuspecting victim has eaten twice her weight in fudge,then they admit that that they were kidding,it's not sugar free after
all......oh,yeah, that's really funny....(they didn't think it was funny when I made myself vomit on their kitchen table,tho....go figure.)

Dante gets 20. I'll also list MephistoM here (she gets 10 tokens), because it seems logical.
Subject: Re: New site
From: Dante303
>>trust me, it was a GOOD lollypop. republicans just have bad taste, is all. plus i guess i'm more used to the taste of vomit than you are.

My entire family is Republican. My grampa on my mother's side is especially staunch. He calls democrats dumbocrats and blames them for his two heart attacks and why he can't eat too much salt with his steak. Papa's funny that way.
And Lndon, Republicans don't steal. They acquire. I, for example, would create a corporation and build up my resources then mount a hostile takeover of all the lollypop companies in the world through the stockmarket and name myself the president and CEO then make all the lollypops just for me so you can't have any. Ha.
* * * *
Subject: The Orlando Airport
From: MephistoM
If Disney had created an airport, this is what it would look like.
* * * *
Subject: Re: The Scary Airports
From: Dante303
>>That itty bitty one on Lake Michigan in Chicago. ::shivers:: Thunderstorm + lightning + high wind + small aircraft + single slippery landing strip that juts out onto the lake = fun.
That one in Charlotte we had to make an emergency landing at to de-ice the wings. That was the first time I ever felt a 747 bounce five times before the wheels gripped.>>

I think that the experience we had flying into Houston where the plane was attempting to land was pretty scary, Meph. Yanno, the plane's right wing dipped doooown, then up, then the plane's left wing dipped doooown, then we were straight, then crooked, then straight, then crooked...all the while trying to land...the pilot cursing over the intercom...

Of course there was the cowboy in seat 21 D yelling "YEEEHAW! LET'S RIDE THIS BRONCO!" the whole time.

And finally, Carc gets 15 tokens. Grouped with his post is Goo's, seems logical.
Subject: Re: A few observations
From: Carcazed
Actually, its more like:

Put capitals at the beginning of sentences. Thank you.>>

Albany capitals in particular?
* * * *
Subject: Re: Carc's House of Wax Lips
From: Carcazed

(Translation: "Less filling." / "Tastes great.")
* * * *
Subject: Re: Newstyle, Freestyle, Random Jamdom!!!
From: SGood42
Just wanna do a quick impression:

just a porcupine attempting to make balloon animals.

Alright, now here's the 10 tokens winners. Kat--getting struck by lightening while holding jiffypop won't win you tokens either, but posting the idea as something for others to shoot for will.
Subject: Re: FUR BALL
From: The Kat 4u
kat's tips on RG:

getting struck by lightining is a random event, but will win you no tokens, unless you were holding jiffypop popcorn....
* * * *
Subject: Re: Imagine that.
From: Krissy Lin
>>Imagine a world without drugs.
Imagine a world without despair.
Imagine a world of true happiness.
Imagine a world full of love.
Imagine a world where everyone is happy.
Imagine a world without prejudice.
Imagine a world full of flowers.
Imagine a world of peace.>>

Imagine the opposite of that

welcome to TRG
* * * *
Subject: Re: Cheese Filled Doughy Thingies!
From: Puterweeny
Coupon in Sunday's ads: "$2.00 off insanity" ::blink:: ooooooh....."$2.00 off instantly"

I'm pretty sure that someone, maybe Zornog, already won tokens for this type of post, but this time it's the content that makes it funny. 10 tokens to these posts, too.
Subject: Re: Zornog's Thread of Amusing and/or Entertaining Thoughts
From: Zornog
Date:98-03-26 13:55:13 EST (God) (Zornog)

Stop stealing my chicks.

Love or damnation,
* * * *
Subject: Re: penile implants
From: Stotan9876
>>and hear what He has to say about it!<<

Your therapist is God?
* * * *
Subject: Re: Matt's meager montage of monotonous balderdash, revisted. Again?
From: MattSC23
So, the otherday I was reading this book on Zen Buddhism, I come to section cryptically describing the ideal role, or lack thereof, of vanity in the life of a Zen Buddhist. That's when I looked up and noticed that the authors name was at the top of every page.

Now, deep thoughts, Random Game style. 10 tokens:
Subject: Re: I have a theory...
From: CloeAbear
>>Well, this shoots down your theory, doesn't it?>>

I have a theory. In fact I have lots of em! I even have a theory on evolution. I thought it was pretty cool when I first thought of it. Then I realized what it meant for humankind. I really hope I'm wrong.
* * * *
Subject: Re: Khalethra, dragon of haikus
From: Khaleth
My eyes itch. I sneeze
Like rain on tender green leaves
With spring, I need drugs.
* * * *
Subject: Re: thoughts to ponder
From: PiaAdams
>>What came first? Creation or Destruction?>>

Actually, first came your brain, then came your brain on drugs, then came the questions. I'm sure you have many of those.
* * * *
Subject: Re: a musical tribute to Tokens
From: XFoTwenny
>>The "incest" person???!!!>>>

I just realized that "incest" is an anagram for "nicest"...I wonder if that means anything whatsoever?
* * * *
Subject: Re: dumb jokes and one liners
From: LKiller007
>>How come you always turn down the radio when you are looking for an address>>

'Cause I can't see with that damned thing turned up so loud!

And, um, 10 tokens:
Subject: Re: FUR BALL
From: Miss Aimee
>>kat's thoughts:
what do porcupines consider foreplay?>>

I believe they play with each others' pricks.
* * * *
Subject: Re: I'm not Jamie.
From: Dawnie Q
>>It's times like these when I think I hear someone screaming, "Thou hast sinned! Repent, and you shall be SAVED!"

I'm not sure why. >>
I hear that all the time. Now why do those damn filmmakers put those types of subliminal messages in movies? If they didn't want me to rent Butt Bangers 12, why did they make it in the first place?
* * * *
Subject: So these words got together...
From: MitchRK
I was talking to some of my many friends {audience laughs} the other day, and they all told me they admire me {audience laughs louder} for my intellect {uproarious laughter}. I told them, "Thanks, but I would prefer cash {silence--go on, don't wait for a reaction, keep it going}." And they thought my wit {audience laughs} was perfectly {louder laughs} timed {screams of laughter}. I later told one of my friends {snickers and giggles} that I had just read a book {big laughs} of humorous quips and witicisms and was just quoting from the book. He got angry and punched me in the face {audience cheers}. He stormed off, and I said to him, "I sense that you're a bit angry {a couple of coughs are heard}." I wiped the blood from my face and said to myself, "I guess I should have been more honest to everyone {audience sits in silence, waiting for something else to happen--when they realize that was the end, they begin to applaud politely}."

So that's it, but that was a lot. 20 winners--does that seems about right, or is my humor gauge especially askew this week? Well, 20 people won't be complaining; congratulations to them.

(Oh, and by the way: There were really twenty-one winners this week. Ha ha.
Happy April Fool's Day! Oh, that was rich.)